Bigg Boss Tamil 25th November 2022 Written Update: Court task comes to an end

Bigg Boss Tamil 25th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins in Day 46 at 8.40 pm, Housemates are in the activity area court room. Kathir gave complaint against the Housemates for not washing their own plates and cups. Because of their unhygienic act many contestants health are affecting. It’s a “Pothunala vazhakku”. Manikandan arguing favour to Kathir. Queency is the judge in this case. He filed case against 7 housemates. Ratchitha arguing in the favour of them. Kathir explains to the judge that he isn’t accusing everyone here. He wants to investigate everyone here. This case will be a eye opener to everyone here. Manikandan shows the dirty cup to the judge as an evidence. Ratchitha asks Kathir does he saw anyone particularly doing it? Kathir says that he isn’t judging them blindingly. He just wants to investigate them. Kathir says that it’s hygiene problem.

Rathchitha assures him that everyone will be inquire here. She asks Mynaa does she see anyone doing like that particularly yet? Mynaa denies it. Manikandan asks Vickraman about it? He clears her that today he was eating something in bowl. Ratchitha called him to talk with her. He left the bowl for 10 minutes. He washed it after 10 minutes. He used to clean his own plates and cups. Manikandan inquires Shivin about it? Shivin says to him that she never left her plate and cups unwashed yet. She saw Ram left his plate like that.

Queency asks Amudhavanan to sit there. Amudhavanan complaints that Robert also laughing here. Why she is asking him to leave? She complaints that she only see him showing his teeth. Azeem complaints that she shouldn’t insult him like that. She doesn’t have rights to mention about his teeth here. Queency asks him to stop talking with her. She doesn’t want to build a conversation with him. She demands him to leave from there. Amudhavanan demands her to treat everyone equal here.

Manikandan inquires ADK doesn’t he broke a cup? ADK says that someone placed their cup down. He didn’t noticed it and his leg hit it. It was an accident. He didn’t do anything intentionally. Ratchitha says to Azeem that it’s everyone duty to washing their own plates and cups. Is he following it? Azeem says that it’s his responsibility to wash his own plates and cup too. He only saw Aysha placing her cup back properly. She never failed to wash her cup or plates. Ratchitha asks him does he noticed anyone like that? Azeem says that she saw Queency not washing her own plates and cups here. Queency asks him to don’t mention her specifically here. It’s a pothu vazhakku. Azeem says that he is aware it’s a pothu vazhakku but she is also a contestant here. Just because she is judge in this case. Doesn’t mean he isn’t able to accuse her here.

Ratchitha inquires Amudhavanan about this? Amudhavanan says to her that he didn’t washed his plate today. Because he was sick so Dhanalakshmi washed his plates today. He saw Manikandan not washing his plate properly. Housemates laughs hearing it. Ratchitha inquires Dhanalakshmi about it. She says that she wasn’t comfortable with the unwashed plates are keeping near washed one. After washed the vessels just arrange it. Stop messing up everything there. Manikandan says that arguements is over now.

Bigg Boss gives permission to inquire Judge and lawyers too. Housemates are appreciating it. Ratchitha inquires opposite client lawyer Manikandan. Manikandan accepts that he don’t wash his plates often. But he will correct it hereafter. He requests everyone to follow it.

Queency says to Ratchitha that she has allergic to dish washer. She helped her vessels washing team last two days but her hands got allergic again. It’s right she failed to wash her own plates too. Manikandan inquires Ratchitha about it. She says that she is washing her own plates and cups. She didn’t noticed anyone it. Queency says that it’s not a case to take it easily. It’s every housemates duty to wash their own plates and cups. She annouced her judgement favour to Kathir.

At 10.25 pm, Aysha asks Queency doesn’t Azeem angry with everyone in the house? Queency tells her that he was angry because he didn’t win the case. Aysha says that he brought that battery case. Aysha asks her doesn’t she understanding her situation now? Dhanalakshmi says that he isn’t saying anything about her. Aysha says that he mentioned her as bow and arrow in the task. Doesn’t he talked nice with Dhanalakshmi after that? She won’t mingle with him again just for praised her in the task. She isn’t getting a vibe with him. So she is staying away from him.

Day 47 at 8.00, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the” Puli movie song” then greets each other. Dhanalakshmi pushed Shivin into the swimming pool. Ratchitha pushes Dhanalakshmi into it.

