Bigg Boss Tamil 18th January 2023 Written Update: Money box is back

Bigg Boss Tamil 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 100 at 1.15 am, Maheshwari shares with Vickram it’s a confusing season. It’s tough to judge who is right or wrong here. They are judging people so easily. Vickram tells her people will support the right person always. May be they needs time to find the gem. Audience are watching this show. They aren’t fool to believe everything. He hopes the people won’t choose a wrong person. Maheshwari agrees with him.

Day 101 at 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Urasatha” then greets each other. Housemates teases Robert for not removing his eyes from Ratchitha.

At 9.35 am, Ram making fun of Kathir. Amudhavanan shares with Vickram that he didn’t expected him take that money bag. He thought at least he would have waited until the price money increase. Vickram says that he was well planned. He decided to take that money and walk out of that house. Amudhavanan says to him, if he waited for few minutes then Bigg Boss would have raised the prize amount. Vickram tells him that he didn’t give importance to money it seems. He decided to leave the house taking the money box. He doesn’t care about anyone here. Amudhavanan worried that he didn’t waited long. Vickram tells him that there is no difference between it.

At 10.25 am, Manikandan shares with Azeem that he didn’t liked the way Kathir left the house taking the money box. He didn’t expected that from him. At least he would have waited until the prize money increases to 15 lakhs. He didn’t paid for his hardwork here. Muthu blabbers that he didn’t waited until the prize amount increase to 50k. Amudhavanan mocks at him for mentioning wrong amount.

At 11.15 am, Mynaa shares with G.P Muthu that she will be happy to see Shivin wins the title. She wants to win it. She has a good personality and talent to lift that trophy. Muthu tells her that everyone are well talents. That’s why they came to finals. Does she mentioned her name considering about her community. Mynaa tells him it’s not easy to face everything alone. She broke the wrong image of such community. She is well talented one. She made a history inside the house. She earned many people love. Muthu agree with her. He tells her that she has good support outside. Vickram tells him it seems a successful season.

At 2.00 pm, Muthu applied facial mask on his face. Azeem says that it’s the secret behind his handsome face. Sherinaa says to him that he will help him to apply it. Amudhavanan comes there and troubled him. Azeem tells him that he is getting ready for finals. Amudhavanan pulls Muthu’s leg. He challenge him to do the facial to him. Muthu denies it. He threaten him to apply it on his face. Muthu runs from there. Vickram says that he is scared like a kid. He asks Amudhavanan to stop troubling Muthu. Let him do his facial mask.

At 2.30 pm, Azeem reads the new task information from Bigg Boss. Task name ” Vaanukkum Ellai undu Natpukku illaye” Housemates may be missed one person to connect with them. Use this chance to build their friendship with them by tying the friendship band. Nivaa ties the band on Muthu’s hand reasoning Kamal said to her that she wants to learn Tamil from Muthu. Aysha ties the band to Azeem reasoning she used to argue with him in this house. She knew well he is doing it all for the task purpose. He won’t keep anything in his heart. But she feels that it would have feel better if he control his anger here.

Mynaa shares with housemates that she liked Nivaa when she saw her first. But she didn’t get chance to spend time with her. She tried the band on her hand. Let’s continue this friendship outside the house. Muthu ties the band on Vickram reasoning he had clashes with him. They have different opinions in everything. That’s the reason he didn’t get the connection to talk with him. He likes him. Ram ties the band on Dhanalakshmi hand reasoning he stated away from her for her rude behaviour. He understood it later that she did everything for a task. Apart from this task, she has a good heart. Dhanalakshmi thanks him.

Maheshwari ties the band on Azeem hand reasoning she argued with him more here. She doesn’t want to take this hatred anymore. Azeem hugs her. Shivin says to them that she wants to give this friendship band to Asal reasoning he stayed here for 3 weeks. She didn’t have the real conversation with him. When he returned to home she noticed him playing a take it easy role. Asal says to them that he decided to tie it to her. Reasoning he didn’t chance to talk with her. He hopes that she will be a best friend of him after they go out.

Dhanalakshmi ties the band on Sherinaa reasoning she didn’t get a chance to talk with her inside the house. Vickram ties the band on Dhanalakshmi reasoning he has misunderstanding between them. Though he is considering her as his sister. She is a brave girl. Sherinaa ties the band on Vickram reasoning she didn’t liked him for the first three weeks. After that she understood his character. She used to nominate him. But she stopped doing that after she understands him. She wants to keep his friendship outside too.

Manikandan shares with everyone that he tried to avoid Maheshwari seeing her attitude. He tries to patch up with her but she got evicted. He wants to continue her friendship with her after the show end too. Azeem comments that it’s a true words. Mynaa says to Nivaa that she wants to continue her friendship with her. Ratchitha ties the band on Robert master hand. She tells him that he did some cring moments with her. It may be irritated many people. Apart from it, she is considering him as her friend. She will continue her friendship with him. Maheshwari apologize to Mynaa for being rude with her. Azeem shares with everyone that he liked this moment. Mynaa informs to them that she is happy because no one tied the band on her. It’s clearing that she maintained the friendship with them. Sherinaa says sorry to Aysha first. She says that she was broke down after her contact was broke with her. She felt lonely here. She may be have some reasons for it. She will discuss about it with her later. Everyone appreciates her.

Robert shares with everyone that he is staying in this industry for last 30 years. Though he didn’t said any bad words to anyone. But unfortunately he scold her here. He apologized to her. Maheshwari mentions Azeem name. Vickram apologize to Aysha and Maheshwari if he hurt him. Amudhavanan ties the band on Shivin reasoning he ignored her because she was irritate one. But she got close with him recently.

At 3.00 pm, Bigg Boss announces to everyone. Manikandan and Dhanalakshmi’s time is over in the house. He asks them to come out using main door. Dhanalakshmi wishes best of luck to the finalist and leaves from there. Housemates gives send off to Manikandan.

At 4.00 pm, Bigg Boss annouces to them money box is back. This is the first time in BB history to send money box again. Housemates gets excited to hear it. Bigg Boss wishes best of luck to the finalist.

Episode end.

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