Bigg Boss Tamil 11th January 2023 Written Update: Clashes between Azeem and Amudhavanan

Bigg Boss Tamil 11th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Day 93 at 8.40 pm, VJ Shobz taking interview to Azeem. She asks him why did he entered into Bigg Boss house? He tells her that he thought this platform is comfortable one to him. He thought this platform will give more fame to him. She asks him why is looking down on other contestants? He isn’t giving respect to his co-contestants when it come to task. His words are very aggressive one.

Azeem shares with her that he isn’t saying anything from his heart. He said those words in anger. He will forgot those things after the task. He didn’t said anything intentionally. It’s came out accidentally. Even Kamal sir advised to him in the weekend. He apologized to them when he realised it.

She asks him to check what people are thinking about him. Two Hashtags shows on TV. Cring Azeem and Makkal Nayakan Azeem. He says to her that according to him cring means boring one. May be people thinks his anger and arguements is repeated one. It’s kind give boring experience to them. So they gave this title to him. He is feeling happy to get the hashtag Makkal nayakan. It’s gives goosebumps to him. She tells him that his anger is his minus and plus too. She wishes good luck to him.

Shobs tales interview to Kathir. She asks him why did he entered into the house? He tells her that he came here to find his true self. She says to him that people expected a lot from him. Doesn’t he feel he isn’t upto their expectations. Kathir says that he is accepting it. People may be thinking he isn’t much active reasoning he is not raising his voice out. She asks him to see the people comments.

People comments that Kathir is here for publicity. He doesn’t have winning spirit. Kathir tells her that he wants to answer to it. He didn’t argued with anyone here. But he makes sure his words aren’t hurting anyone here. But he started speaking out. She wishes good luck to her.

At 9.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks VJ Paaru and Shobz to come out using main door. Their time is over inside the house. Shobz asks Bigg Boss to mention I love you to her. He says it to her surprising her. They bids bye to them and leaves.

At 9.40 pm, Amudhavanan and Kathir are discussing about the hashtag they shown to them. Vickram says that they may be showed the best of best one. Or worst one. Amudhavanan says that this hashtag may be showed to confuse them. They shouldn’t take it seriously. ADK says that they mentioned him as Oor Kelavi. He didn’t take it seriously. It’s not a big thing. He is going to create a song with it.

Day 94 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and Housemates are dancing for the song “Shoot the kuruvi ” then greets each other

At 10.30 am, Bigg Boss annouces to the Housemates. Bomb number 4th. He shares with them it’s in bedroom. Amudhavanan finds the shoe from the bedroom. Sacrifice for Kathir. He wants to dip his pair of shoes in paint. Kathir widen his mouth. He said that he has good collections of shoes here. He takes his favourite shoes. ADK asks him to go with another one. Kathir says that he loves this shoes. His mom brought it for him. He loves the effort to brought it for him. Azeem says that he would have take it easily. Look at his costume. It’s far better than this.

At 11.10 am, Shivin asks Mynaa to inform Kathir to wash his shoes. She asks her doesn’t she has mouth to talk with him. Shivin makes faces and leaves. Azeem asks Bigg Boss to demand Shivin to remove her makeup for whole week. She wants to wear a sarie. Shivn signals him to cut his throat.

At 11.15 am, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to take the 5th bomb. It’s in bedroom. Mynaa finds the bomb. Sacrifice for ADK. ADK wants to pack his things in luggage and keep it inside the store room. He wants to wear others clothes throughout the week. ADK asks him what about his innerwear. Bigg Boss says that expect that. Azeem packs his luggage and keep it in the store room.

At 12.00 pm, Housemates gets surprised to hear the song ” Rayapuram Peter” song plays there. Robert and Asal enters inside the house. Housemates gets excited to see them. They hugs them to welcome them inside. Azeem hugs Asal and says that he missed him a lot. Robert says to them that they will take one contestants with them. Only one week left for finals.

At 12.35 pm, Azeem shares his happiness with Asal for his return. He says that he cried after his eviction. Asal tells him that he is rooting for him. Azeem inquires him what happened outside.

At 1.00 pm, Mynaa asks Robert did he met anyone outside? He says that he saw his daughter outside. Mynaa says it’s nice. He adds that Ram was in Coimbatore he called him. Manikandan got evicted after the new year. Asal ignores ADK. He says that he doesn’t want to talk with him. He saw something outside he didn’t like that. He decided not to talk with him when he enter inside. ADK asks him that he didn’t talk anything bad about him yet. Asal says that he doesn’t want to reveal that matter here. ADK asks him to stop taking with him.

At 1.30 pm, Asal reading the new task information from Bigg Boss. he narrated the rules of the game.

At 2.15 pm, ADK gets emotional seeing Asal ignorance. Kathir and Vickram consoles him. ADK says that he was hurt by his attitude. Azeem tells him it’s not a big thing. Don’t take it to heart.

At 3.05 pm, Task begins there. Bigg Boss says that Asal and Robert are the judges of this game. Housemates wants to throw the opponents with a ball. Azeem asks Amudhavanan to hit them with ball. He isn’t giving ball to others. He is holding the ball. Amudhavanan and Azeem are having a heating arguements. Amudhavanan says that he didn’t played like he accused him. Azeem gets triggered when he mentioned him in disrespective way. Azeem warns him to don’t call him like that. Give respect and take respect. Both are getting into a heating arguements. Vickraman supports Amudhavanan and advise Azeem to stop getting angry unnecessarily. Shivin mouth starts bleed. Bigg Boss asks her does she need any medical emergency. She tells him that lips is bleeding.

At 3.45 pm, Next round start again. Bigg Boss asks them to hit with force. They shouldn’t throw from close distance. Except ADK and Azeem everyone are eliminated. Bigg Boss says it’s a tie breaker. They played again and ADK won the task.

At 4.30 pm, Azeem asks Bigg Boss to give another set of clothes. It got dirty. He says that he didn’t comb his hair or check the mirror. He is uncomfortable with this clothes.

At 7.00 pm, Shanthi master and GP Muthu enters inside the house through store room. They prepares tea for them. Shanthi complaints that they didn’t clean the kitchen proper. Housemates gets excited to see them there. Bigg Boss welcomes them. Housemates inquires them about what’s going outside. Azeem says that he was in a sacrifice task when everyone are visiting him. Amudhavanan is teasing GP Muthu. He believes his lies innocently. Housemates joins with him.

Episode end

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