Bigg Boss Tamil 12th November 2022 Written Update: Kamal shares his views

Bigg Boss Tamil 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He discusses with audience about the last week sweet factory task. He says to them that many forget to give quality products to earn money. Even it’s happening in outside. He asks them to watch the Friday episode.

Day 33 at 9.00pm, Dhanalakshmi rolls the dice. She gets truth. Bigg Boss asks her to go inside the confession room. He asks her to mention who failed to use the Bigg Boss chance? She mentions Janany name reasoning she didn’t use her chance yet. She has many talents with her to show out. According to her she didn’t show her talent inside the house.

At 9.30 pm, Kathir collects the new task information from the store room. Ratchitha wants to wear the fake beard and Dhanalakshmi wants to invisible in the house. Housemates shouldn’t speak with her or react to her words untill the next announcement comes. Robert rushes out seeing Ratchitha with beard.

At 9.40 pm, Vickram and Maheshwari are dancing together infront of Housemates.

At 10.20 pm, Amudhavanan says to Janany that one girl is here. She used to create unnecessary problems here. Now the house is peace without her. Dhanalakshmi says to them that Amudhavanan and Janany are creating group here. They are personally attacking her. Janani says to her that she is taking jokes seriously. Dhanalakshmi says that she beaten her carring vengeance with her. She is talking behind her. Janani says to her that she talks straight on face. Dhanalakshmi says that she only knows to backbite here. Janany says that she is throwing words at her unnecessary. Later, Dhanalakshmi asks Bigg Boss to send her back to home. They gave worst task to her. They don’t like her staying in this house. That is why they send Invisible task to her. Maheshwari says that it’s a task. Doesn’t it fun? Aysha asks her to take it easily. Robert asks her to calm down. Everyone are trying to convince her but Dhanalakshmi is adamant in her decision.

At 10.25 pm, Dhanalakshmi demands the Bigg Boss to send her out in Saturday episode. She won’t touch the food or things.

At 12.00 pm, Manikandan cuts the cake for his wedding anniversary. Mynaa gets emotional seeing her son Tshirt. She says to Manikandan that it’s not her son Tshirt but his son. She asks him feels it.

At 1.05 am, Dhanalakshmi apologize to Bigg Boss for decided to go home. She shouldn’t have said like that. Don’t send her out for her words. She struggled a lot to reach here. She apologized to Bigg Boss.

Kamal Hasan talks with the housemates. He thank them for sent the sweets on his birthday. He appreciated their works. He adds that their sweets sent to orphanage. They sent the sweets to them after checked it quality again. Housemates claps for them. Kamal says to them that he used to celebrate his birthday by helping others. He asks them to continueike that. He appreciates Queency for talked in Senthamizh. He adds that she continues talking like that even in medical room and also gossipping. He appreciates her. He release Queency and Janany from their punishment. Kamal inquires Ram how was his vessels washing?
Ram says to him that even he was dreaming about washing vessels. He asks him who used to wash vessels in his home? He mentions his parents name. Kamal appreciates him.

He asks Aysha about her experience? Aysha shares with him that she was fully break down in last two weeks. She decided to give up. She didn’t even understand the depth of his advise. She took a foolish decision to give up. She apologized to him. Kamal asks her to say it to the audience. He adds that he liked her never give up attitude. She was almost near the eviction though she gave beautiful comeback with positive attitude. He praised her positive vibes. He asks everyone to take her life as a good example. They shouldn’t give up like that.

