Bigg Boss Tamil 16th November 2022 Written Update: Clashes between Azeem and Vickraman

Bigg Boss Tamil 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 37 at 9.40 pm, Vickraman and Queency are sitting in the king chair. Dhanalakshmi practicing how to talk in Senthamizh to them. Vickraman teases her for blabbering. Vickraman asks Dhanalakshmi why didn’t she let Vickram vote for Queency? Dhanalakshmi tells her that she hold his hand whole hand. How could she stop him? Dhanalakshmi says that it’s she only hold his one hand. He is able to raise his another hand too? Queency says that they are here to play their individual game. She shouldn’t stop others. Dhanalakshmi says that his vote won’t decide her win. She only have three votes there. Queency says that she shouldn’t stop her. She doesn’t care about princess role. She stopped her vote. Queency says that she will fight for her rights. Dhanalakshmi asks Vickram does she ask him to support Janany? He denied it

Queency says that she will raise question if she stop her vote? Dhanalakshmi says that it’s not a big deal. She is bringing this issue to create an issue here. She needs content. Queency says to her that she was hurt seeing her stop him. She shouldn’t play others game. Dhanalakshmi asks her why is it hurting her? Only three people voted for her. Then what’s wrong to stop him. Doesn’t Vickram has rights to raise his hand? Does he blaming her too? Dhanalakshmi says that she didn’t feel it as a big issue. She is creating a issue here to give a bad image to her. She wants to create it as a big issue until Kamal sir question her about it? She adds that Vickram wants to react in it not her.

Queency says that she doesn’t want to create content like that. It’s her rights to ask for her vote. It’s may be not a big deal to her but every single vote values to her. Dhanalakshmi says that she is intentionally doing it to create a bad image to her. Queency says that she wishes to ask this straight to her. If she really feels to share what’s in her mind. She wouldn’t have discussed about it to others and created a bad impression on her. Now she picking a fight with her. She is playing a smart game. Azeem says that she shouldn’t have stopped her votes. Everyone has the rights to give their votes. She has no rights to stop him.

Meanwhile, Dhanalakshmi asks Queency to stop talking with her. She walks away from there. Dhanalakshmi shares this to Ratchitha and complaints that she wants to portray her as bad in front of Kamal. In weekend Kamal will question her who she is ro stop others vote. Every single person has the rights to give their votes. Ratchitha says that she is thinking too much. Kathir joins with her. Dhanalakshmi says that she isn’t able to get scold from him every week. She is staying away from problems not to damage her name anymore. But she is dragging her in this problem unnecessary.

Azeem says to Vickram that he shouldn’t have stayed quiet there. Queency says that she doesn’t expected him to stay silent there. He usually don’t support wrong things. Nivaa asks him to give justice to Queency. Later, Manikandan says to Dhanalakshmi that she asked him to vote for Aysha. He said her thar he wanted to give votes for aaysha too. Dhanalakshmi says that she didn’t sit beside him. Manikandan asks her to think carefully. She sit next to him. Dhanalakshmi remember it and asks him Is it wrong? Manikandan says that he has no idea about it. But Queency feels unfair.

At 11.10 pm, Nivaa and Queency are gossiping about Ratchitha.

Day 38 at.8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Para Para” then greets each other.

At 2.05 pm, Royal Museum Task begins. Royal family ( Robert, Ratchitha, Manikandan, Janany)giving their entry. Azeem introduced the Royal family to the soldiers, Servants and Guards. Azeem shares with them that no one is allowed to touch the Royal family without his permission. He won’t let the enemy to plot against them. Azeem checks the area and let them arrange in their place. Guards and Servants introduces themselves to King and Queen. Aysha character is sleeping while doing duty. She pretending to be sleep. Azeem introduced common people to the Kings. Mynaa representating the deaf role there.

King inquire ADK does their ornaments, properties, treasures are safe in his hands? ADK assures to him. King and Queen demands him to show it to them. He shows the sword to them. Dhanalakshmi creates a fake story that he used this sword to kill Queen’s father and married her. King warns them that he will kill them if they commit any mistakes too. People praised him. ADK shows the gold biscuits to them. Dhanalakshmi shares the back story of it. Ratchitha admires the jewels.

