Bigg Boss Tamil 16th January 2023 Written Update: DD enters the house to celebrate Pongal with Housemates

Bigg Boss Tamil 16th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 99 at 7.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Kaala kaala mayilu kaala”. Housemates shares Pongal wishes to Bigg Boss

At 7.40 am, Ram asks G.P Muthu to wake everyone. They shouldn’t sleep like this on Pongal. Muthu says that everyone might take bath early morning and start the celebration works. He suggests Bigg Boss to ask the dog to bark. If dog barks no one will continue their sleep. Azeem pretends like supporting him. Muthu demands him to get up from his bed first.

At 10.15 am, Housemates are excited to hear the song. ” paasam vachalum” song played inside. They are excited to welcome the guest. DD enters inside the house. She greets everyone. She shares her Pongal wishes to them. She invites them to do pooja. Bigg Boss welcomes DD to Bigg Boss house. He shares Pongal wishes to DD. She thank him. He inquires her about her brother. She tells him that he is on work. She shares with the housemates that her brother is a pilot. He is a die hard fan of Bigg Boss. She adds that every housemates have good fan base outside. She lights the Diya and completes the pooja. She discuss with them about their sacrifice task.

DD shares her painful journey with the housemates. She says to them that she missed many shows after her accident. Many humilates her after saw her using stick to conduct the show. She lost her confidence after hearing it. Then she recalled their words and tries to boost her up. She attends many shows after that incident. She got a wonderful chance to attend a show. Kamal sir allowed her to host the show in Vickram launch. She wants to thank him for that good opportunity. Then Udhay sir gave another one opportunity to her. She entered inside the house using walking stick to boost many people. Our heart is important not our physical appearance. Bigg Boss says well Said! She is a inspiration to many people. She is beauty ins and out. DD thank him for the beautiful words.

At 10.40 am, DD says that Housemates wants to cook Pongal using the ingredients. She asks then to divide into a two group. Bigg Boss annouced that whom impressed her gets more ingredients. Her decision is final decision. Azeem gives chair to her. DD says that he impressed her a lot. Housemates are showing extra care to her after hearing it. She asks everyone to stand in a line. Their face isn’t revealing to the camera. Maheshwari asks DD to request a song for them to dance. DD asks them to play the song.

Shanthi and Maheshwari are dancing for the song ” jiguru “. Amudhavanan and Manikandan joins with them in the dance. DD enjoys their performance. Dhanalakshmi pushes Vickram to dance with them. Everyone gets surprised to see him dancing with Maheshwari. DD enjoys their performance. She divide the rice to each team.

DD complaints that Robert master isn’t mind her. He is loving others not her. He assures her to dance alone. She says that he is expecting Mookkuthi it seems. Ram gives a rap for her. DD asks Queency to dance.

” sarakku vandiyile” song plays inside the house. Queency, Dhanalakshmi, Mynaa and other girls dances together. They claps to encourage them.

At 11.00 am, Vickram mentions DD as sister. She asks him to mention her with her name. If he calls her as sister then she won’t be his fan girl more. He apologized to her. Vickram shares the history of Tamil Nadu. He says that they are tributing this Pongal for them.

At 11.15 am, DD asks them to give a tough performance to get remaining ingredients. Kathir sings for her. DD enjoys her performance. Sherinaa and Manikandan dances for his song. DD gives the ingredients as a gift. They are discussing about the hashtag they received from people. DD appreciates them. Vickram team Pongal boiled first. They shouts pongalo Pongal. DD encouraged their team. Shanthi team Pongal also boiled after that.

Housemates takes DD to looks around the house. She appreciates Bigg Boss after see the interior works. DD imitates the housemates one by one. She tastes the Pongal and praises it. She appreciates both team Pongal. DD says that she don’t know to cook. But she loves to eat. Vickraman tells her it’s not necessary for girls to learn cooking. It’s depends on their comfortableness.

DD is talking with the top 7 contetants to clear their doubts. She is motivating them. Kathir asks her how will people recognise him after the show. Will he get a scope to enter into cinema. DD says that they are already in the big platform. Many people are recognized them. They created enough fame for them outside. Kathir says that he got a hashtag mixture Kathir. He adds that mixture means its has all categories. He is taking it in a positive way. DD says that they are a representative of this show. He may be resembling many people outside.

Mynaa talks with DD after Kathir. DD congratulates her for being in Top 6. Mynaa says that people are complaining she isn’t taking anything serious. She doesn’t know how will people treat her outside. DD says that Mynaa faced manything outside. She didn’t take anything serious and reach to this place. This attitude of her bring her to finals. So don’t forget this attitude. She is proud of her.

At 12.30 pm, Azeem asks DD how is the show going outside? Azeem adds that he is ready to accept the critisism. Even Kamal said battery needs both minus and plus. He is taking everything sportively. Bigg Boss is his dream. DD says that he helped others to shine more in this house. Housemate are disappointed with his attitude but audience are enjoying it. They would have feel the same if it happen in their house.

Shivin says to DD that she is going to question her. Tell about Shivin. She says it’s a nice questions. DD says that ladies used to worry about for a small pimple in their face. It may be happening due to hormones changes in their period time. They are not able to accept that small hormonal changes. Then it’s unimaginable one for Shivin. She struggled a lot due to her hormonal changes. She wants to hats off to her for her boldeness. She reached to this platform with her hardwork. She is playing game well. She is feeling Proud of her.

She is representing many communities outside. Everyone are supporting her and giving their votes for her. She doesn’t know whether she has support in her family before. But she has huge support outside. She is shining outside with her talent. They are feeling proud of her. Everyone know about Shivin now. She wishes good luck for her. Shivin hugs her to say her thanks.

Vickram appreciates DD for bounce back from her past. He says that she is such an inspiration and feeling proud of her. He asks her to tell about him. DD says that he is a louder person in his right thoughts. Many people may be thinking he is talking a lot. But they will realise it later it was right one. She is appreciating his ethics. DD shares her thoughts about each Contestants. Housemate are having quality time with her. Housemates gives a good send off to her. Bigg Boss says to DD that many guests visited the Housemates. But housemates aren’t happy. Her presence brings happiness to everyone face.

Later, Vijay Tv soon to be launched show Mahanadi and Sirakadikka asai team casts visits the house. They promotes their show. Housemates congratulate the team.

Episode end

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