Bigg Boss Tamil 21st December 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss commences the season’s first open nominations

Bigg Boss Tamil 21st December 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 43 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” ok en kanmani” song then greets each other

At 8.50 am, Ram and Amudhavanan are discussing about the bow and Arrow task. Ram says to Amudhavanan that he wanted to clear him why did he mention him in that task. When that singing task over. Janany asked everyone about it. Doesn’t they felt it was wrong? They doesn’t know whether he asked her to ask this or not? But everyone will misunderstands the situation if she ask like that. Janany is blindly following him. He might accept it. Janany who mentioned him as groupism. He suggests him to talk with Vickram. Because it’s 7th week. It’s important to filter us and play their own game. People are watching them. Their opinion is important to us then housemates.

At 9.10 am, Ram says to Vickram that he explained the situation to Amudhavanan. He suggested him to talk with Vickram about it and solve the misunderstanding between each other. He shouldn’t give up in his game. Later, Amudhavanan sharing the incidents to Azeem. Amudhavanan says that when he explained the situation to them they agreed to it. Azeem provokes him against them.

At 9.25 am, Ram asks Dhanalakshmi how many are going to play the captaincy task? Dhanalakshmi mentions Kathir, Mynaa name. Aysha says that Mynaa is not well. She won’t become a captain. Ram says that it feels good to see a new captain.

At 10.15 am, Aysha says to Dhanalakshmi that Amudhavanan would have discussed about the bow and arrow Task with Janany. Doesn’t he said he was using her. Then why he is explaining his side to her?

At 10.20 am, Amudhavanan says to Janany that one person mentioned that he was using her for his game. Others also using the same situation to target them. They doesn’t want to mention new problem. If ther mention it they won’t create any new drama there. They are adding personal likes and dislike in the task.

At 12.00 pm, Dhanalakshmi discussing with Janany about group division. She adds that Ratchitha is always staying in the cooking team. She isn’t going to Vessels washing team at all. They are choosing worst and best performer considering it. She adds that she will choose Azeem, Vickram and ADK in cleaning team

At 12.10 pm, Dhanalakshmi asks Amudhavanan and Janany to go to cooking team. She says to him that they are already set the team before the captaincy task itself. They are not giving heed to their opinion. Always they are taking their own decision. Amudhavanan adds that he is aware of it. They are taking decisions in their own without considering their opinion. He doesn’t like the way they are choosing the team always. Janany says that Ratchitha is not changing her cooking team at all. She is escaping from the works. Ram was continuing in cleaning team. It’s unfair.

At 12.45 pm, Ratchitha reading new captaincy task information from Bigg Boss. Each contestants will have a goal post. They want to prevent their check post from hit the ball. Each contestants have take two people support to protect their goal post.

At 1.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates who is gonna support Kathir? Azeem , Vickram supports Kathir. Amudhavanan and Manikandan supports Dhanalakshmi. Aysha and Ram supports Mynaa

At 1.40 pm, Foot ball task begins there. Ball hits on Aysha’s head. She assures them that she is doing fine and continue the game. Kathir goal post fall down. Next game starts between Dhanalakshmi and mynaa. Manikandan hits the ball it’s hurts Mynaa. Ram hits the ball on Dhanalakshmi’s goal post. Bigg Boss asks the housemates to announce the results. Ratchitha announces Mynaa as the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss asks Mynaa to choose the team by her own. Dhanalakshmi gets angry and goes inside. She complaints that they are playing a unfair game there. Aysha asks Dhanalakshmi to come and join with them. Dhanalakshmi complaints that Mynaa fall down. When everyone attention were on her he hits the ball. Dhanalakshmi says that they played an unfair game there. Ram says that it’s hit the goal post. Everyone tells her that it’s just a game. Aysha asks her if she feel it as a unfair game. Why didn’t she reacted there? Ratchitha says that she might join there to divide the team. Dhanalakshmi asks her why she is calling her now? Aysha says that she should have talked there to give one more chance. She shouldn’t have cry like this. She is behaving weird. Dhanalakshmi says that she doesn’t know what’s going on? She adds that team already divided. Shivin tells her that all are waiting for her to divide the team.

