Bigg Boss Tamil 20th October 2021 Written Update: Raju advises to Priyanka

Bigg Boss Tamil 20th October 2021 Written Update on

The show begins in Day 16 at 2.10 am, Abhishek take the coin and says to Thamarai and Chinnaponnu he gonna give this coin to Niroop he will keep it safe. Isai says to him that she will inform this to all. He tells her he took this to save her if she don’t need it he will keep it back. Abhishek asks Chinnaponnu to stay calm he needs majority to save all. Niroop hides the coin under his bed. Isai shares to Pavani that Abhishek hidden it for her. Pavani advises to her stop believing others. Iyakki gets tensed and shouts that they need to play their game. Isai asks her to play her own game. Iyakki says that she didn’t stoles anyone’s coin. Isai asks Niroop to return the coin reasoning they wanna play alone. Niroop asks her to call Abhishek he will return it to him. Abhinav says that its shame to play a game with the person who is already in jail. Abhishek says that its a good stratrgy to hide the coin in jail. It’s a game he is playing smart. Meanwhile Priyanka collects the coin from Niroop and hides in her pant but Varun caught her red handed and informs to Bigg Boss.

Cibi advises to Pavani and Sruthi to keep the coin back to its place. They listens to him.

At 3.25 am, Cibi reads the new scroll from Bigg Boss. Varun saw Priyanka collect the coin from Niroop and housemates saw Sruthi placed the coin back so they might go to jail. Priyanka and Sruthi goes inside the jail with bed sheet. At 3.55 am, Varun and Raju are discussing about the jail incidents. Thamarai takes the coin and hides in her sarie. Seeing Abhinav Varun helps her to hide. Abhinav accuses Varun has that coin he checks him but he can’t able to find coin from him. Abhinav says to Raju that he saw Thamarai took the coin and given it to Varun. Varun hides the coin under the bed.

At. 4.10 Abhishek says to Priyanka that Abhinav is a comedy leader Raju is using him well. Priyanka asks Abhishek to stop talking about Raju. He complaints that they are blaming them playing a group game. Priyanka answers to him in sarcasm.

At 4.25 am, Mathumitha asks them who needs the coin? Cibi says to them he will take it and ready to go inside jail. He will keep it with him and use it whoever going to nomination? Housemates appreciates him. Raju advises him to show it to camera. Cibi shows it to camera.

At 4.30 Raju asks Cibi to help Thamarai. Raju asks Thamarai to go with Cibi and says to camera that she took it. Raju says to Annachi coin already stoled. At 4.45 Thamarai shows her coin to camera and says she took the coin. Cibi takes Isai to bathroom and asks her to show her coin to camera and claims it. Isai shares it to Mathumitha. Sruthi advises her to keep it safe even while sleeping. Bigg Boss rings the alarm and announces five coins are claimed.

At 4.55 am Raju says to Annachi that Thamarai to stop pretending like good person in front of all. She can’t be a good person to all. Thamarai says to him none are arguing with her then how will she show her anger to them. Raju questions her doesn’t she see how did they played the game?

At 5.05 am Bigg Boss announces to Cibi Niroop’s punishment time is over so he can release him from jail. Cibi opens the jail Niroop comes out of jail.

At 5.50 am. Bigg Boss
announces to Cibi Priyanka and Sruthi’s punishment time is over so he can release him from jail. Cibi opens the jail both. comes out of jail.

At 6 am Pavani questions Akshara Is she has any problems with her? She denies it. Pavani asks her to stop back bite about her behind her back. Both are having an argument with each other

At 6.30 am Akshara shares this incidents to Raju, Varun and Annachi about it. Raju questions her Is she talked anything about her? She denies it reasoning she didn’t talked about her but about Priyanka.

At 6.45 Annachi advises to Priyanka to stop throwing words to them. It’s hurting his age. Priyanka complaints that she thought he is her group but second half he is supporting some other people it feels like they are fools to believe him. He clears with her that he is neutral.

At 9.30 Morning wake up song plays in the house. Housemates dances for the song ” Ra ra Ramayyah” and greets each other.

At 10. 35 am. Niroop enters into Jail and takes out the Coin from there and gives it to Priyanka.

At 11.00 am, Priyanka says says to Niroop that she needs two coins from other team. Later she discuss with Raju that Akshara said to her clearly that he is maintain her coin for her. Morning Pavni and Akshara had big argument over this. She assures to him that she took that coin for the people whom favour to her. Raju asks her to give it to them. Priyanka enquires to Raju whom has the fifth coin? She assures to him that she don’t have any coin with her someone took it.

At 2.15 pm Priyanka says to Chinnaponnu that she wanna check her. She agrees to her. She takes her inside the bathroom and checks her. Akshara goes inside with her. Priyanka apologies to her for checking her. Akahara alerts Chinnaponnu that she is pretending like she lost the coin.

At 2.45 pm Priyanka wanna check Akshara’s bed and find her coin. She is determined to find it. Raju comes to his bed and lays on it. Abhishek tries to provoke Isai and Pavani against Raju. They are targeting him. Abhishek says to him that he is even sacrificing himself for Akshara. He doesn’t need two minute to separate Akshara from him. Priyanka says to him that it’s not the intention to her. Abhishek says to him that they voiced against truth that’s why they got nominated. Finally he asked them to say what they are expecting from him. Abhishek asks Raju to return the coin to Akshara. Raju says to him he needs that coin for him for his safety.

Raju says to them they hidden the coin in easy to find out way it’s Bigg Boss house. Raju advises to Priyanka that someone from her gang using her. Abhishek says to him he was the one using her because if he stay close with her only his face will shown in TV. Annachi says it’s wrong. He tells him if he argues with Annachi only his face will come on Promo. Annachi says it’s shameless job.

At 3.25 pm, Priyanka says to Cibi that she came to know that someone written something to convey the things. Cibi says to her that he doesn’t know. Akshara confess that she done it. Both Akshara and Priyanka have an argument with each other and discussing the problems with each other. Pavani says to Abhinav it’s very wrong. Doesn’t he said to her Varun badmouthed about her. Angina denies it. Pavani complaints that she don’t have habit to back bite she will say anything on face. Abhinav asks her to talk with him in private. Pavani asks him to accept his mistakes.

Episode end.

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