Bigg Boss Tamil 21st January 2023 Written Update: Kavin and Abarna Das entered into Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Tamil 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 103 at 11.25 pm, Azeem thank Bigg Boss for sharing the most memorable moments he spent inside the house with him. He praises the candid pictures of him. He says to ADK he is missing him in this moment. Bigg Boss tells him that he said to audience, he came here to play his game alone. When whole housemates were against him. He didn’t give heed to them and stood in his point. He was stubborn in his decision and played his game well. Azeem thank Bigg Boss for his words. He says that he is proud to see his confidence level. He may be threw words on others in anger. But he is well aware he is good from his heart. Bigg Boss plays his journey video inside the house.

Azeem gets tears seeing his journey video. He thank Bigg Boss for sharing this beautiful journey of him. He thank the editing team for this beautiful AV. Bigg Boss says to him he love him. Azeem mentions me too. Azeem tells him that his parents kept this name for him. But his name reached to many people after he got this platform. He wants to thank Bigg Boss team for chose him. He wants to thank him for this wonderful opportunity. He thank audience for voted him. They gave many chance to him. He hopes that he fulfilled their expectations. He shares his happiness with Bigg Boss.

At 12.30 am, Vickram gets emotional seeing his picture and things kept in the garden area. He recalls his journey inside the house. He checks his pictures and notices that he lost his weight. He wishes to maintain his weight. Bigg Boss says to Vickram that he came inside his house to bring changes. He was strong in his point and raised his voice against wrong things. He never hesitated to raise his questions against the wrong things. His thoughts and voice reached to the common people. They are giving their supports to him. He maintained his decorum here. He never broke the rules. He maintained his friendship with others. He treated everyone equally. He gives respects to everyone. Bigg Boss says that he is happy to get a friend like him.

Bigg Boss plays his journey inside the house. Vickram was surprised to see the video edit for him. Crackers lighten there. Vickram gets emotional seeing it. He thank Bigg Boss for this amazing work. He wanna thank each and everyone person whom working for Bigg Boss show. He is feeling proud to stand on this place. He came here to represent a common people. He is so happy to get such amazing response. He hopes that changes will happen outside. He thank the people whom vote for him. Bigg Boss tells him that bright futures wait for him outside. He wants to bring many changes in his political career. It’s a stepping stone to success. He reached to common peoples heart through this show. He wishes best of luck to him. He mentions I love you to him. Vickram thank him and mentioned him as friend.

Day 104 at 9.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and housemates are dancing for the song ” Palapalakkuthu kannadi” then greets each other

At 9.50 am, Shanthi sharing with Ratchitha that Amudhavanan got time to spend time with housemates. He was mentally prepared to go out taking this money. But Mynaa’s eviction was unexpected one. It’s hurting to think about it. Ratchitha says that she is right. Mynaa didn’t get time to say bye to anyone. She didn’t get proper send off from family members. Shanthi says that she may be feeling sad for it now. Ratchitha tells her Mynaa is a sportive one. Actually Amudhavanan is so sensitive in this matter. It’s good he decided to leave the house taking the money box. He would have break down if they eliminated him like that. He shouldn’t have accepted such eviction. He did a smart move by walking out of the house. But Mynaa shouldn’t have take this easy. Comparing to him Mynaa is far better than him in this matter. Ram agrees with her point. Shanthi says that she was already proud to be in top 4. She adds that she didn’t expected this.

At 10.25 am, Top 3 Contestants are waiting in the activity area. Few beautificians arrives there. They cuts their hair. Top 3 Contestants finishes their facial, pedicure and manicure.

At 10.30 am, Nivaa says to Aysha that Azeem doesn’t know what happened outside. He asks her about the hashtag. According to him he got eliminated because of her. He has no idea what happened outside. Aysha tells her doesn’t he know his intentions were bad. He did the same to every girls here. Nivaa says that they are friends. So she doesn’t want to create rift between them. She asked him to check what actually happened.

At 2.20 pm, Azeem talking with the camera. He greets the audience. He thank the god for blessed him. He thank the audience those who supported him. He says that he didn’t back bite about anyone here. He said his points straight. He showed his real face to everyone. He didn’t beaten anyone here. He thinks that he played his game well. He needs their support. He hopes that they make him win the title. He shares with the them that he may be threw words on others in anger. He didn’t said anything from his heart. It’s a game. He asks them to vote for him. He helped the students to pay their fees whose parents died in pandemic. If he win the title. He will give half of Prize amount to poor students.

At 2.40 pm, Shivin says to camera that she got chance to stay inside the house for 104 says. She received lots of support from the audience. She quit her job to attend this show. She takes time to mentally prepare herself to enter here. She is representing her community. Hope she is making everyone proud with her game play. She wants to thank Bigg Boss team for gave this opportunity to her. She thank the people those who voted for her. She asks them to vote for her.

At 2.50 pm, Vickram says to camera that he came here believing in people’s support. He is following some ethics. Hopes he followed it here. He maintained his friendship with everyone. He gave respect to everyone. He never treated anyone bad here. He shares his thoughts with the people. He asks them to vote for him. He thank the people those who supported him.

At 4.00 pm, Kavin and Parvathy das entered into the house. ” enna mayilu song plays there. Bigg Boss welcomes them. They entered into the house to promote his movie ” Dada”. Housemates enjoys the song and trailor. Housemates wishes best of luck to their new filim.

Episode ends