Bigg Boss Tamil 14th October 2021 Written Update: Raju telling a story to Housemates

Bigg Boss Tamil 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 11 at 8 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house. “Maranam mass tharanam ” song plays at the house, Housemates starts dance for the song and greets with each other.

At 10 am, Thamarai calls Raju and Annachi to come near her and listen to Mathumitha’s song. She is pronouncing Tamil words wrongly everyone makes fun of her. Raju and Annachi giving explanation to the song lyrics to them

At 10.35 am, Priyanka says to Iyakki that Isai complained to her about Annachi. He was teasing her always and makes fun with her. She asks her to give it back to him stop taking it seriously. She shares one cooking team incidents to them and explains that he is doing everything for fun she is not understanding it at all.

At 10.40 am, Raju is singing song while cooking. Pavani asks Annachi to move little and give place to her. Raju questions her Is she can able to sit in this chair adjusting the height? She says to camera that Raju is teasing her height in this national TV so she asks the people whoever in her height to support her. Raju complaints to her that there is a rule in this house they shouldn’t ask vote like this? She says to him she just asked support not vote. He says to her both are same. She adds that she is nominated then why should she ask vote. He mentions her as Prachana Pavni. He is teasing her in north Indian slang. Raju asks the height persons to support him.

At 10.55 Niroop self introduce himself to housemates. He tells them that he borned and grew up in Chennai. He didn’t go out of this place. He was a silent person in school. The first disappointed things happening in his life when he was in his 9th standard. His mom mentally got little problem she used to laugh and shout alone. She started thinking this world is against her. He went back on studies on that time. He started doing his poly techinic. He was joined there and got shock to see all are elder to him there and talking in local slang. He lied to them he doesn’t know Tamil everyone believed it. That place taught him how will people behave and treat a person. They used to talk bad about him in front of him thinking he doesn’t know Tamil. He took everything calms and maintains his lie. He wishes to enter into media but he has no contact with anyone. On that time he met his ex. Girlfriend Yashika there. She gave the life to him. Many people used to comment they are mentioning him as Yashika’s ex. Boyfriend. He doesn’t care about it instead he proudly say he is here because of her. Because of her he grew up to this level. Why shouldn’t a girl become a person behind a men success? He tells to them that he didn’t got many chances because of his height. He gives a encouraging words to them. Housemates hugs him.

He gets 1 like 2 heart and 13 dislike. They says to him that they have no like in their hand.

At 11.30 am, Priyanka appreciates Niroop for talking well there. She adds to him that she has no heart at all in that time that’s why she is feeling sad. Annachi says to him that If everyone has heart then they would have give it to them. Priyanka says that even Raju have heart to him. Abhishek says to him that he said he came to this place because of a woman this word will take him to another level. Abhishek says that all are coming to this earth through woman though they are not respecting to them which they deserved.

At 12 pm, Abhinav greets all and introduces himself to all. He shares to them that his grandma and grandpa acted in many cinema and got many love from people. They are popular in both Tamil and Telugu field. He says that his grandma got addicted to something and went to a wrong path. She was died after some days. He adds that he didn’t borned with sliver spoon. His parents give all freedom to him. He lost his focus in his life. He used to behave like interwoven. No one respecting him because of his silent nature. He got love after his marriage. They shifted to UK. His wife went for a job to take care of family. She supported him a lot she questioned him Is he has interest to act in cinema? He says to her he can’t able to do it. She asks him to give a try. He came for an audition and decided to go from there because of his inferiority complex. He revealed his grandma’s name everyone gave respect to him. Because they used to help everyone a lot. He lost many opportunities in his life. He started doubt himself. Sometimes he feels that he is not a suitable person to his wife. If she married to someone else may she would have get good husband. They planned for a baby after 10 years. He doesn’t know may he is good husband but he is a good father to his child. Everyone appreciated him. He shares to them that he signed in one project but someone’s grand son done that movie he hope he will definitely do one movie with director in future. Nadia says that she feels connected to his story and gives a hug to him.

He got 1 heart 3like and 13 dislike

At 12.30 pm Akshara says to Abhinav what’s she actually felt when he heard his story.

Wt 12.55 Priyanka says to Annachi that she doesn’t care about her enymies. But she needs a competition in the house.

At. 3 pm Nadia introduces herself to Housemates. She says to them Nadia Chang name she got it after she married to her husband he is chines actually. She reveals her first name to them. She borned in a lower middle class she lived like that till she meet her husband. Her dad used to drink so their relatives used to don’t respect them. Her mom is very strict. If parents beats kids it’s child abuse they used to elope from home when they are 14 in the fear of getting beaten. She apologies to her mom and says she made her get beaten by police. She hated her mom on that time. She didn’t get chance to study. She worked as a sales girl. Her whole life she was doing work she never enjoyed her teenage life at life. Her husband saw her and said to her he started love her. He met her mom and confessed his love on her in front of mom. Her mom beaten her for that he argued with her and took her out. He asked to her don’t leave him because he is uneducated. She says to him that she came with him because she believes he will protect her. Her mom cursed her but she determined to live in front of her. She shares to them how much she achieved in her life. She gives all credits to her husband Chang. She got the recognition from one app.

She gets 0 like 0 heart 16 dislike

At 4 Annachi and Pavani discussing with each other about the story. Pavani tells him that she is not connected with Cibi end Varun’s story.

At 8 Pm Isai is saying to Pavani that she is ready to do the work. she tells her that all are staring her strangely she thought they are doing like this because she is not doing any work. They are discussing about the house keeping and cooking work. Pavani talks with Abhinav about cooking team.

At 11 Raju saying story to all to entertain Housemates.

Episode end.

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