Bigg Boss Tamil 17th December 2022 Written Update: Kathir stole the Royal Museum treasures

Bigg Boss Tamil 17th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 38 at 8.20 pm, Queency and Nivaa teaching moves to Vickraman. He says that he likes it. Bigg Boss announced to Vickraman if he learnt the moves then come to confession room. Vickraman smiles and nods to him.

At 9.00 pm, Housemates serves food to king Robert and Queen Ratchitha. Commander Azeem personally checks their food to confirm its safe to eat. Servants are helping them to bring water to wash their hands. King order guards head ADK to give extra food to him.

At 9.45 pm, Bigg Boss informs ADK that soon someone will steal the things from the house. As a guards head it’s his duty to stop them. If he caught them he is able to start his investigation. Alarm will play after the things were stole. Stolen items will place inside the cave. Later, Azeem asks Ratchitha does Bigg Boss said anything to her? Does she has the answer for his questions. She nods with him. He demands her to show the map to him. Ratchitha shows her map to him. Both Unites their maps and shows it to camera. Azeem says to her lets choose someone from servants to do this act. Shivin, Mynaa, Amudhavanan and Kathir are left there. Shivin used to get caught after steal the things. Mynaa will do it but this don’t use to her character. Amudhavanan talented to do this but everyone eyes are on him. Kathir has neutral face here. Most of them have good opinion on him. Ratchitha demands him to discuss about it with him. But whatever the situation is he shouldn’t mention their name to anyone. He might say that he did for the common people. Azeem assures to her.

At 10.10 pm, Azeem meets Kathir and tells him that one secret task going on here. Palace treasures were over. So they wants to save remaining treasures. He wants to help them to steal the things and place it inside the cave. He might do it today itself. If he delay it he will be caught. ADK keeping a close watch to everyone. He advises him to don’t get caught. Suppose he get caught he shouldn’t reveal their name to anyone. Only Azeem, Ratchitha aware of it.

ADK informs the guards that someone trying to steal the things from palace. Bigg Boss informed this to home. He asks the guards to be alert always. He adds that they will try to place the treasures inside the caves. They are not able to take the things back once they placed it inside the cave. They wants to caught him before he place it inside the cave. He advises them to block the two doors. They might cross them first to reach the caves. He asks them who will coperate with him? Everyone agrees to help him.

At 10.30 pm, ADK and Kathir are performing orchestra to entertain the prince Manikandan. Aysha joins with Manikandan to dance there.

At 10.45 pm, Amudhavanan complaints to King that Price Manikandan flirting with his sister. Manikandan says that he assured to marry her. He doesn’t take any wrong moves to her. Amudhavanan says that his status and his status are different. Manikandan says that he asked her to don’t wash the vessels. Dhanalakshmi complaints that he assured to marry Shivin in the morning and Mynaa in the evening. Azeem asks Prince how many girls are in his list? Who will hold his hand? King Robert says that he will marry a girl whom chose by Queen. Azeem asks him leave this matter. Amudhavanan adds that Azeem should be careful Dhanalakshmi adds that Azeem praised her beauty. She feels like insulting her. King Robert says that he praised her.

At 1.10 am, Aysha says to Robert that she isn’t able to sleep at night. He asks her to say the reason. She asks him doesn’t he know it? Queen aware of it. She adds that Bigg Boss said to ADK that something will go missing from the museum. They will try to place the things inside the cave. Once it’s placed inside it belongs to them. Even one group formed outside to steal it. Ratchitha comes there. Robert asks her doesn’t she aware of this? Then why didn’t she shared it to him? Ratchitha adds that she wanted to say it to him not others.

At 1.35 am, ADK and his team checking each one in the house. He asks them to don’t take it to heart. It’s his duty to check them preventing the theft.

At 1.45 am, Ram and Queency shows to ADK the way Azeem sleeping. They laughs at him. ADK says to camera that he was the one took pledge to take care of this palace. Everything might cross him to touch the Royal family. ADK mocks at him.

