Bigg Boss Tamil 13th December 2022 Written Update: The Final Judgement

Bigg Boss Tamil 13th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Manikandan shares with Dhanalakshmi she shouldn’t take audience claps as a hint. How could she judge her character with audience claps? Aysha advises her to don’t change her character for others. He herself but try to control your anger. That is enough to this show.

Kamal enters into the stage and geets the audience. He shares with them that nothing is wrong to win the game. But they shouldn’t choose wrong path to win it. If they win in it then it’s not a real victory. He greets the housemates. He asks them to bring the things from the store room. He says to them that two stamps are there. Green and Red. Green stamps indicating, they likes to travel with the person inside the house. Red stamps meaning they are not comfortable with that person to travel with them or participate in the game with that person.

Shivin gives green stamps to Vickram reasoning he is a good support. She gives red stamps to Dhanalakshmi reasoning she is agressive. Vickram gives green stamps to Shivin reasoning she is genuine. Red stamps to Amudhavanan reasoning he is personally attacking him a lot. Amudhavanan gives green stamps to Janani reasoning she is a genuine one. Red stamps to Vickram reasoning he has wrong opinion on him. Janani gives green stamps to Amudhavanan reasoning he is very protective. Red stamps to Dhanalakshmi reasoning she isn’t trustworthy person. Ram gives green stamps to ADK reasoning he became a good brother of him inside the house. Red stamps to Dhanalakshmi for being rude. Maheshwari gives red stamps to ADK reasoning he is arguing for small things. She gives green stamps to Shivin reasoning she is giving respect to everyone. Mynaa gives red stamps to Azeem reasoning his changes is confused one. Green stamps to Manikandan reasoning he is her friend. Ratchitha gives red stamps to Azeem for the same reason. Green stamps to Shivin for her game plan.

Kathir gives green stamps to Robert reasoning he is giving tough to his age. He gives red stamps to Azeem reasoning he is a dominating person. He doesn’t like the way he isn’t accepting his mistake. Robert gives green to Queency reasoning he is considering her as his daughter. Red stamps to Azeem for being dominating. Azeem gives green stamps to Manikandan reasoning he may be looks rude here but actually he has a kind heart. He doesn’t want to travel with Ratchitha reasoning she is a silent killer. Back biting about him always. He gives red stamps to her. Dhanalakshmi gives green stamps to Aysha reasoning she was motivating her to fight back. She gives red stamps to Janany for backstabbing her. ADK gives green stamps to Ram for being close with him. Motivating him. He gives red stamps to Maheshwari reasoning she is creating issues for unnecessary things. Aysha gives green to Shivin reasoning she is a inspiration to her. She wants to see her in finals. She gives red stamps to Azeem reasoning his game play is confusing her. Manikandan gives green stamps to Mynaa for being his friend. He gives red stamps to Dhanalakshmi for getting angry. Nivaa gives red stamps to Amudhavanan reasoning he is talking in demotivating way. She gives green stamps to Shivin for her clear head inside the house. She is her role model.

Kamal appreciates Shivin for received more green stamps. What’s she thinking about it? She shares with him that she feels happy for it. Kamal asks Azeem to share his opinion. He tells him that he wanted to confuse everyone with his game. He even noticed that his friends didn’t give green stamps to him. Kamal takes a short break.

Aysha shares with Mynaa that Azeem is a clever player. Because he got so much negativity in the first week and he changed it in within few days. Its his telent. Meanwhile, Dhanalakshmi asks the Bigg Boss to send her out of the house. She is able to understand that her name spoil outside. Kathir asks him why she is starting again. Dhanalakshmi tells him that it’s hurts her when close friends back bites about her.

Kamal returns to the stage. He shares with the housemates that he has good news for them. Aysha is saved. People liked her change and give one more chance to her. She shouldn’t disappoint them. Aysha assures to him. Kamal adds that ADK also saved for his emotional bond with the housemates. ADK thank him. Meanwhile, Kamal asks the factory owner to sit with her team members. He asks Dhanalakshmi to share her opinion. Dhanalakshmi says to him that she was determined to win the game at any cost. Kamal says that they might show their talent and confidence in game instead of taking wrong way.

He inquires Dhanalakshmi about the salary she kept inside the money box? She hesitated to mention it to him. Kamal Hasan plays a Kurumpadam for them. Dhanalakshmi and Queency are caught red-handed in it. Kamal says that she doesn’t understand her mistake. That is why she is laughing like that. She stopped another one team. She snatched another team victory with their wrong route. It’s not right thing. Bigg Boss may leave this matter but he won’t. According to him it’s a wrong behaviour. He will warn them for stealing others hardwork and Money. He advise them to earn money with their own hardwork instead of taking it in wrong way. He asks Queency why was she supporting her? Queency tells him that already their team was fighting with each other. She doesn’t want to create new issue there.

Ratchitha says to him that she is well aware that she didn’t keep the money inside the box. Kamal asks her then why did she didn’t stop her? If she support her means she is also a part of her mistake. He compares their mistakes with the politics. Many politician are earning money with their hardwork. We aren’t raising questions to them. They are taking it as a easy way to earn money. Kamal says that they were trying to alert her but she was adamant in her matters. Everyone fears to talk with her. Kamal complaints that he wasn’t targetting her personally but it’s the fact. Many yongsters are watching this show. They set the wrong examples to others. He won’t accept them setting a wrong example to others. He says that he has the rights to advise her and correct her. He adds that many people are earning money in wrong way in his friend too. But he wasn’t the one of them. He was paying his tax and sleeping in his bed without any regret. He has a peace. He advise them to don’t repeat it.

He announced Vickram team as the winners of the game. Vickram going to nomination free task. He is setting a example that who playing in unethical way he will question them and announced the opponents as the winners. He takes a short break. Aysha asks Dhanalakshmi to don’t take it to her heart. She advise her to use washroom. She cries inside the washroom. Aysha advise her to don’t take it to her heart. Dhanalakshmi says that she feels ashamed to face them. He humiliated her in front of all. She wants to go out of the house.
Vickraman and Nivaa consoles her.

Kamal asks the nominated housemates to sit together. Dhanalakshmi, Ram and Maheshwari sits together. Kamal asks Maheshwari to say what’s her opinion? Maheshwari says that she was already confused. She doesn’t have any idea about it. Kamal saves Dhanalakshmi is saved. He asks the other housemates to say who will be evicted from this house? Most of them mentioned Ram name. Kamal shows the eviction card of Maheshwari. She asks the housemates to send her things to home. She bids bye to them and take her leave.

Queency and Ratchitha trying to explaining Dhanalakshmi’s mistake to her. She complaints that they are playing the safe game here. She is ready to take all blame alone. Ratchitha says that this is her problem. She isn’t listening to others. Mynaa tells her that she doesn’t need to change herself. Just play her game well. This name will change automatically. Meanwhile, Kamal suggests books to read.

Kamal welcomes Maheshwari on stage. He plays her journey video. Maheshwari enjoys her video. Maheshwari talks with the housemates and wishes good luck to them. Kamal wishes good luck to Maheshwari. She takes her leave. Later, ADK cries thinking about Maheshwari’s elimination.

Vickraman says to Shivin that he didn’t expected this twist here. Finally genuine game won at the ends. ADK shares with his friends about Maheshwari’s elimination. Ratchitha and Aysha consoling Dhanalakshmi there.

Episode end