At 9.35 am, Queency says to Aysha that she isn’t doing anything personally. She didn’t wear the same color of Kathir. Aysha asks her Is she trying to say it’s a coincidence. Queency says that it’s not a matching color. Aysha keeps reading Queency with Kathir to check Shivin’s reaction. Queency is also acting along with her. Shivin makes faces to them. Queency says to her that her brother cutting vegetable in the kitchen. She asks her to go and help him. Queency shares with Aysha the way she was acting close with Kathir to irritate Shivin. Aysha laughs hearing Shivin’s reaction to it.

At 9.45 am, Shivin is doing her makeup. Queency says that she is getting pimples. Shivin teases that someone watching you that is why she is getting pimples. She asks Shivin to stop blushing. Shivin says that she is just smiling. Aysha comes there. Queency says that she likes the morning wake up song today. Shivin says that she will forgive her but not that Aysha. Aysha says that she just want to see her brother and sisters in law looking cute together. Shivin asks her to leave before she frying her in the pan. Aysha laughs and leaves from there. Shivin and Queekcy are gossipping about Kathir

At 10.00 am, Janany asks Ram does he is in nomination? He says to her that he is in the nomination list. Janany says that he will be evicted this week. Ram says that expect the unexpected things here. Dhanalakshmi says that she or Manikandan has the high chances to evict from the house this week. Amudhavanan says that it’s in people’s hand. Expect the unexpected things here. We thought Asal will be here but he got eliminated. Likewise we thought Maheshwari will be here but she got eliminated too. Eviction is unpredictable.

At 10.25 am, Queency asks Shivin to cook for her. She asks Queency to ask her prospective husband to do it for her. Robert says to her that she will cook for her. He calls Kathir
as son in law and says that both his daughter and son in law wearing same color dress. He is checking Shivin’s reaction there.

At 10.45 am, Buzzer plays there. Manikandan touches the spinning wheel. Queency and Aysha are spinning the wheel. Manikandan wins the 400 luxury budget points.

At 12.30 pm, Ratchitha asks Robert why he is staring her like that? He says to her that he will stay here only for one day. Meanwhile, Aysha talks louder to make sure Shivin hearing her conversation. Aysha says that Kathir used to don’t give this ring to anyone. But he gifted this to Queency. Kathir asks her to return it but they are adamant not to give it to him. Kathir assures them that he will buy gold ring for them. But they deny it.

At 1.25 pm, Bigg Boss announced to housemates that they want to choose two best player of the task. Manikandan choose Azeem for argued well. Shivin for gave touch to Azeem. Amudhavanan chooses Azeem and Vickram. ADK chooses Vickram and Azeem. Janany chooses Azeem and Ram. Kathir chooses Azeem and Vickraman. Azeem chooses Ram and Vickram. Queency chooses Shivin and Vickram. Ram chooses Azeem and Shivin. Aysha chooses ADK for set an example as a judge and Vickram for his talent. Vickram chooses AdK and Dhanalakshmi. Shivin choose Vickram and Azeem. Ratchitha chooses Vickram and Azeem. She appreciates him for not loosing his temple anywhere. Mynaa chooses Azeem and Vickram. Dhanalakshmi mentions the same name. Robert chooses Vickram for his calm. People needs some excitement so he is choosing Azeem. Mynaa announced Vickram and Azeem are the best performer of the task.

Bigg Boss announced to choose one best performer of the week. Mynaa chooses Shivin for did her work and task well. Robert chooses Shivin. Shivin chooses Dhanalakshmi for being active. Manikandan chooses Shivin for performed well in the court room and work too. Aysha chooses Dhanalakshmi. Queekcy chooses Shivin for giving tough to everything. Janany chooses Dhanalakshmi. Amudhavanan chooses Dhanalakshmi. Kathir chooses Shivin there. Mynaa announced that Shivin got huge votes. Bigg Boss announced that Shivin, Azeem and Vickram will participate in the next week captaincy task

Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose two worst performers of the week. Most of the housemates votes for Robert and Queency. Bigg Boss asks annouced to them that they will go to jail when the next announcement comes.

At 5.00 pm, Housemates plays the Preeti mixer grinder task. Housemates divided into two group. Aysha and Azeem leads two teams. Shivin judge the task. Finally she annouced Azeem team as the winner based on their performance.

Episode end

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