Bigg Boss Tamil 14th December 2022 Written Update: A day of Cheers and Tears

Bigg Boss Tamil 14th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 36 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Kodu potta road podu” then greets each other.

At 9.10 am, ADK shares with Ram and Amudhavanan that he slept early yesterday. He felt bad and fears for her elimination. He understands that we will go out with some tagline. Ram asks him to stop overthinking. She may be enjoying with her son. He was on his vacation. She would have eating non veg in her home.

At 9.40 am, Azeem says to Vickram that it was a shock to him. He never expected this twist yesterday. He was often checking Queency and Dhanalakshmi’s expression. When Kamal asked them to raise their hands those who aware of this. Nivaa raised her hands. He asks her why she is raising her hand? She said to him that she knew about it but she doesn’t felt it was a big thing. He didn’t argue with her to avoid that topic.

At 10.25 am, Bigg Boss shows Housemates luxury budget points. He announced that bumper offer is over in this week. They are able to earn their points.

At 11.50 am, Mynaa and Manikandan are practicing singing.

At 12.10 pm, Robert says to Amudhavanan that Azeem is always busy in targetting them. He even gathered 7 people support by manipulating them.

At 12.15 pm, Mynaa shares with Aysha that Azeem asked her why didn’t she give green stamps to him. Doesn’t she like to travel with him? Actually he said to her he is playing his alone here. Then he shouldn’t expect her do like that. After this show everyone might go out alone. Aysha says to her that she used to mention Azeem name when the question is tough. He will apt for everything. He is changing his characters often. It’s tough to find out his real character. Mynaa adds that it’s tough to change the characters asap. He is a clever player. He was reading the people’s mind well. His every move clearing it to her. He may be thinking a lot.

At 12.20 pm, Janany asks Amudhavanan what happened to him? Kathir and Robert asks her to talk with him straight. Robert asks her doesn’t she talked with him yesterday? Janany says that he was avoiding her for others. He shouldn’t have break his friendship with her for others. Nothing wrong happened here. She adds that she isn’t taking it seriously. Robert tells her that he was avoiding her for not to give bad names to her. Janany says to him that this won’t bring wrong name to her. Amudhavanan says that Vickram is targetting him so he won’t take his name in that list. Janany adds that people will think that she stopped talking with him after this. Amudhavanan tells her that he has throat pain.

At 12.45 pm, Mynaa reading new captaincy task information. She narrates the rules of the game. Nominated contestants wants to do this task in activity area. Remaining housemates are able to watch their play through plasma TV.

At 1.00 pm, Vickram is helping Ratchitha to wear her helmet. Robert disliked the way they are being close. Housemates are teasing Robert for it. Shivin says that he wants to kill him it seems. She will give a company to him. Robert says that it’s a easy job to wear the helmet though he was taking so much time to adjust it.

At 1.10 pm, Captaincy task begins between Ratchitha, Amudhavanan, Vickram and Manikandan. Vickram and Ratchitha falls down in the first attempt. Amudhavanan complaints that Manikandan is pushing him with his hand. Bigg Boss asks them to compete again. Manikandan wins the captaincy task. Housemates cheers for him.

At 1.15 pm, Manikandan informs Bigg Boss that he divided the group. Cleaning teams are Azeem, Vickraman, Janany, ADK and Ram. Bathroom team are Ratchitha, Robert and Amudhavanan. Vessels washing team are Dhanalakshmi, Kathir and Shivin. Cooking teams are Aysha, mynaa, Nivaa, Queency and Manikandan.

At 1.30 pm, Amudhavanan says to Janany that they are saying what’s showing in TV. Janany tells him that she will talk with Bigg Boss about it. Amudhavanan says that his name getting spoiled. He doesn’t wanna create bad name for her. Janany says that he isn’t using her. They are talking in vengeance. She is being with him just because he is over protective and caring towards her. Why are they thinking that he was using her? Amudhavanan says that they are stick to that point only. Janany says that he isn’t using her. She isn’t a kid to listen to others words blindly. She has a brain to think in her own.

At 2.10 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate two person to evict from this house with a valid reason. Manikandan is the captain of the house. So they are not able to nominate him as well as nomination free task members Vickraman, Ratchitha, Amudhavanan too..

Bigg Boss asks Vickraman to nominate two persons. Vickraman, Nivaa are nominating Kathir reasoning he isn’t showing his real face to everyone yet. Vickraman, Aysha, Manikandan nominates Robert for depending on others and pretending to be innocent here. Participation is less compare to others and escaping from nomination. Manikandan, Nivaa, Janany, Kathir, Amudhavanan, Robert, Shivin, Mynaa are nominating Dhanalakshmi for her rude behaviour. She is lack of sportiveness, agressive player. She is getting angry for small things.
Azeem and Amudhavanan are nominating Aysha for behaving like chameleon. Ram, ADK, Azeem and Janany are Nominating Nivaa for behaving weird. She is acting in front of the audience. Dhanalakshmi, Queency, Mynaa, Shivin, Robert are nominating Azeem for showing different changes in his behaviour. He feels like it’s hard to find his true self here. He is personally targetting others. Ratchitha, Dhanalakshmi, Ram are nominating Queency for accused her alone. She is using her for her favour. Ram adds that she lost her energy and participation is less. Ratchitha nominates ADK for his doubtful actions. Queency and Aysha are nominate Janany for being lazy. Kathir nominates Shivin for asked him to avoid him.

Bigg Boss announced that Dhanalakshmi, Azeem, Nivaa, Queency, Robert, Aysha, Kathir and Janany are Nominated for this week eviction process.

At 3.10 pm, Roberts says to Ratchitha that he will go out this week. Ratchitha asks him to stop blabbering. He tells her that it’s hard to pack his Luggage. Aysha says to them that one certain group is determined to send her out. That is why she they are targetting her every week. Even people are ready to give a chance to her but not them.

At 3.25 pm, Dhanalakshmi share with camera that she isn’t reach to the place she expected. She was playing a wrong play here.

At 3.40 pm, Dhanalakshmi says to Bigg Boss that she didn’t placed the money inside the box intentionally. She never thought it will burst out in such way. She feels ashamed to stay inside here. She struggled a lot to reach this place. Though she couldn’t stay inside. She wants to go out for it. Everyone are treating her like a thief. She feels ashamed to stay here. She couldn’t face anyone here. She wishes to go out. Bigg Boss asks her to calm down. Stop getting angry on unnecessary things. Committing mistakes is normal things. She wants to improve her game here. She shouldn’t break down this and play her game in well here after. Dhanalakshmi thank him and leaves.

At 4.10 pm, Robert asks the audience to send him out this week. It’s hard for him to stay with this cunning people. He has many works to do outside. He pleads with them. Later, Robert asks Ratchitha why didn’t she asked him whether he eat anything or not? He helped her to grind the chatni but she didn’t asked him whether he eat or not. Ratchitha rolls her eyes.

At 4.45 pm, Azeem reads new Nippon paint task. He narrates the rules of the task to housemates.

At 5.15 pm, Aysha teams are Kathir, Ram, Nivaa, Dhanalakshmi and Ram. Amudhavanan teams are Ratchitha, Robert, Queency, Shivin. Azeem will be a judge

At 5.20 pm, Nippon paint task begins. They paints faster in the first round. Slower in the second task. Pain while jumping. Painting while turning back. Azeem announced Aysha team as the winners in the first round.

At 5.45 pm, Azeem conducts the second round of the game. Mynaa team wins the second team. Bigg Boss congratulates the housemates.

At 6.25 pm, Azeem announced the winners gift to them. Housemates thank the Nippon paint for conducts the good task.

Episode end

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