Robert shows the Bow and Arrow to the queen Ratchitha. He teaches her how to use it. Ratchitha asks him to behave in public. He shouldn’t come close to her. Common people gossiping about them. Mynaa complaints that he isn’t worth to compare him with Bahubali.

At 2.45 pm, Amudhavanan singing for Queen and King. Mynaa plays her role. Mynaa compares the royal family with animals and explains her thoughts to them. They demands the dancers to dance there to entertain the Royal family. Shivin gives a dance performance. Manikandan joins with her

At 3.05 pm, Azeem asks the servants to arrange food for the royal family. Commander asks them to bring the food to taste it. Shivin says to Amudhavanan let’s give tasty food to Azeem and salt mixed food to Queen. Then only she will punish him for his mistake. She might give punishment to him. As they planned Shivin gives the good food to Azeem and Salted food to Ratchitha. Ratchitha creates a issue over it. Ratchitha complaints to the commander that he didn’t check the food. Azeem says that they have good food to him. Shivin says that it’s his mistake not to check it before Queen eating. Azeem asks them how will he eat from her plate? Think something fair. Vickram says that it’s his mistake not to check properly. King Robert says that he will punish both of them for it. Ratchitha demands them to give hot water to her. Azeem complaints that they shouldn’t waste food like that for a task. They shouldn’t do like that. Robert agrees with him. Dhanalakshmi and Ram clears to him that they didn’t added salt in food.

At 4.10 pm, Rajya Sabha going on. Robert inquiring the incidents to Shivin. Minister advises King to take decisions after inquiring. It’s in rule that he shouldn’t take decisions without inquiring them. Minister demands them to swear. Shivin accepts her mistake. She lies to him that she mistakenly added salt in food. But Azeem also wrong here. He shouldn’t have let Queen eat the food without checking it. He might be punished for it too. Robert asks him to remove the cofee and sugar from kitchen. Azeem adds that she shouldn’t ask the king to listen her demands. Shivin says that they are common people not his slaves.

Vickraman asks her how will he eat from other plate. Vickram says to the king that he might take decisions after inquiring them. Ratchitha says to the king that she feels like they did it to insult her. Azeem argues with Shivin. Dhanalakshmi asks him what if ther add poison in the food? Queen would have died there. Janany supports her points and mention it in front of everyone. Vickram says that it’s valuable point. Azeem keeps defending himself in front of everyone. Housemates are arguing with each other over this issue. Azeem adds that the king might take decisions not others. Guards and Servants are arguing with Azeem. King got frustrated and walks away from there.

At 4.40 pm, ADK demands everyone to give respect to King. They shouldn’t talk with him in a disrespectful way. Robert arrange in his place. Azeem and Vickram starts arguing with each other. Azeem didn’t like the way Vickram accusing him. Vickraman and Azeem are arguing who has more power in the Royal family. Ratchitha asks them to shut up. She will inquire them. Vickram narrates the situation to him. ADK shares with Azeem that hereafter they will bring the food near him. They will serve to them after he taste it.

Azeem complaints that Vickram is creating unnecessary issues here. He joins with others to target him. Azeem explains the situation to him. Robert says that he will give punishment to both of them. Azeem talks with Vickram in disrespectful way. Vickram adds that he is crossing his limits. He shouldn’t talk like that to him. Ratchitha shouts that they shouldn’t fight like that in front of the king. Vickram and Azeem are arguing with each other over this issue. There is a verbal war in front of them. Vickram warns him to stop talking with him in a disrespective way. Housemates are separating them. Azeem complaints that he is supporting her for his friendship with others. Shivin asks him to bring friendship matters here. Later, housemates supports Vickram and argues with Azeem there.

Whole housemates turns against Azeem for talking in disrespectful way. Vickram asks him to stop behaving like he is the king of this house. He is just a contestant here. Azeem targetting everyone. Dhanalakshmi asks them to start the task after the commander changed.

At 5.00 pm, Housemates are discussing about this task. Aysha says that when he was talking disrespectful way. They will raise their questions. How could he treat others in that way. Aysha says that King and Queen are silent there. They should have said something like that.

Robert says to Manikandan that they triggered him. What will he do then? He actually don’t like him but he wants to support him after understanding the situation. Azeem complaints to Amudhavanan about Vickram.

At 6.30pm, The royal secrets task continued

Episode end

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