Bigg Boss Tamil 15th January 2023 Written Update: Kamal Hasan’s Pongal gift to housemates

Bigg Boss Tamil 15th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He shares Pongal wishes to everyone. He discusses about farmers with them. He advises everyone to respect the farmers and their hardwork. He greets the housemates. They shares their Pongal wishes to Kamal. He says to housemates that he is going to give a small Pongal gift to them. Kamal asks someone to take the gift from store room. He reveals to them it’s a seed. He asks them to grow this plants in their house. Housemates thanks him for the gift.

Kamal asks the housemates to say thanks to the person, they failed to share it inside the house. They are able to use this opportunity to thank them. Shanthi thanks Muthu and Shivin. She has two sisters they were no more. She saw that bond in them. Muthu says that he wants to thank Shanthi because she is like a elder sister of him.

Nivaa says that she wants to thank Queency because she found a good bond with her. Kamal asks her doesn’t she meeting her out? She nods with her. Queency says that she wanna thank Robert master he is like dad to her. Also she got a friend like Nivaa. Kathir says that he likes Robert. he is a special person in his life. He likes Dhanalakshmi, Mani and Mynaa.

Mynaa thanks Manikandan for supported her a lot inside the house as a friend. She hopes this friendship will continue outside too. Manikandan says that he likes Mynaa and Azeem. He wants to thank him. ADK says that he want to say thanks and Sorry to Maheshwari. He considered her as a sister of him. Though he argued with her a lot. She hugged him sportively after she re-entered into the house. Next he is considered Ram as his younger brother. Hope he will continue this relationship outside. Azeem says that he has good bond with many people inside though Manikandan is very special person to him. He wants to thank him for supporting him always.

Amudhavanan mentions Santhi and Robert name. Reasoning they used to support him always and encouraged him. He wants to thank Vickram and Dhanalakshmi. Dhanalakshmi says that she wants to thank Bigg Boss. She has good bond with him. She wants to thank many people inside here. She got many brothers here. Kamal says that Sherinaa seems emotional. Sherinaa says that she doesn’t have anyone close with her. She thought she is able to continue her friendship. But it came out it in diffrence way. Asal mentions Ram and Azeem name.

Shivin cries and says that she wants to thank Ratchitha. She is a good friend of her. She is truly missing her inside the house. She is a close friend of her. She always stood for her. Kamal tells her that may be she is watching it. Vickram says that he thought he is able to continue a good friendship with Maheshwari. Unfortunately she got evicted. He got close with Amudhavanan recently. He made him laugh often. Maheshwari says that she wants to thank Three people. She is considering ADK as their sister. She has trust issues. She needs time to open up. But Shivin, ADK and Kathir for supported her. Ram says that he got connected with men’s here. But he found a gem here. Shivin is that gem. She take a good care on him when he was sick. He missed her a lot. He says that she is a good sister of him.

Robert says to Kamal that he likes Queency and Amudhavanan. Kamal says that Shivin isn’t stop crying. Will she stop crying after she learns she was saved. Shivin thanks him. Housemates congratulates her. Kamal takes a short break.

Sherina cries thinking about the recent task. Maheshwari and Azeem tries to console her. He tells her lets discuss about it after the show end. Shivin says to Sherinaa that she respect her situation but not her words.

Kamal enters into the stage and talks with the housemates. Kamal asks the ex-contestants to say when they regret they evicted from the house? When they felt they escaped from this situation? Ram says that he missed school task. But he thought he escaped from the Angels and Demons task. Because he would have stuck inside the jail. That jail was very short comparing to his height. They would have build a new one for him. Everyone laughs hearing it. Robert says that he liked Cycle Jackson task. He thought he escaped from the school task because he didn’t went to school in the fear. Shanthi says that she missed the Royal Museum Task and School task. She thought she escaped from the doll task after saw their fight.

Maheshwari says that she kissed the lawyer and Royal Museum Task. She would have showed her attitude in that task. She didn’t think she escaped from any task. Manikandan says that he missed the Ticket to Finale task. He would have gave tough competition to them in that. He thought that he escaped when he saw the guest entry. Dhanalakshmi says that she missed the Ticket to Finale task too. She repeats the same. Queency says that she missed the twinkle little star task and school task. She thought that she escaped from the guest entry. Nivaa says that she missed school task and thought she escaped from the alians task. Sherinaa says that she missed the school task and thought she escaped from the sweet factory task. She saw the way Dhanalakshmi and Manikandan gave tough competition with each other.

Kamal enters into the stage and starts talking with housemates. Kamal gives a another chance to the ex-contestant to clear the misunderstanding. They may be faced many hate and negative comments in misunderstanding. They are able to use this opportunity to clear the misunderstanding or apologize to the audience.

Asal says that audience misunderstands his relationship with Nivaa. She is a good friend of him. He faces so much negativity outside. He is trying to come out of it. Nivaa also saying the same to Kamal. Maheshwari says that she mentioned Azeem as undeserving contestants when she got evicted. Because she was angry on him. She wants to apologise to him for that she shouldn’t have said like that. Like this housemates shares their experience with Kamal.

Later, Kamal asks the housemates to mention who is the best find of the year. Most of them mentioned Shivin and Dhanalakshmi name. They appreciated her brave and boldenes. She rashed to this place in her own hardwork. Shivin is a transgender. She is showing a better example to this society. Everyone appreciates them. Kamal takes a short break

Kamal asks the Nominated contestants to sit together. He asks them to break the pot. If red flowers fall on them. That person is evicted from the house. Kathir, Mynaa and ADK break the pot together. Red flowers falls on ADK. Housemates gives emotional send off to him. Kamal plays his journey video. He enjoys it. Kamal wishes best of luck to him.

Episode end