Bigg Boss Tamil 10th November 2022 Written Update: Spicy fights and suspicions

Bigg Boss Tamil 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Day 31 at 8.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Vickraman and Dhanalakshmi to announce their fire and Hire team in front of the plasma TV. Vickraman shares to Housemates that he is firing Mynaa and Nivaa from his team and hiring Ram and Kathir into his team. Dhanalakshmi says that she is firing Shivin from her team. Because she was working continuously in her team without sleeping. She is hiring Queency instead of her. Robert isn’t well so she is firing him and hiring Azeem instead of him. Except Azeem no one asked for that place to her.

At 9.10 pm, Store room bell rings at the house. Housemates collects their luxury budget items from store room. They expresses their happiness to everyone. Meanwhile, Azeem shares to Amudhavanan that Aysha and Nivaa are craved to order something to eat delicious but as a owner he didn’t paid to them. He doesn’t like it. Amudhavanan says that he smartly didn’t ordered egg for him. It will be shared by others. They are gossiping about Vickraman there.

At 10. 00 pm, Bigg Boss asks Mynaa to roll her dice. Truth or dare? Mynaa gets dare. Bigg Boss asks Mynaa to check her dare in the Plasma TV. He asks her to be Vickraman’s shadow. Mynaa starts immitate Vickram there. Bigg Boss asks Robert to roll the dice. He gets a dare from Bigg Boss. His dare is to mention full name of every contestants. Queency and Nivaa to stand up on sofa for helping him. Robert doesn’t know most of the contestants full name. He gets zero points from Bigg Boss for not mentioning the name correctly.

At 10.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Janany to roll her dice. Janany gets truth. Bigg Boss asks Janany to go to confession room. He asks her to say who is fake inside the house hiding his real face. Janany says to ADK name reasoning he is getting angry a lot but he isn’t showing it outside. He is repeating that mistake again. Most of housemates votes for Vickraman. Janany shares to them that she mentioned ADK name and give her reasons to them. He won’t accept his mistakes.

ADK asks her to share some incidents to him. Janany says that she broke the coffee cup in anger. He advised her to stop getting angry in the house. But he said to Kamal sir that she changed. He didn’t understand her but passing comments unnecessarily. It’s won’t judge him as a bad person. ADK asks her Is this the reason she mentioned that he will be eliminated from the house this week. She was wearing mask here not him.
Janany says to him that she doesn’t want to answer to his questions. Janany says that she had so many reasons but it’s one of the reason. ADK gets angry on her. How could she say he will be out of the house. Janany asks him who said it to her?ADK adds that she knew who was he mentioning about? ADK says that she used to mention him as brother and stopped mention like that recently. Even she stopped talking with him. Janany says that his actions made her react like that.

ADK asks her when did he mistreated her? Doesn’t he consider her as his sister. When that mixture task came. He gave it to Janany just because she stopped talking with him. ADK says that she shouldn’t keep this much grudge in her heart on him. Mynaa adds that she might mention one person there. Azeem says to Janany that she did the same to him. Maheshwari says that it’s not the place to discuss about it. Dhanalakshmi says that he shouldn’t mention about it in front of everyone. Janany says that Azeem asked him to call him like that. Azeem adds that she used to mention him as brother from the start but she changed her attitude after he got red card. Janany says that it’s depends on his act.

Amudhavanan complaints that all are targetting a woman. ADK says that why he is bringing this woman and man matters here? He has the rights to share his thoughts out. Amudhavanan asks him to stop pointing his fingers on him. Both ends up arguing with each other. ADK says that he considered her as his sister. He never loved anyone in this house like her. He came to this place after so much struggle. She easily said he will be eliminated.

ADK says that he will be happy to go outside. He asks her to be happy. Janany says that she doesn’t want to get happy for his elimination. Janany shouts on him. Mynaa tells her that he was emotional. Janany adds that she never expected him to create it as a big issue. Meanwhile, ADK shares his grief to the housemates. Kathir consoles him by saying he won’t be eliminated for her.

At 11.20 pm, Amudhavanan says to Vickram that Azeem behaving weird. Vickram tells him that he was showing his dominance in the last week. It’s clearly visible here. Amudhavanan says that he warned him that he shouldn’t poke his head in other’s matters. They would have solved the issues between them. He poke his head unnecessary and created it as a big issue.

At 11.30 pm, Ram explaining to Janany that ADK got emotional in her matters. He was crying outside.

At 11.50 pm, Janany says to Vickram that Azeem who asked her to mention him as Azeem instead of brother. Everyone laughs hearing it. Azeem joins with them. Janany adds that he wasn’t in the list but he was poking his head in it unnecessary. Vickraman clearing his views with Amudhavanan. Azeem says that he was creating it as a big issue. Azeem adds that this issue is over there. Why he is creating panchayat here? Vickraman says to him that he isn’t creating panchayat there. He explains to him what’s panchayat. Azeem asks him why he is dragging this issue? Its already over. Stop this issue now. Janany gets disappointed to hear it. Both gets into an verbal fight

At 1.25 am, Janany opens up with ADK and asks him to leave this matter. ADK tells her that he got emotional when she mentioned him as fake in front of everyone. He was hurt hearing it from him. Both solved their misunderstanding between them.

Day 32 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Ooyathe maarate” then greets each other

At 9.15 am, Vickraman asks Amudhavanan why he is sitting beside the money box? No one going to steal the money from him. Amudhavanan says that he is sitting beside it for a safey. Manikandan warned him to be alert. He will steal the money. Vickram says that he slept whole night in the trust no one will steal the money. Amudhavanan says to him. That is why he is owner and he was a labour.

At 9.30 am, Mynaa reads the new task information from Bigg Boss. Janany wants to wear the fake moustache and Robert wants to communicate with others in sign laughing untill the next announcement come. Mynaa should follow Vickram like his shadow or else he will punish her. ADK gives the moustache to her.

At 10.15 am, Mynaa is pretending to be Vickraman’s shadow. Housemates are teasing her. Robert is talking with Maheshwari in the sign language. Meanwhile, Mynaa running behind Vickraman and lays on garden area. She asks the Bigg Boss to give punishment to her. It’s tough to follow him.

At 10.30 am, Bigg Boss says to the housemates that many people are craving to reach this place. They got this opportunity. But no one using it properly. They are breaking so many rules inside the house. They are not wearing the Mike. He asked them to allow manager and owner to sleep inside the bed room. But many broke their rules. Are they breaking the rules because he was easy to them. He won’t give freedom to them anymore. Housemates apologize to them. Bigg Boss refused Mynaa’s 200 luxury budget points for not doing her task.

At 12.15 pm, Buzzer plays there Both teams again starts arguing each other for breaking the rules. Vickraman and Amudhavanan gets into a verbal war there. Amudhavanan says that he was always lying. Vickram gots angry hearing it. He complaints that he was personally targetting him using this task. Dhanalakshmi says to him that he was creating a scene here.

At 1.05 pm, Bigg Boss asks Mynaa and Maheshwari to pass only one factor sweets in QC. Sweets should be in fruits shape. Both team starts working on it.

At 1.30pm, Dhanalakshmi suspects that opposite team are playing game with her. They intentionally send Azeem and Ram to their group to less their order. Dhanalakshmi regrets for taking them in her group. Queency provoked her against Azeem there.

At 4.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Mynaa to act like Robert as a punishment for not finishing the task. She might behave like a Robert until the next announcement come. Mynaa starts walking like a Robert. Housemates appreciates her.

Episode end

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