Bigg Boss Tamil 20th January 2023 Written Update: Amudhavanan takes the money box and walked out of the house

Bigg Boss Tamil 20th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 102 at 11.35, Shivin is standing in the garden area. She is excited to see her picture kept there. She thank Bigg Boss for sharing her beautiful journey inside the house. She praises the candid moments of her. Bigg Boss says to Shivin she entered into the house representing a common people. She earned good place in people heart in the first week itself. She didn’t fall down from that image. Tamil people accepted her as their family. She is a best example of her community. She should be proud of herself for won many people’s heart. Shivin thanks him in happiness.

She is making her community proud. He tells her that he is really proud of her. He plays her journey video to her. Shivin enjoys her AV. She thank Bigg Boss for the AV. Crackers lighten there. Shivin tells him she feels like she is standing in her final stage. She did her best to reach here. She played her game well. Whenever she felt low Bigg Boss motivated her. She wants to thank the team for gave this platform to her. Bigg Boss tells her that she doesn’t want to hide from anyone. Every family will accept her as their daughter. He mentions I Love You to her. She tells him that she is so excited. She doesn’t know whether she win the title or not. But her wish fulfilled. She came here for it. Bigg Boss asks her to go inside

At 12.15 am, Housemates asks her how is it? Shivin shares with them that she was feeling blissed. This moments won her heart. Mynaa asks her how was it? Shivin tells her that all content was in that AV. Mostly their discussion about Yogi was in it. Mynaa laughs hearing it. Shivin adds that she said Bigg Boss her intentions were successful. She came to see the people accepting her identity. She is feeling proud to represent her community. Mynaa congratulates her

At 12.32 am, Bigg Boss announces to Queency, Maheshwari, Sherinaa their time was over inside the house. Pack their bags and come out using main door. Housemates bids bye to them. Sherinaa thank Bigg Boss for giving another chance to enter into the house. Queency shares her love for him. Bigg Boss wishes best of luck to everyone. They waves their hands to Housemates and leaves.

At 3.20 am, Asal singing Rap for Ram and Amudhavanan. Ram praises his song lyrics.

Day 103 at 9.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and housemates are dancing for the ” Kaasu money” then greets each other.

At 10.55 am, Azeem shares with Mynaa that he dreamt for this moment. He reached to finals. Within two days results will be announced by Kamal sir. He dreamt to participate in this show for last 4 Yeats. Thankfully he fulfilled his wish in this season. Mynaa says that she is proud of herself. Because everyone guessed that Azeem will be in finals. No one believed her except herself. Azeem tells her that she gave entertainment to audience. Her Ticket to Finale task performance were amazing. He likes her game strategy. Mynaa tells him that she played that well. She won three captaincy task. Mynaa praised the pictures kept there.

At 11.00 am, Ram gifts a new shirt to Vickram. He thank him for the gift. Amudhavanan says to Shivin that he is going to take the money box and leave. He asks her to win the title. Mynaa noticed Vickram’s new look. She tells him that he looked handsome in this shirt. He is able to try this model. Vickram tells her he doesn’t have such clothes in his hand. Ram gifted this to him. Mynaa praised his look.

At 12.05 pm, Nivaa and Mynaa noticed the money box money raised to 11 lakhs. She informs Amudhavanan about it.

At 2.05 pm, Amudhavanan announces to Bigg Boss that he is going to take this money box. He pressed the buzzer. Buzzer plays there. Housemates claps for him. They congratulates him and appreciated him for his smart move. Mynaa asks him when did he changed his mind? Doesn’t he informed to her he is just thinking about it? Mynaa adds that he gave sudden shock to everyone. Aysha says that she said to them earlier that he will take this money box. No one believed her words on that time. Aysha says to Amudhavanan that she will take him outside with her. Ram says to him it’s a smart move. Bigg Boss asks Amudhavanan Is this his final decision? He assures him. He takes the money box in his hand. Money box amount raised to 1175000.

At 2.15 pm, Amudhavanan taking his things. Bigg Boss asks him to take his suitcase from the store room and pack his things. He will announce to him when to leave. Amudhavanan takes his luggage from store room. Ram says to him he don’t need to worry. He played a good game here. Amudhavanan says that he stayed here until 103 days. It’s hurting to leave before finals. Meanwhile Shanthi and Ratchitha are discussing about Amudhavanan’s game play. Ratchitha says to her that he already won. He didn’t backstabbed anyone here. He maintained his decorum. Trophy is not a matter here. He won the show by his game play.

At 3.05 pm, Amudhavanan says to Vickram that he lost his hope. When everyone came inside for Freeze task. He guessed the results . More than that he needs this money for his family situation. He doesn’t have overconfidence. He wants to be game changer. He doesn’t know who will go out in mid week eviction. Vickram advises to Amudhavanan. Shanthi tells him he is the winner of this show. Vickram keeps motivate him. He adds that he has a great future ahead. He is not only a comedian but also a hero too. Amudhavanan shares his grief with Vickram. He breaks into tears.
Amudhavanan hugs him to console him. Housemates asks him to send Amudhavanan out happily. Let’s meet him outside in two days. Shivin tells him that he played his game well. Housemates are motivating him.

At 4.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Amudhavanan did he packed his luggage? He nods with him. He asks him to come out using main door. Housemate claps for him and gives a emotional send off to him. Amudhavanan apologize to them if he hurt anyone. He shares his happiness to them. Azeem says that he was a toughest player. He asks them to contact him outside. Bigg Boss wishes good luck to Amudhavanan. He thank him and leaves.

At 8.50 pm, Bigg Boss announces to everyone. This is Bigg Boss house first Mid-week Eviction. Housemates are surprised to hear it. Mynaa evicted from the house. Housemates are shocked to see her eviction.

Episode end

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