Kamal asks ADK to say his experience about this task. He adds that this week went with so much frustration and fights. He was here leaving his kids behind. He feels peace after he saw the orphanage children. He considered them as his childrence. Mynaa says to him that she didn’t realise that one week passed. She feels happy to see the sweets delivered to the orphanage. Dhanalakshmi shares her thoughts to her. Vickram says that he felt happy to see a new face. Manikandan and Mynaa family talked with them. Kamal takes a short break

Kamal starts talking with Housemates after a break. Kamal asks them to bring the things from the store room. He says to them it’s “Sakkarai paaku” we will feel over sweet if we take it too much. Which one person reaction resembling to it? He starts with Aysha. Aysha says to him that she wants to give it to Azeem reasoning he is creating new issues when already issues going on. She feels like it’s enough she isn’t able to bear anymore issues. Azeem praised the taste of the juice. Mynaa gives to Manikandan reasoning he is getting too much anger. Manikandan gives the juice to Dhanalakshmi reasoning she is getting angry for small things. Kathir gives it to ADK for hiding his anger inside. Queency gives the juice to Azeem saying he is showing so much humanity. Nivaa and Maheshwari gives the juice to Azeem for the same reason. Azeem gives the juice to Dhanalakshmi for bring selfish. Dhanalakshmi gives the juice to Vickram reasoning he isn’t listening anyone. Amudhavanan gives the juice to him for the same reason. Robert gives to Manikandan reasoning he was rude in the game. Shivin gives the juice to Vickram and Azeem for going extreme. Ram gives the juice to Kathir reasoning he was being so calm in every situation. ADK gives the juice to Kathir reasoning he was advising a lot and smiling a lot always.

Kamal says to Azeem that he said thar he doesn’t know what to do inside the house? But people seems understand it. That is why they saved him. Housemates claps for him. Kamal takes a short break. Housemates congratulates him. Dhanalakshmi says to Camera that it seems they are projecting her as wrong outside. People are clapping when he mentioned like that. She adds that she wanted to go out.

Kamal starts talking with the housemates. He discusses about the Truth or dare task. He asks Janany what’s her questions in the truth or dare task? She says that who is being fake here? She mentions ADK name. He asks Aysha to say her questions? She says that she got a question who is passing bad jokes? She mentions Manikandan name reasoning he flirts with girls. But house mentioned Kathir name reasoning he is giving free advise to everyone. He asks Vickraman questions? He says that he got a question who is selfish here? He mentioned Dhanalakshmi name but housemates mentioned Azeem name here. He asks Manikandan what’s his question. He says to him that he got a question who is wearing gentleman mask? He mentions Vickram name reasoning he is portraying like that. He asks Dhanalakshmi to mention her question? She mentions him that she got a question who isn’t using the chance to stay inside the house? She mentions Janany name reasoning she didn’t showed her talent out. Kamal asks Shivin to explain it. Shivin brings the interview incident and says that she gave up last week. That’s why she chose her. He appreciates their bond and asks them to continue it Kamal takes a short break.

Kamal enters into the stage after the break. He asks them to bring the things from the store room. He plays thumps up and thumps down game with housemates. He will give certain words to them. They wants to give thumps up for the right words and thumps down rejecting it. First statement about Amudhavanan personally attacking the housemates. Aysha gives thumps to it reasoning she feels it right. She explained his mistake to him. But he took it seriously and nominated her as worst performer. He gets many votes. Next word is If Dhanalakshmi behave like this outside. Public would have slapped her. Kamal says that no one have the rights to slap a woman. This words is not qualified to ask here. He rejects that words.

Vickraman is sleeping here and he was working here. Camera isn’t covering it. Amudhavanan gives thumps up to it reasoning he isn’t doing his household works properly. Kamal says that peoples have different opinion. He was saved. Vickraman thank him.

Next words are Amudhavanan is using Janany for his game play. Housemates says to Kamal that they are feeling like Amudhavanan protecting her. Kamal inquires him about it? Amudhavanan gives his explanation to Kamal. Shivin says that he was over protective when it comes to Janany matters. He doesn’t even allow them to tease her. There is a huge argument over this issue. Kamal asks Janany to give her explanation. Janany says to him that she isn’t feeling like that. He is her friend. He doesn’t asked her to don’t participate in the task. Kamal praised Aysha’s performance and saved her from the eviction. Aysha thank him and the people who supported her. Kamal says that she deserved this appreciations.

Housemates congratulates Aysha. Kamal asks them to meet tomorrow and finish the show.

Episode end

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