Bigg Boss Tamil 19th December 2022 Written Update: Kamal appreciates Kathir for his fabulous performance

Bigg Boss Tamil 19th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage. He greets the audience. People used to follow their leader. If leader fails to rule the country then the people will suffer. Same incident happened inside the house in Royal Museum Task. He asks them to watch the Friday episode.

Day 40 at 5.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose three best performers of the week based on the royal Museum Task. Most of the housemates nominates Mynaa, Dhanalakshmi and Kathir. Bigg Boss announced that these three will play the next week captaincy task. He congratulated them.

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate two worst performers of the week. Most of the housemates chooses Robert and Ratchitha for not showed their full potential in that task. Everyone mentioned that they expected a lot from them. Bigg Boss announced to them that Robert and Ratchitha are punished to go to jail for showed less participation in the task.

At 6.40 pm, Manikandan locks Ratchitha and Robert inside the jail. Mynaa assures Robert that she will entertain him. Robert says that he shouldn’t have take that task personally. He ruined the task.

At 6.45 pm, Robert asks Ratchitha to stop crying. He isn’t angry on her. He shouldn’t have take that incident personally. He clears to Ratchitha that he didn’t take it to his heart.

At 6.55 pm, Manikandan gets a chance to win Preethi book of happiness. If he choose a person to gift that. They will send that gift from their side. Manikandan chooses Queency. He closes his eyes and opens the book. She gets a gas stove as a gift. Queency thank him for the gift.

At 10. 20 pm, Store room bell rings at the house. Nivaa opens the door and finds the gas stove card. Manikandan gifts that to Queency.

Kamal starts talking with the housemates. He discussing about the Royal Museum Task. He appreciates Kathir for his awesome performance. He appreciates Queency for talked in Senthamizh. He adds that many people kept talked in Senthamizh while arguing too. He was surprised to hear that. Most of the housemates are not a native speakers. He appreciates Mynaa for her deaf character. He appreciates Manikandan and Aysha’s dance performance.

He adds that Shivin added salt in the task. But that salt created a volcano in the house. He appreciates Manikandan for became a second captain of the house. He appreciates the Villu paattu team. He informs to everyone that Villu Paattu disappears from our culture it seems. He asks Amudhavanan to sing a villu paattu. Amudhavanan and Housemates performs there. Everyone claps for them. Azeem adds that Amudhavanan wrote everything alone. All credits goes to him. Kamal appreciates everyone for their effort and take a short break.

Kamal starts talking with the housemates. Kamal says that everyone fights for royal character. He asks everyone which character suits to them? Why don’t they fight for Commander position? Aysha says that Azeem brought the task book from the confession room. He raised his hands for commander. Everyone got confused that Bigg Boss may appointed him in that role. So they didn’t argue for it. Kamal says that Azeem was adamant to take that role. Azeem tells him that he likes such characters.

Amudhavanan says that he liked Kathir character. He loves to steal. He wishes to steal the things in the task. He thinks that Vickram suitable for the king role. He is fluent in Tamil. Mynaa adds that she wishes to take price role. But no one voted for her. Vickram says that he wishes to see ADK as a king. He would have taken that role as a comedian and serious one too. He is potential to do both. ADK says that he wishes to take Minister role. Because minister role is a cunning one. He looks different. He adds that Vickram suitable for King role. Ram says that he loves to do price role because he is able to enjoy with girls. Kathir says that he likes to take prince role too. Kamal says that he had same reason of Ram. Ratchitha says that Dhanalakshmi suits for Queen. Queency says that she wishes to do the princess role. She thought Shivin and Vickram suitable for King and Queen role. Nivaa adds that she likes to take princess role but she isn’t fluent in Tamil. Kamal says that she didn’t listened Queen’s Senthamizh. She asks ” Siruneer” to King instead of “Sirithu Neer”. Everyone laughs hearing it. Kamal says that he laughed out loudly after heard it.

Kamal inquires the housemates who showed injustice to their role? Vickram says that he felt Azeem didn’t performed well. He used disrespectful words in the task. He only used action instead of protecting King and Queen. He personally attacked everyone using his position. He felt the he insulted him there. He stopped arguing with him when he question his self respect. Kamal says that Azeem said that he will spits saliva on his food and demands him to eat it. He asks Vickram doesn’t he mentioning about it? Vickram nods with him. Kamal says that he said repeatedly he shouldn’t taste King and Queen food from their plates. Kamal clears to him that their duty is to protect them. They are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect them.

ADK says that he is nominating Azeem for it. Because he personally attacked everyone using his position. Ram says that he felt Azeem dominance were there instead of king. He influenced him a lot. Dhanalakshmi says that she felt that Azeem choose this character to take revenge others. Audience claps for them. Amudhavanan and Robert mentions Queen name. Ratchitha mentions Ram for slept in the task. Robert says that Janany didn’t performed well. Azeem mentions Vickram name reasoning he didn’t give respect to the guards. He gives some examples there.

Kathir mentions Azeem name reasoning they has some understanding with each other. He already mentioned to him that key was with him. He advised him to don’t give it straight to him. But Azeem takes his personal vengeance on ADK. Queency says that Azeem failed to do his character. He takes everything personally there. Nivaa mentions the same thing. Mynaa mentioned Robert name reasoning she expected a lot from him. Manikandan mentions Vickram and Ratchitha reasoning both came out of their role. Aysha says that Azeem didn’t allowed anyone to perform there. He dominated there. Shivin says that Queen did both king and Queen role. She didn’t let King speak there. Kamal appreciates Kathir for his performance and saved him from the eviction. He takes a short break.

Kamal enters into the stage and start talking with the housemates. He says to Dhanalakshmi that she mentioned in the episode that he used to scolding her always. He isn’t scolding her but correcting her mistakes. Does he coming here to scold her? He adds that Dhanalakshmi even guessed that what will he ask her in the week end? Dhanalakshmi says that it’s based on vote. He inquired Vickram why did he stayed quiet there? Doesn’t he know each one vote is important in election. He advises him that they shouldn’t let others control them with it comes to vote. He discuss about election there. He asks Queency about it? She shares her thoughts with her. Kamal says that even Dhanalakshmi influenced Manikandan to give their votes to Aysha. Manikandan says that he actually wished to give his vote to Aysha but she influenced him. Kamal advised them to don’t influence others in vote. Kamal saved Queency from the eviction.

Kamal takes a short break. Aysha asks Dhanalakshmi to leave this matter. Dhanalakshmi and Ratchitha discussed about it. Kamal returns to stage. He shares with the housemates that he expected a lot from them in this task. It was a total disappoint to him. He adds that even they took that salt incident to another extend. He says that Azeem came out of his role. He advises to housemates how to take the plot. Azeem shares his point of view to him. Kamal adds that audience are not happy with their drama. Azeem says that everyone are personally targetting him. Kamal says that whatever it is he shouldn’t come out of his role. Kamal advised him to control his anger. Kamal warns everyone to don’t use bad words in the national television. Kids are watching the show. Kamal saved Aysha from the eviction.

Episode end

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