Bigg Boss Tamil 27th October 2021 Written Update: Raju won in Oothi Urutti vidu task.

Bigg Boss Tamil 27th October 2021 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 24 at 8.05 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house ” Ooru vittu ooru song” Housemates starts dance for the song and greets each other.

At 8.15 am, Cibi asks Raju to stop dragging his words they are also talking like him it will be unfair for them to talk in that way when they are playing city gangs role. Mathu asks to Niroop Is they can able to start cooking after the coin placed here? Raju tells her she is from village gang so she might speak like him. Trio gang are teasing Mathu. Raju tells her stop wearing shorts here people’s will badmouth her in village. Mathu asks Isai to keep the coin in kitchen. Isai says to her she can able to cook after she keep the coin there. Mathu shares to her that all are waiting to drink tea. Raju says both are gonna prepare it separated. Niroop says to her that Raju gang gonna prepare tea in buffaloes milk and they gonna prepare coffee in cow’s milk. Mathu asks them to start cooking after she place her coin here. Raju asks her to say it to Cibi reasoning he is breaking the rules. Raju asks Mathu to wear village costumes. He asks her to talk in that way at least.

At 9.35 am, Sruthi asks Bigg Boss to give clarity to them. Pavani says if they learns it’s right or wrong at least they can breath in this house. Sruthi says that all are misunderstood them. Pavani says that its tough to work with them if they don’t solve this issue. Pavani asks her to stop discussing about it with others. Even Abhinav advised her to talk with her. But she denied it till she gets a clarity.

At 10.35am, Annachi asks Thamarai to give that cool to Raju. He demands him to say the review. Raju praises the taste. Cibi complaints that they are eating all healthy food but they are allowed to only eat egg and puff. Annachi asks them to eat it. Niroop denies it reasoning they won’t give luxury budget to them then.

At 11.40 am, Isai reads the new information from Bigg Boss. To win money in Ooru vittu Ooru vanthu task Bigg Boss giving small task to them. Whom winning this will get 3000 rupees. Task name Koluthi podu. It will happen in activity area. Match box and candles are kept it in activity area they wanna lit up with the match box which offered to them. Whom lit up more candles will be counted by Isai and announce as a winner.

At 12.25 pm, Chinnaponnu singing gramiga song there and her group people’s are dancing with each other. Everyone appreciates Thmarai’s expression.

At 12.35 pm, Raju gives mimicry like he is announcing in mike about the programme and cheering them. Abhinav from Village and Niroop from city gonna participate in the game. Both Abhinav and Niroop starts lit up the candles. Bigg Boss announces Isai to count the candles and says the count. She counts it Niroop lit up 47 and Abhinav lit up 38 candles. Bigg Boss congratulates Niroop and gives 3k money to him.

At 12.50 pm, Niroop shows his 3k money to camera and says its Bigg Boss currency he has no idea what can he buy with this money but let’s share this money. Annachi and Niroop checking the Bigg Boss house in that currency.

At 1.30 pm, Niroop and Isai are discussing about the pronounciation. He asks her to add little more oil but she refuses to give him and tells him she wanna see how he gonna cook in this oil.

At 2.00 pm, Iyakki is cursing Varun for eating noodles in front of her. She complaints that she came outsise not able to control her craving for food but he is eating in front of her to irritate her. She cursed him that his stomach will be upset after eating it.

At 2.35 pm, Sruthi says to Pavani that this much happened here though no one counted her words here. All are blaming them. She hates to see this coin now after this much happened. Pavani shares to her that she fed up and wishes to get out from this place. Sruthi says if she return the coin to her it means she is taking all the blames. Pavani says let’s wait till Saturday to get a clear view. Pavani complaints that she was hurt by her words.

At 3.10 pm, Iyakki hides City guys bread under the sofa. They are trying to steal their food items.

At 3.15 pm, Niroop complaints to Mathu their food items are missing. He enquires to Priyanka Is she see anything? She denies it. She says to him that may they hidden it. She don’t think they will eat it. Niroop warns that he will burn it if he saw someone eating it after two days.

At 3.35 pm, Isai reads the new task name as Oothi Uruttu. Whom winning in this game will get 4000 from Bigg Boss. She narrates the rules to them. They wanna blow the ball in Ziggy Zagg manner without candle blew off.

At 3.40pm, Raju and Varun starts compete with each other. Varun takes a lead. Both finishes blowing off the ball. Isai starts counting the candles blew off. Raju has 19 and Varun 15. Raju wins the game and receive the gift.

At 4.10 pm, There is a funny arguments with each other for stealing the bread packet.

At 4.30 pm, Isai advises to all team stop stealing good things and plays with it reasoning many peoples are suffering lack of food. There is a rules not to break things inside the house. She questions them whom steal the bread? Akshara gives explanation to it.

At 4.35 pm. Raju says to Akshara and Iyakki it’s wrong to hide the bread like this reasoning. They will cut their luxury budget. Raju demands Varun to give back their bottle lid. Varun and Niroop playing with her.

At 5.00 pm, Iyakki and Akshara returns the bread to Niroop. Akshara says that she Raju advised to her.

At 5.30 pm, Pavani and Sruthi taking with Mathu in English. Bigg Boss asks the trio to talk in Tamil.

At 5.35 pm, Mathu shares to Annachi and team all are ignoring her Command and taking her as advantage.

At 5.40 Isai Vani reading the new information from Bigg Boss. She narrates to them how to use the money.

At 6.30 pm, Mathu is cooking in kitchen. Isai says to her she started cooking before she place the coin so she gives punushment to her.

At 7.00pm, Isai reading new task name Kanna Laddu thinga asaya? She narrates the rules and regulations to the team. Priyanka blow the candles. She gets cake. Akshara and Annachi gets money rest all gets colors and Cake. Before Raju blowing Buzzer plays.

At 10.30 pm Bigg Boss asks Niroop and Akshara to say who gave worst performence in their group without discussing with anyone. Niroop mentions Pavani name and Akshara gives Mathu’s name. Bigg Boss announces that both Mathu and Pavani are out of the game now. He asks both Pavani and Mathu to make fire while sitting in garden till morning. Isai wanna watch them always to conform whether they are doing it coreect of nor?

Episode end.

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