Bigg Boss Tamil 18th December 2022 Written Update: An Emotional Roller coaster

Bigg Boss Tamil 18th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 39 at 6.20 pm, Bigg Boss inquiring Amudhavanan and Mynaa about their task. Amudhavanan shares with him that they are loyal to the royal family and serving to them. Bigg Boss says to them it’s time to steal the things. He asks them to steal the ornaments of royal family. They might keep the things with them and shouldn’t share this matter to anyone. Amudhavanan nods to him. Later, Bigg Boss informs Kathir that he is loyal to royal family. All the 4 servants are going to steal the things from the royal family. He pretends to be supporting them and steals the things from the servants and handover it to commander. He wants to discuss about it with the King. Kathir nods to him. Bigg Boss says to him it’s his duty save the things from thief.

At 7.30 pm, Mynaa asks Kathir what did Bigg Boss said to him? She doesn’t want to give hint to them that they are discussing about it. She tells him that Bigg Boss asked her to steal the ornaments of Queen and others. Kathir tells her that Queen is watching them. Mynaa assures him that Queen Ratchitha not able to hear anything.

At 7.55 pm, Mynaa informs Amudhavanan that she stole Minister and Princess ornaments. Amudhavanan appreciates her. Mynaa handover the ornaments to Kathir and asks him hide it. They will suspect him. Kathir assures to keep it safe.

At 9.45 pm, Kathir informs to camera that he placed the ornaments inside his watter bottle. He throws the bottle inside the cave and hide inside the dressing room. Buzzer plays there. Everyone gets alerts and goes to check the things. Aysha asks the Azeem to check what’s inside the bottle. Azeem inform her that Minister ornaments hidden inside it. Queency arrests Kathir from there. Aysha tied him with rope and says that they are not able to take responsibility for it. Because he didn’t stole King or queen ornaments. Minister and commander wants to keep their things safe.

At 1.25 am, Dhanalakshmi and Aysha close the main door. Azeem demands her to open the door. Aysha says that he is giving trouble to them. Azeem says that he wants to go out. They refused to open the door. Azeem adds that this will create a unnecessary issues. Aysha complaints that girls are guarding it. What if Kathir escapes from here? It’s risk to stop him. Azeem asks her doesn’t they tied his leg? Aysha adds that everyone saw him jumping there. Azeem opens the door and goes out. He comes back and demands her to open the door. They denied it. They complaints to Queen that all are here but no one stopping him. Why don’t she scold him? Queen says that it’s not their duty to stop him. She will advise him. Azeem says them that he will come back so don’t close it again.

At 2.25 am, Kathir asks Dhanalakshmi to release him. He wants to use washroom. Dhanalakshmi informs this to King Robert. He refuses to release him. Aysha says that they are planning something it seems. Dhanalakshmi says that it seems they will get some prize after stole royal family ornaments. Kathir complaints that they are not allowing him to use the restroom. It’s too much. Already his skin peeled due to hands cuff. Aysha asks him to jump like before. He tells her it’s risk. It’s basic manners to allow him to use washroom. Doesn’t main gate locked here. So many guards are here. How he will steal the things crossing them? Dhanalakshmi releases him and ask him to stop creating a scene.

Day 40 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Jodha Akbar song” then greets each other

At 9.30 am, ADK caught Kathir red-handed while stealing. He shouted on his teammates for not checking him. Dhanalakshmi collects the ornaments and informs queen that they are keeping it safe. If they need just ask her. Later, Kathir ask the king to forgive him this time. ADK says that this time he won’t show mercy to him for stealing the things. Dhanalakshmi complaints that they started stealing royal family ornaments too. Later, Kathir asks ADK and Azeem to find out the hidden ornaments from the house. Azeem says that it’s his duty to steal the ornaments to help royal family.

At 9.45 am, Azeem untie Kathir and signals him to complete the task. Kathir rushes from there and about to steal the sword. ADK stops him and arrest him.

At 10.05 am, ADK tying Kathir with chair. Shivin steals the diamond and hides it under sofa. ADK noticed that diamonds are missing and sigh. He thinks that he is getting head ache.

At 10.55 am, Amudhavanan steals the ornaments and hides it in the kitchen.

At 11.00 am, ADK informs everyone that someone stole the ornaments. Kathir says to him that some more thief are here. Why are they only punishing him. He adds that they are showing partiality. ADK says that he might be punished for his deeds. Azeem says that Kathir’s skin peeled. It’s hard for him to walk ADK says to King that he is punishing them if they fail to protect the things. Then why he isn’t punishing the commander when he failing to protect the things. Azeem asks him to stop blabbering. ADK demands him to talk with him in respective way. Don’t disrespect him. Both have a verbal war there.

Azeem asks him doesn’t he tied Kathir then why he is asking key to him? It’s his mistake to miss the key. He isn’t able to protect a small key. How could he proud of himself as a hear guard? He asks Azeem to stop talking like that and looking down on his job. Azeem repeats the things to trigger him. ADK says that he was playing loyal here but he was keep accusing him. He doesn’t like way he badmouthing him. Who the hell he is to argue with everyone here. He is also a contestant here like everyone. He is creating issues unnecessary to be in lime light. ADK says that he doesn’t want to play this game. He throws the shirt down in anger.

At 11.10 am, ADK says that girls guards the things at night. They are sleeping now. How will he disturb them again. He adds that he was playing a dirty game here. ADK says that he was saying that he did wrong. People will humiliate him for his work. Azeem says that he doesn’t care about it. ADK says that he ashamed to talk with him. He complaints that he had a worst character. How could he insult others hardwork like nothing.

At 11.15 am, ADK asks the housemates to say where is the key. Kathir’s leg paining. Please show humanity to him. Azeem says that he tied him without showing mercy to him but talking about humanity here. ADK asks him to stop talk with him. Both starts arguing with each other. Azeem keeps triggering ADK to portray him bad. ADK says that it’s sin to talk with a person like him. He doesn’t want to continue this game. He asks everyone to vote for him he wants to go out. Vickraman asks ADK to calm down. Let’s deal it after he calm down. He asks him to remember where did he keep the key? He says that Azeem was next to him on that time. Azeem comes there again to trigger him. ADK understands his plan and walks away.

At 11.30 am, ADK finds the key from the kitchen. He untie Kathir from there. Janany says that King and Queen are not reacting to anything here.

At 11.55 am, Kathir steals the sword and rushes out. Ram holds him. He throws the sword aiming at the cave. Azeem claps and supports him. Guards noticed it and complaints that he is always supporting him. They questioned him why he is supporting him always. Azeem adds that he didn’t support him.

At 1.05 pm, Bigg Boss informs Vickraman that royal family failed to protect the country. King wants to take the responsibility of it. He might go to forest leaving his forest. It’s his duty to clear everything.

At 1.20 pm, Vickraman asks the king to take the responsibility and go to the forest for meditation. He handover the responsibility to Queen.

At 3.00 pm, Bigg Boss plays the secret task video to everyone. Robert gets hurt to see Ratchitha joins her hands with Azeem and betrayed him. He takes it seriously and cries. Housemates tries to make him understand the situation there.

Episode end

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