Bigg Boss Tamil 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Bigg Boss court Room

Bigg Boss Tamil 22nd November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 44 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house and housemates are dancing for the song ” Eaasan” then greets each other

At 9.05 am, Ram asks Aysha to help him find a girl to marry. Aysha says that it’s tough to find a girl for him. Ram complaints that he was already 28. His hair starts turning grey. She advise him to prove himself in the show first. Ram says that he will only speak where he needs to speak. Bigg Boss won’t select a contestant without a plan. Aysha mocks at him. Kathir says that he will ask the aunty to cook noodles for him.

At 10.20 am, Robert asks Aysha doesn’t Ratchitha wrote something for her in the diary. Aysha tells him that she just wrote all the best lots of love. Robert adds that Ratchitha wrote love in her diary and shares her number to her. He was asking her number from the last two weeks. She isn’t sharing it with him. Amudhavanan says that it’s her wish to share the number or not. Why he is questioning her like that! Who he is to question? Ratchitha says that she don’t understand why he is behaving like that. Ratchitha clears to him that she doesn’t remember that incident. Dhanalakshmi tells him that she shares her number with Manikandan too. Robert sings a love failure song to hurt Ratchitha. She makes faces seeing his expressions. Robert complaints that he asked her to give her number after Asal evicted. She isn’t giving her number to him. Ratchitha asks him to don’t start again.

At 10.25 am, Azeem shares with Manikandan that Queency and Nivaashini used to share same thoughts here. They are nominating same. Queency asks him to say like that after he check the video. Azeem adds that he is well aware both travelled in the same wavelength. Queency denies it. Queency shares it with Janany. Janany says that he is thinking they nominated him for joke. It’s not a joke but they nominated him seriously. Azeem says to Manikandan that he has nothing to loose here. He faced all problems here. He decided to nominate the fresh one. He faces many eviction process. He will nominates fresh one next time. Then only they will face the eviction process. Queency shares with Robert that Azeem blabbering inside. She never discussed with Nivaa about nominations. But he is accusing that she used to discuss about it with Nivaa. Robert says that he is a mental.

At 12. 10 pm, Azeem reading the new task information from Bigg Boss. Those who felt they didn’t get justice for certain incident. They are able to bring that incident to court and her justice for them. Each one wants to share their case in front of the camera alone. They are able to choose the lawyer for them. If the lawyer agrees to argue for them then he/ she wants to mention it in the confession room then sign in the agreement. After group discussion they can choose a judge ans jury. They shouldn’t insult the court and judge in any situation.

At 1.10 pm, Amudhavanan and Azeem are discussing about the bow and Arrow case. Azeem tells him that Dhanalakshmi wishes to argue for him. Just inform her that Azeem will argue for him. Amudhavanan says that Vickram played the minister role. According to the role he might listen to everyone complaint. He didn’t give any heed to his complaint. ADK accused him creating groupism.

At 1.20 pm, Azeem shares to camera that he gonna argue for the key hidden task. He will argue against ADK in this task. Vickram shares with camera that he got a summon from the court for mentioned Amudhavanan as bow and Janany is arrow in the weekend. He is going to argue against him because he filed this complaint in the anger on him. After him Amudhavanan says that he used to give many ideas to the housemates including Janany. But Vickram accusing he is using Janany for his game.

At 1.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Amudhavanan to bring Azeem to the confession room. Bigg Boss informs Amudhavanan that he is accepting his case. He asks Azeem does he interested to argue for Amudhavanan in the court? Azeem nods with him. Bigg Boss asks them to sign in the agreement. He asks him to give the summon to Vickraman. Another copy should place inside the store room.

At 1.40 pm, Azeem gives the summon to Vickram. He adds that Amudhavanan filed a case against him in the court. He wants to read the case details and place the reports inside the store room.

At 3.00 pm, Vickram says to Mynaa and Shivin that he got summon. Mynaa advises him to see it as a task. Don’t take it to his heart. He nods with her. Later, Vickraman discussed about the case details with Shivin. Shivin assures him that she won’t reveal anything about him to others.

At 3.10 pm, Vickraman shares with camera that he got a summon from the court. He is appointing Shivin aa his lawyer to argue favour of him.

At 3.30 pm, Vickram narrates the situation to Shivin to give a clarity about the case. Vickraman says that he mentioned to Janany that she came from Srilanka. That is why they didn’t liked her. Meanwhile, Azeem and Amudhavanan are discussing about their case. Amudhavanan says that everyone saying that he is using Janany for his game. Actually she was the first captain of the house. He doesn’t know her personally here. He even nominated to sleep outside. He isn’t showing extra care on her. She is also a co contestants of him here. He isn’t giving key to her.

At 4.05 pm, Bigg Boss asks the Housemates to choose a judge based on their votes. Most of the Housemates votes for ADK.

At 4.30 pm, Housemates are arranged in the court room. Bigg Boss asks Azeem to read his case and introduce his victims. Azeem adds that he wants to call Janany and Dhanalakshmi as a eye witness. Shivin introduces Ram and Ratchitha are her eye witness. ADK says to them that everyone might maintain the decorum in the court. They shouldn’t insult court or make unnecessary noise here.

Azeem reads his case history there. He narrates the bow and arrow Task situation. Azeem says that it’s not acceptable. He is sharing idea to everyone in this house. But they are only targetting Janany and Amudhavanan unnecessary.

Shivin says that Amudhavanan said Janany came from Srilanka. If he support her he will get a sympathy votes. Judge ADK clears her that he didn’t said that. He heard someone mentioned like that. He was present there. Meanwhile, Shivin and Azeem are arguing over this issue. Azeem says to him that Janany is younger in this house. It’s natural to ask advise from older person. ADK gives the judgement favour to both reasoning it’s not a worth to argue in the court. ADK demands them to show a evidence to prove that Janany was influenced by him.

After that arguements Azeem interrogating Vickram in the court. Jury members laughs hearing their reasons. ADK asks the jury members to behave inside the court. Client sharing their statement in the court. They shouldn’t insult him by laughing. They are jury here. They apologized to him. After the arguements. He asks the jury members to share their opinion to them.

At 6.00 pm, Bigg Boss asks ADK to announce the judgement. ADK says that Vickram failed to prove his side. So judgement going favour to him. Azeem played his role well so he is the winner of the task. Everyone claps for him. Shivin complaints that he isn’t ready to listen her. The case is about something but the judgement for something else. ADK asks her to don’t insult the court and get out of here. Shivin thanks him and about to leave. Vickram stops her and asks her to talk with him. Shivin adds that as a lawyer she might listen to the judge.

Shivin reads her case in front of the judge and says that they are defend lawyer here. Amudhavanan gave complaints against them. So they might prove it not them. They didn’t proved here that Vickram is mistake. How could he give judgement favour to him? After lots of discussion. ADK gives the judgement favour to Vickraman. Jury members also supports him.

At 7.25 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to give their case in front of the camera. Manikandan says that 5 girls nominated him for eviction. He feels it as their safe game. Dhanalakshmi shares with Camera that Mynaa played unfair game there. Ratchitha shouldn’t have announced the results favour to Mynaa. Bigg Boss accepts her case. Dhanalakshmi chooses Aysha to argue for her.

Episode end

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