Bigg Boss Tamil 19th December 2022 Written Update: An incredible win for Manikandan

Bigg Boss Tamil 19th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Day 71 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Damak Damakku “.

At 8.40 am, Amudhavanan and ADK are discussing about Janany’s eviction. Amudhavanan tells him that this group will concentrate on team. ADK advises him to play his game alone instead of joining with them. Amudhavanan clears with him that he is playing his game alone. ADK says that staying away from others is better here. It’s a game. He advises Vickram to play his game yesterday. We shouldn’t form a group here or mind their words. Yesterday Janany mentioned to Kamal that she nominated ADK and Ratchitha. He didn’t take her as wrong because it’s game. Everyone might play there game here. Amudhavanan says that he was determined to don’t join with that team again.

At 9.20 am, Azeem says to Manikandan that he is escaping from nomination always. He got nomination free pass. Manikandan says that Azeem is a finalist. He will be here for 106 days. Amudhavanan supports him. Manikandan says that Amudhavanan getting 1 lakh per week. Vickram says that he already won the title amount. Azeem says that he will receive crores. Manikandan says that 30% will go in GST. Amudhavanan says that even he doubts Kamal sir getting such amount? He asks them to stop teasing him. Amudhavanan discussing about Pongal celebration.

At 9.25 am, Shivin says to Amudhavanan that she is going to prepare coffee. She asks him does she need it? He denied it reasoning he already drink

At 10.30 am, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to claps for themselves. He shares with them that people chose them as the best 10 contestants of Bigg Boss house. Housemates claps for themselves. Bigg Boss asks them to play there game honestly because only few weeks are left to end this show. He adds that people watch them for few weeks more. So they wants to be energetic in the upcoming week. After the show ends they won’t get a chance to play the task. So enjoy the game. It’s not a matter how did they start their game. But finishing matters here.

Bigg Boss informs them, their luxury budget points will be disaplay in the Plasma TV. He announces to them it’s the last week to use their luxury budget points. Everyone gives their list to Bigg Boss team.

At 12. 30 pm, Kathir reads the new Captaincy task information. Amudhavanan, Manikandan and ADK will play this task. Each one needs three supporters for this game. Supporters wants to decide whom should support. He narrates the rules of the game.

Manikandan supporters are Mynaa and Kathir , Amudhavanan supporters are Azeem and Shivin. ADK supporters are Ratchitha and Vickraman. Dhanalakshmi will be the judge of this game.

At 1.00 pm, Captaincy task begins there. Kathir, Vickraman and Azeem plays the first round. Dhanalakshmi says that Vickraman was out of this game. He denies it reasoning he defend himself. Dhanalakshmi says that they placed the bucket on his head. They are arguing with each other. Dhanalakshmi asks them to play this game again. Mynaa and Manikandan denies it reasoning he was out. Dhanalakshmi gets angry hearing them arguing over it. Amudhavanan says that he was out. In second round Azeem goes out. They says that it’s a foul game. There is an confusion over it. Azeem wins in the second round.

Final battles between Manikandan, Ratchitha and Azeem. Manikandan wins the game. He become a captain of the week 4th time. Bigg Boss congratulates him for win the captaincy task 4th time. Its a new victory in the history of Bigg Boss Tamil seasons. Manikandan gets excited and thank him.

At 2.00 pm, Manikandan is dividing the teams. Kitchen teams are Ratchitha, Amudhavanan and Azeem. Bathroom cleaning is Vickram. Cleaning teams are Dhanalakshmi and Shivin. Vessels washing teams are ADK, Mynaa and Kathir. Housemates applause him for his effort.

At 3.25 pm, Bigg Boss announces to housemates that the wants to choose two person to evict from the house with a valid two reason. They are not able to nominate Amudhavanan, Manikandan and ADK for won the nomination free pass. It’s an open nomination so they wants to put red mark on their face. Bigg Boss asks Manikandan to give his nomination. It’s a finale race so they wants to choose a valid reason to evict the person from the house. Manikandan nominates Shivin reasoning she is thinking that she was playing her game well here. She is throwing words at others. Talking loud which irritates him here. He nominates Mynaa reasoning he didn’t see her playing her game yet. He wants to see her playing real game from 11th week.

Vickram nominates Dhanalakshmi for showing her arrogance. She is personally attacking others and not accepting her defeat. He nominates Kathir reasoning he got the nomination free pass twice but he rejected that opportunity. Dhanalakshmi nominates Vickram reasoning he isn’t a tough competition to her. She nominates Ratchitha for not opening up with anyone here. ADK nominates Dhanalakshmi for extreme arrogance. She isn’t giving chance to others to play their game. She is underestimate others. He nominates Shivin reasoning she is not accepting others critisism. She is expecting others to hear her critisism. She is giving uncomfortable situation to many of them.

Shivin nominates Azeem reasoning he is doing many things unnecessary. Everything is artificial about him. She nominates Dhanalakshmi reasoning this show isn’t only about game but characters including. She fails there. Azeem nominates Shivin for not facing nomination many times. She misunderstood that she was playing her game well. She is personally targetting others. He nominates Ratchitha for being soft here. She wants to show more presence here. Mynaa nominates Shivin reasoning she is a strongest player. She is so loud here which diverts them a lot. Mynaa Nominates Dhanalakshmi reasoning she is showing partiality in game. She has certain list in her mind to accompany her to finals.

Ratchitha nominates Azeem reasoning he is so artificial. He is not giving genuine opinion anywhere. She nominates Kathir for reject the nomination free task. Amudhavanan nominates Mynaa for showing favourisim here. He gives the last week incident there. Mynaa says that he did that there for Janany. Mynaa says that he didn’t tie Janany well but he tied her strongly in the task. It’s favourisim. He nominates Dhanalakshmi for being agressive in the game. She targets Amudhavanan in last week. Dhanalakshmi gives the explanation to him. Kathir nominates Vickram reasoning he isn’t ready to accept his defeat. Vickram asks him to explain the situation to him. Kathir nominates Ratchitha to motivate her to play well in the upcoming task.

Bigg Boss announced Dhanalakshmi, Shivin, Ratchitha, Vickram, Kathir, Mynaa, and Azeem are nominated for this week eviction.

At 4.25 pm, Amudhavanan and Shivin are discussing about the nomination reasons. Vickram says that he don’t understand this task. Everyone wants to put their own efforts to cross the tunnel. But here most of them helped each other to send their favourite inside the house. It’s a foul game. Dhanalakshmi says that Shivin nominates Azeem for this reason. Amudhavanan and Shivin are discussing about this matter. Azeem says that she is taking his name. If she take his name then he will defend himself. Shivin says that she don’t want to speak with him. Amudhavanan clearing his situation to her. Shivin says that he is comparing two different things. Dhanalakshmi complaints to Azeem that he helped Janany to cross the tunnel. They are discussing about it. He helped her it’s favourisim. Azeem says that only two person can able to cross the tunnel at a time. He don’t want that pass on that time. So he motivates his team. Dhanalakshmi says that he did not played for himself. He played for others it’s the matter here.

At 5.00 pm, Mynaa confronts Amudhavanan why did he mentioned her showed favouritism in the game. She complaints that he didn’t tie Janany properly. He tied strongly with Mynaa. She felt it was unfair game so she questioned him on the spot. He shouldn’t take it as wrong. Amudhavanan says that she don’t have dare to question others like that. Mynaa asks him to leave this matter.

At 5.30 pm, Housemates plays the game for scratch card. Azeem wins the scratch task. Whenever buzzer plays he wants to jump into swimming pool.

Episode end

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