Bigg Boss Tamil 11th November 2022 Written Update: Manikandan apologizes to Amudhavanan

Bigg Boss Tamil 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 32 at 5.30 pm, Factory task continued. Buzzer plays inside the house. Both Team rushed to take the products from the container. Azeem takes the products from and gives to his teammates. Dhanalakshmi says to Kathir that she will snatch it from him next time. Amudhavanan asks Dhanalakshmi where is the box? She complaints to him that he snatched it from her. Kathir says that it’s came to his hand. Queency clears to them that Dhanalakshmi placed the box on her head. He snatched it from her.

At 5.40 pm, Bigg Boss announced to housemates that he will send different shapes to them this time. They wants to send sweets in different shapes to them. Buzzer plays there. Both team rushes to takes the products. Amudhavanan gets disappointed when Manikandan punched him. Amudhavanan walked away from there angrily. Azeem goes to convince him. Amudhavanan complaints to Maheshwari that they are behaving rude to him. He isn’t a comedian to accept everything easily. He got hurt here. He wants to discuss about it with Bigg Boss. Manikandan comes inside. He heard his conversation and clears to him that he didn’t beat him. Amudhavanan complaints that he punched on his nose. He even warned him there to don’t punch him. Manikandan is strong in his point that he didn’t did it intentionally. Amudhavanan asks him to accept that accidentally it happened. Manikandan complaints that he got breathing trouble. Three people lay on him. He was coming back from to take a breath. Why should he beat him? Amudhavanan says that he warned him on the spot. Manikandan asks him Does he trying to portray him that he beaten him? Amudhavanan says that he may did it without his knowledge. Manikandan asks him to don’t mention to others that he beaten him. He has the guts to accept that he beaten him. But he didn’t beat him here.

Amudhavanan asks him to stop talking like that to him. Manikandan says to him that he is respecting him a lot. He doesn’t have any anger on him. If he said this straight to him then it wouldn’t have hurted him this much. What’s the need to discuss about it with them? Amudhavanan says that he came here to go to medical room. He doesn’t have any vengeance on him. So leave this matter here.

At 6.30 pm, Amudhavanan cries thinking about the incident. Manikandan inquires ADK what did he said to them? ADK says that he didn’t said anything wrong. He wishes to take medical help. Manikandan goes to apologise to him. Manikandan apologize to Amudhavanan for his mistake. Amudhavanan share his grief to him. He says to him that he wasn’t hurt because he punched him but his attitude. Manikandan asks him to forgive him consider him as his brother.

At 6.35 pm, Maheshwari says to Manikandan that he is capable to win the title so it’s better to reduce his anger. Manikandan says to her that he isn’t doing it all for win the title. Maheshwari says that he didn’t get her point. ADK complaints that he was talking with him but he ignored him. He doesn’t have any argument with him. He was showing so much attitude to him. Ram asks him to leave this matter. Everyone apologize to him for their mistakes. That’s enough.

Janany asks Amudhavanan why is he taking this issues as a big thing. Doesn’t he playing his game genuinely. Amudhavanan says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. He is damn sure everyone will nominate him for the next week. He will go back to home in eviction. Janany gets frustrated to hear it. Later, Maheshwari says to Manikandan that his name is important than winning the title.

At 7.35 pm, Bigg Boss announced the timer will be on now. Maheshwari and Mynaa do the quality check. They complaints to Team B and B shouldn’t use knife. Bigg Boss ordered them to do it with hand. They rejected Ada then Adai Team sweets and passes Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya team sweets reasoning they prepared most of sweets with their hand. Manikandan complaints that they didn’t suggested them even after them noticed it. Mynaa asks him why should she say it to him. It’s not her duty. Meanwhile, Robert trying to steal the money from Team A. Nivaa signals to Aysha she caught him red handed. Robert escapes from her.

At 7.50 pm, Vickram narrating the incidents to Ram and ADk. He complaints that he was giving opening threat to him. He was asking to check the footage often. He doesn’t mind about it. He is sure that he didn’t push him or beat him. He accused him lying always. Meanwhile, Janany asks Amudhavanan to leave this negativity talk. Many Housemates are pretending like close to them but back stabbing us. Even ADK said to her he liked her a lot and considering her as his sister. But he Nominated her in the eviction process. He was showing his true colours out now. Here, Vickram complaints that he was framing him without proof. He is taking jokes seriously and accusing him as a lier. He was targetting him personally.

At 9.15 pm, Ratchitha demands Amudhavanan to get his salary from the owner. She changed after she becomes a owner. She advised her to play for Team. But she seems confused till.

At 10.45 pm, Shivin rolls the dice and gets Truth. Bigg Boss asks her to come to confession room. Who is selfish inside the house. She mentions Dhanalakshmi name. Housemates writes their opinion in it. Shivin informs the Housemates that she mentioned Dhanalakshmi name because she was concerned about the money not hard work. She prepared 700 sweets but she didn’t paid for her efforts. Bigg Boss announced to her that she lost her 200 luxury budget points. Azeem rolls the dice and gets a dare. Bigg Boss asks Azeem to jump into swimming pool 20 times now. He asks someone to takes the count. Azeem jumps into swimming pool. Kathir counting it.

At 1.25 am, Dhanalakshmi says to Vickram that she will make sure no one will take their money. They shouldn’t touch her money box too.

Day 33 at 7.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song” Kaasu panam thuttu money” then greets each other

At 7.35 am, Dhanalakshmi asks Queency to place the hidden money inside the money box without anyone knowlege. Queency acts according to her and placed inside the box.

At 8.35 am, Bigg Boss announced the both teams to send cup cakes.

At 12.00 pm, Shivin and Robert do the quality check to both team. Shivin choose Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya team as a winner with 4000 sweets. Ada then Adai team as a loser. Vickram complaints that they are giving wring judgements. There is no creativity in their work. Shivin argues with him over this issue.

At 1.35 pm, Bigg Boss congratulates Dhanalakshmi for win in the task. He free her from the nomination free task. She asks her to choose the best employee from her group. She says that Amudhavanan and Ratchitha performed well. She choose Ratchitha. Bigg Boss announced that Ratchitha also got Nomination free task.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose two best player of the task. Most of the housemates nominates Manikandan and Ram. ADK mentions Aysha reasoning he was broken last week. She started fighting back and faced everything this week boldly. She has positive energy. Aysha thank him for his words.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the worst performar in the task. Robert got 7 votes and nominates for worst performer of the week.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose the worst performer of the week. Many housemates nominates Janany for the worst performer of the house.

Bigg Boss asks Janany and Robert are punished to go to jail this week.

Episode end

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