Bigg Boss Tamil 20th December 2022 Written Update: Back to school

Bigg Boss Tamil 20th December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 72 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song “Eele ele dhosth da” then greets each other

At 9.40 am, Manikandan clean shaved his face for school task. Housemates are laughing seeing his childish face. ADK says that he won’t shave his beard. Kathir says that it’s hard for him to do like this for a task. Mynaa mentions Manikandan as Queency. She asks him when did he came back to house? Is he new wild card contestants. Shivin says that he looks cute. Mynaa says that he don’t like this style. He wants to look Manly. Mynaa says to Manikandan that she will give her clothes to him. Let’s exchange our dress to look cute in the task. Shivin says that he looks like Queency.

At 10.30 am, Bigg Boss appreciates Manikandan’s new look. ADK asks Bigg Boss will he appreciates his look of he do clean shave? He says that he will definitely do it. Manikandan laughs at him. ADK says that he needs appreciations too. Manikandan says that he is copying him. ADK says that he grew beard to look handsome. But he gonna look like Thillu mullu Rajini now. ADK shows his new look to Everyone. They appreciates him. ADK asks Bigg Boss to say his he looks? Bigg Boss appreciates his look. ADK jumps in excitement.

At 20.45 am, Bigg Boss asks Kathir Isn’t he getting ready? Kathir tells him that he will get ready in few minutes. Bigg Boss asks him to remove the dirt from his face. ADK laughs at him when he asked him to remove his beard. Kathir makes faces and goes to clean his beard. Meanwhile, Ratchitha and Mynaa pretends like kids and throws ball. Vickram and Amudhavanan separated them. He warns them to behave themselves. Vickram says to ADK that he isn’t brushing his teeth properly. That’s why his teeth looks dirty. He complaints that dad didn’t take him to dentist. Vickram tells him that he troubled the doctor when he took him near the doctor.

Kathir makes faces while shaving his beard. Kathir says that he isn’t looking cute. Dhanalakshmi and Ratchitha is arguing with each other behind him. Kathir asks them to give little peace to him. ADK demands Kathir to show his face to him. Kathir asks him to wait. He hopes that he will looks cute after shave his beard.

At 11.10 am, Mynaa is troubling the PT teacher Amudhavanan. He demands Mynaa to bring her patents to school. Mynaa says that he wants to take appointment from her parents to meet them. ADK says that she is his cousin. Mynaa says that he is her uncle. She complaints to Vickram that he is locking his finger. Vickram warns him to don’t lick his fingers. Mynaa asks him Is Tamil teacher his dad? ADK nods with her. She asks him request his dad to put extra Mark to her. ADK nods with her. He demands her to don’t share his secrets with him. Manikandan joins with them to pulls their leg. Mynaa complaints to PT teacher and Tamil teacher about Manikandan. He warns him to don’t repeat it.

At 11.45 am, School bell rings there. Vickram says that task begins it seems. Childrence are playing in the garden. Azeem praises Tamil teacher look. They rides the cycle. Azeem says that no air in the tyre and break isn’t working in this cycle. Amudhavanan says that they are not giving payment to them first.

At 12.00 pm, Azeem, Vickram and Amudhavanan asks the childrence to stand in line for prayer. They sings Tamil Thaai Vazhthu.

Vickram asks the students to don’t talk unnecessary inside the class. They might listen to the teachers and give respect to them. They shouldn’t use bad words inside the campus. Everyone might follow the rules. Azeem asks the students to brush their teeth after they wake up. They might remove their shoe outside the house. They shouldn’t wear the shoe inside the house. They might wash their hands before eating. They shouldn’t address their friends in disrespective words. He asks him to clean themselves often. Amudhavanan asks the students to do excercise everyday. He asks them to form a line and go inside the house.

At 12.30 pm, Vickram enters into the classroom. Students greets them. He teaches the students how to wish in Tamil. He says to them how to pronounce” Vanakkam” properly. ADK complaints that Shivin didn’t stand up while greeting him. Vickram appreciates him for following the rules. Kathir attacks Manikandan. He pretends like crying. Vickram asks them to don’t beat their classmates like that. Vickraman asks them to mention their names. They introduced themselves. Vickram takes attendence. Childrence troubles them by shouting.

At 12.45 pm, Vickram teaches ” Aathi Chudi to childrence. Children repeats the poem. Mynaa says to him something smells good. He asks her to concentrate on studies. He gives the explanation of the poem meaning to them. He says to them that they shouldn’t get angry on others unnecessary. If they gets angry just forget it. They shouldn’t harm others. They wants to make them laugh instead of make them cry. They shouldn’t steal others things. Kathir sneaks out of the classroom. Vickram caught him red-handed. He asks him to attend the class. Vickram having tough time to control them.

At 1.00 pm, Amudhavanan teaching a poem to Shivin. She is mispronouncing the poem. Bell rings there. Bigg Boss says to them it’s lunch break. He asks the teacher to give a chocolate to the best student. Vickram gives the chocolate to ADK for being acting in the class. He listened to him.

At 1.15 pm, Students are eating the food. Kathir gives food to the toy animals. Vickram says that toys won’t eat food. He feeds food to him. Students enjoys the food.

At 2.00 pm, Azeem class begins. Azeem asks the students to choose, Hand shake, Hug, Hi-fi anyone of it. They chooses their task and goes inside. Azeem narrates a moral story to them. He asks them to don’t make noise in his class. This class will help others students to learn from it. Students listens to the story without making noise. He asks them to share the moral story to them. Mynaa irritates Azeem there. He gives chocolate to Ratchitha reasoning she coperate with him well in the close.

At 4.00 pm, Vickram advises everyone to cross the road careful. They wants to check in each direction before crossing the road. Meanwhile, Mynaa and Kathir are playing in the garden area.

At 4.10 pm, Amudhavanan teaching Excercise in PT period. He teaches a clapping to them. Manikandan says that he is clapping in wrong way. He teaches him how to do it. Amudhavanan teaches Singam Surya dialogue to students. Students varry him and throw him in the garden area.

Amudhavanan teaches a new dance steps movement to them. He conduct lemon and spoon competition to students. ADK wins in it. Sack jumping competition to students. Manikandan wins in it.

Amudhavanan says to them that many forget thete culture games. He plays the poo parikka varukurom game. Students are having fun. Amudhavanan gives chocolate to Shivin reasoning she gave full participation.

Episode end.

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