Bigg Boss Tamil 15th January 2022 Written Update: Surprise for the Finalist

Bigg Boss Tamil 14th January 2022 Written Update on

The show begins in Day 104 at 11.00 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house and finalist starts dance for the song ” Dangamaari oothaari” then greets each other.

At 3.45pm, Niroop shares Birthday wishes to his brother. He says to camera that it’s his birthday today he has no idea why didn’t he talked with him these many years for a small mistake he done in childhood days. He learnt to forgive others so definitely he will talk with him after he go out of the house. Only one day to go.

At 6.25 pm, Raju asks to Niroop what’s day and date today? He answers to him. Raju starts counting the date and day confusing others. He says to him he is finding out the second Saturday. Amir teases him that he can find it out easily because it will definitely come on 14th or 15th date in a month. Raju says to him he don’t wanna take tension let him count in this way only and shares one Einstein story to him.

At 8.05 pm, Bigg Boss asks Niroop to come out. He goes to garden area. He notices the all task memories there which they played inside the house. He gets happy to see it all. Bigg Boss asks him to stand in the stage. He says to him that he wanna win in his future for that he was keep running in his life. He played many strategic game here to show himself special here. He may looks like grown up person but a kid by his heart. Bigg Boss plays his journey inside the house video for him. Niroop watches it and enjoys all the memories and moments inside the house. Bigg Boss congratulates him for become a second finalist. Niroop thank him for gave this chance to him. He learnt a lot here he love to finish the race. He don’t care if someone is in front of him also he loves to finish the race. Crackers and lighting starts lighten there and making him feel special. He thank the Bigg Boss for giving this chance to him. Bigg Boss asks him to take any of the things from here as a memory of this house. Niroop takes the coin and says he loves it he need his coin back. Bigg Boss it’s his now. He thank him and says he wishes to ask this to him actually but he himself give it to him he is so happy.

At 9.05 pm, Bigg Boss says to Amir that he came late to this house but standing here as latest. He may lost himself in the beginning episode but he proved himself in the end. He may lose his favourite person here but he will get good relationships outside. He wanna see him as better choreographer in future. Bigg Boss Plays his journey inside the Bigg Boss house. He enjoys the moments happily. Amir thank Bigg Boss. Crackers lighten for him. He thank the guardians and asks them to watch this all. Bigg Boss asks him to take any of the things from here as a memory of this house. Amir says that he need two things one is rope and another one is his name written board. Bigg Boss says he will get the name board after he leaves from the house. Amir thank him and leaves.

At 9.45 pm, Bigg Boss asks Pavani to come out and stand on the stage. She gets surprises to see the settings there. She laughs seeing the broken cow statue there. She sits on the chair and says she missed this chair and give kiss to her coin. Bigg Boss says to her that she lived 100 days inside the house so here is her journey video. He plays the video Pavani enjoys the all moments of her. Pavani thank Bigg Boss for giving lots of confidence here. Bigg Boss appreciates her for survived inside the house without knowing the language. She got the beautiful place in people’s heart thoughtout the journey. He gives an advise to her she thank him. Crackers lighten for her she enjoys the moments there and Thank Bigg Boss again. Bigg Boss asks her to take any of the things from here as a memory of this house. Pavani asks him to give the coin of her. He says she can take it because she stoled it after lots of effort. She says love you to Bigg Boss. He says Love you to her.

At 11.10 pm, Raju comes to garden area and notices the properties kept there and narrates the concept behind it. His special journey video plays there. Raju enjoys the video and gets emotional at the end. He thank Bigg Boss for this chance. He says that it was his job till last year he used to create AV for good actors today someone done it for him he is so happy for it. Bigg Boss says to him that he started his journey in nothing and earned people’s heart throughout his good character and true self. He wins many persons heart today. He has good body, brain and played well. Crackers lighten for him. Bigg Boss asks him to take any of the things from here as a memory of this house. Raju says that he liked the phone here he didn’t played with it but he got a message from Bigg Boss pack your bag. It changed my life so he gonna take it. Bigg Boss asks him to pack his phone.

At 12.55 am, Priyanka comes to confession room. Bigg Boss mentions her as Sirisu. She says miss you to him. She thank him for taking care of her. Pavani and Niroop asks to Bigg Boss when will Priyanka come? Priyanka comes there. She hugs everyone there. They shares to her what happened there actually in yesterday episode.

At 1.25 am, Finalist notices the settings there. Priyanka goes to garden area and finds all her memories there. She gets so excited to see the decorations there. Priyanka’s journey inside the Bigg Boss plays there. Priyanka gets emotional seeing it and says she feels like she should have avoided the fights here. But she is a human she can’t able to hide her emotions and pretends like fake. Bigg Boss says that she travelled go with a flow and earned many people’s heart there. She argued for the wrong things and maintained her friendship life long. Bigg Boss shares heart touching words to her. She thank the Bigg Boss. Crackers lightens there. She enjoys the moments and says she will miss him. Bigg Boss asks anyone things from there for her memories. Priyanka takes the golden mike from there and thank him.

Episode end.

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