Bigg Boss Tamil 25th November 2021 Written Update: Sanjeev enters into Bigg Boss house as a third wild card entry

Bigg Boss Tamil 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins in Day 52 at 9.10 pm, Cibi enquires to the students whom stole the stick and return it to him reasoning its over now. They says in chorus they didn’t take it. He asks them to return the whistle too and questions them whom crossed like this in board with marker? Cibi asks them to confess the truth but they denies it. Raju asks them to swear on their county they didn’t take it. When everyone swears there Pavani hesitates. Raju finds out she is the culprit and asks her to bring back the stick. She brings it back to Cibi. Likewise Iyakki also returns the whistle to him.

At 9.25 pm, Cibi and teachers are questioning Iyakki why did she committed such mistakes? She informs to him that she don’t like the way they asked her to color her hair and it’s irritates her to the core that’s why. He asks her to swear she didn’t do anything then this? She nods to him.

At 9.45 pm, Cibi says that all students performed well today but best student badge going to Thamarai Selvi. Everyone claps for her. He adds that few punishments are balance here. For stealing the stick Pavani wanna sleep in living room. For hiding her mistakes Priyanka, Abhishek, Iman wanna sleep like Pavani in living area. Iyakki done many mistakes likewise Akshara too so both wanna sleep outside today.

At 2.15 am, Abhinav is filling water in Cibi’s shoe and painting on it.

At 3.05 am, Cibi wakes up the students and asks them to sleep inside the bedroom reasoning punishments are over.

Day 53 at 8.05 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” Adiye Adiye ” song and greets each other.

At 9.00 am, Cibi asks everyone to gather in graden ares in line. Amir is teaching dance to students. He is giving different steps to girls and boys. Bigg Boss plays the songs for them they practiced dance there. They appreciates Amir’s effort.

At 10.30 am, Priyanka says to Amir that someone loving him inside the house that’s why they sketched this love symbol in his shoe. Iyakki tells him she didn’t done it likewise Pavani too. Amir says that he doubts on Priyanka. She denies it.

At 10.50 am, Cibi enquires to them whom done like this to Raju’s shoe? This shoe is not given by Bigg Boss but it’s his own one. Pavani says nail polish remover can use it to remove it. Abhinav reveals the truth to Pavani that he done it. Raju says to Amir that this shoe precious to him because he brought it in his marriage day.

At 12.10 pm, Students are standing in assembly. He says that Thamarai is again won the best student award. He asks her to continue be like this or else they will snatch the badge from her. She shares few words about students to them.

At 1.10 pm, Cibi gives a whistle to start the Tamil class. He teaches the tongue twister to them.

At 1.35 pm, Raju says to them that he taught them tongue twister they wanna say it in front of all 10 times without a mistake. Annachi do it without mistakes everyone appreciates him. Raju asks him to try another one too. He pronounces it 6 times. Everyone applause for him. He successfully says the third one too. Priyanka tries it out Raju teaches her how to pronounce it. After her Akshara says it. Varun too says it successfull.

Pavani, Niroop, Iyakki and Thamarai too pronounces the tongue twister well. After few minutes bell rings there.

At 3.35 pm, Cibi reads the new circular to all and says they can write a letter for anyone whom close to them and reads it in front of plasma TV. He will post it in post box.

At 3.40 pm, Everyone are writing letter for their closed ones. Akshara gets emotional after writing it.

At 4.00 pm, Housemates reads their letters to their family one by one in front of everyone in that house

At 7.05 pm, Cibi reads the new circular from Big Boss. He reads that today is the last day of boarding school here. They wanna give the best students certificates to students.

At 7.35 pm, Raju gives the best student award goes to Niroop, Best Tamil student award goes to Iman. Best dancer award goes to Iyakki. Best sports person award goes to Varun. They dances after finishing their studies.

At 8 00 pm, Housemates are throwing water, ice cubes and powder on Teachers. They are making fun there.

At 9.15 pm, Annachi reads the new information to all. Task name ” Summa Iruda” task. Anything can happen inside the house if they react to it they will be directly nominated to next week. Housemates alerts each other how to behave with this task continues.

At 9.45 pm, Buzzer plays task states everyone gets alerts and pretends like being normal there.

At 11.00 pm, Song plays at the house Sanjeev enters into Bigg Boss house. Housemates welcomes him happily and hugs him. They introduces each other. He shares to them what’s going outside. Everyone has good name outside.

At 11.15 pm, Sanjeev gives his observations about everyone inside the house.

Episode end.

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