At 4. 30 am, Azeem wakes up and signals Kathir to get up. He is able to steal now. It’s perfect time to steal the treasures reasoning everyone are sleeping. Azeem crawls on the floor to check what’s going outside. ADK noticed someone watching him. Azeem pretends to sleep there.

At 5.45 am, Azeem prepares coffee for him. He tries to manipulate ADK against Amudhavanan.

At 6.25 am, Amudhavanan walks around the treasure. ADK keeps a close watch on him.

At 6.30 am, Kathir steals the treasures when ADK slept. He places it inside the cave. Buzzer plays there. ADK gets alert

At 7.15 am, Robert inquires Kathir why did he stole it? Kathir says that cave looks cute so he stole it. Robert asks him to stop creating story. Shivin says that she doubts Shivin and Amudhavanan. Ratchitha says that she don’t doubts him. Shivin adds that ADK would have supported him to steal it. ADK asks her to stop accusing him. He was awake whole night to keep a watch on them. Shivin is adamant not to change her thoughts. ADK gets furious hearing it.

At 8.00 am, ADK says to Ram that everyone are accusing him unnecessary there. But he simply sleeping him without supporting him there. Doesn’t he noticed them accusing there? How could he simply sleep like that. He was awake whole night for them. Ram adds that he was awake too. ADk says that he slept often. Only he was awake whole night when everyone sleeping peacefully there. As a friend he doesn’t support him there but pretending to be his friend.

ADK gets emotional and shares his thoughts to Ratchitha. She clears him that he shouldn’t take peoples rubbish talk to his heart. Royal family isn’t accusing him.

At 8.15 pm, Azeem says that both side are weak. Kathir shouldn’t have steal it. Likewise ADK failed to protect the things. Give punishment to both of them. King and Queen agrees to his points. Later, Vickraman says to ADK that treasures went missing in his responsibility. He might take the responsibility. He inquires Kathir whether someone asked him to do it or helped him to do it. Kathir denied it.

At 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Ore vaanile song” than greets each other

At 9.15 am, Robert and Minister are discussing about the incidents. He suggests some punishment to him. Ratchitha interrupts in his decisions. Robert gets angry and says to them that she isn’t allowing him to take any decisions. Then why should she appoint him as King? He doesn’t want to sit there like a doll. He asks everyone to give all the rights to take decisions to his wife Ratchitha. She isn’t allowing him to take any decisions.

At 9.30 am, King and Queen are discussing about the incident. They punished Kathir to tie his hands with chair. Azeem keeping an eye on him. Kathir asks Ratchitha to inform about this to King. Or else it portray him bad outside. Ratchitha nods to him.

At 10.15 am, Kathir untie his hand and steals something. Azeem alerts everyone they runs behind him. They ties him with the stone. Azeem says that it’s gurds mistake for not giving tight security here.

At 10.30am, Robert find out that his royal shoes were missing. He asks his servants to search for it. He find it from Shivin’s bed. He says that he won’t leave her today.

At 11. 05 am, Robert inquiring ADK whom steal the shoe? He adds that he strongly doubting Shivin. Robert asks her to confess it. She denied it and raises her voice against him. He order his servants to remove her make up as a punishment. Mynaa feels bad for her. Dhanalakshmi mocks at Shivin. Shivin asks her to mind her own business.

At 12.35 pm, Robert suggests Dhanalakshmi to hide inside the kitchen. Shivin or Mynaa will definitely steal something. She wants to caught them red handed. Dhanalakshmi agrees to do it.

At 1.10 pm, Dhanalakshmi hides inside the kitchen. As Robert guessed Shivin steals the jewels and hides it under the rice pot. Dhanalakshmi alerts the royal family. They caught Shivin red-handed. Robert says that he will punishment her severe this time.

Episode end

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