At 2.10 pm, Mynaa asks her what’s her problem? Dhanalakshmi tells her that she divided the team before captaincy task. Mynaa adds that she just divided two person for kitchen team. Ratchitha and Shivin are in kitchen team. Shivin says that she asked it voluntary. It’s a matter of food. We are not able to allow inexperienced person to cook. Everyone wants to eat the food right? Dhanalakshmi complaints that everyone know to cook here. Amudhavanan and Janany know to cook here. Ratchitha didn’t go to Vessels team yet. She isn’t giving the team she need? She isn’t giving heed to her opinion. She adds that they are choosing Worst and best performer based on cleaning team. They are not choosing from kitchen team. There is a verbal war. Mynaa calls Everyone to come out to divide the team.

Later, Housemates are trying to convince Dhanalakshmi to follow Bigg Boss rule. Dhanalakshmi is adamant in their decision. She is ready to accept her as captain. Aysha advise her to stop crying. She asks her to raise your voice instead of crying. Mynaa discuss with Aysha about it. Aysha clears with her that Dhanalakshmi is angry because Ratchitha is in cooking team always. She isn’t going to cleaning team. Dhanalakshmi gets frustrated thinking about her loss.

At 3.30 Mynaa asks Dhanalakshmi to open up with her. Dhanalakshmi says that she doesn’t hesitate to open up. Mynaa asks her what’s bothering her? Dhanalakshmi tells her that she fell down but ball didn’t hit the chech post. Mynaa tells her that Ratchitha said that it hit the check post. Dhanalakshmi says that it didn’t hit. If she has doubt just ask Ram about it? Mynaa also strong in her point.

At 3.45 pm, Bigg Boss announced to the housemates it’s the first open nomination in the house. Housemates wants to select two contestants to evict from the house with a valid reason.

Aysha nominates Amudhavanan and Manikandan reasoning they are strong contestant in the house. She wants to evict them to play her game strong

Shivin nominates Azeem for being aggressive here. She nominates Dhanalakshmi for the same reason. Kathir nominates Dhanalakshmi for not being sportive inside the house. She isn’t taking game as a game. Amudhavanan for lost his charm. He wants to bounce back. Amudhavanan nominates ADK for influencing others and throwing words unnecessary. Ram for not followed the rules in the task.

Azeem nominates Dhanalakshmi for not following the rules. She isn’t taking game as a game. She is lack of sportiveness. He nominates Ram for not active in the task. Vickram nominates Dhanalakshmi for creasing unnecessary scenes to create problems. Robert Master for being less active in the house. ADK nominates Amudhavanan for body shaming others. Azeem for targetting others and creating unnecessary fights. Ram nominates Azeem reasoning he spoil the flow of the game. He nominates Amudhavanan for taking small things easily. Ratchitha nominates Manikandan reasoning he is a strong person. She nominates Robert for being less active. He doesn’t want to play the game here. Robert nominates Azeem for being rude to everyone in the task. He nominates Manikandan for active. Janany nominates Manikandan and Kathir. Queency Nominates Amudhavanan and Kathir. Manikandan nominates Kathir and Amudhavanan. Dhanalakshmi nominates Manikandan and Azeem.

Bigg Boss announced Dhanalakshmi, Azeem, Ram, Manikandan, Amudhavanan, Kathir, are nominated for the eviction process

At 4.45 pm, Aysha asks Dhanalakshmi how she is feeling now! She assure her that she is doing better now. Dhanalakshmi tells her that it’s a captaincy task. She isn’t able to accept the way they played an unfair game. Aysha asks her to raise her voice instead of crying.

At 5.00 pm, ADK says to Amudhavanan that he gave his nomination process there. Ram mentions the same. Azeem said that groupism started. Vickram says to Amudhavanan that he got hurt when he mentioned about srilankan in his conversation. Amudhavanan clears to him that he mentioned to him that Janany came from Srilanka. So Amudhavanan get sympathy votes for being with her. He doesn’t like that.

At 6.25 pm, Scratch card game plays there. Amudhavanan wins the game. He escaped from his household works.

Episode end

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