Bigg Boss Tamil 28th November 2021 Written Update: Iyakki evicted from the house

Bigg Boss Tamil 28th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ramya Krishnan enters into the stage and greets the audience. She says to them that usually Sunday is fun day to all but actually its a tensed day to housemates because it’s a eviction day to them. She heard many are rumoured there is no elimination this week but they are giving respect to their votes. There is a eviction this week.

Ramya starts talking with housemates. She says to Priyanka that she saved first yesterday so she gonna ask the questions to her first now. She says to them that Niroop and Priyanka are friends but and fighting like hell when its coming to completion. They says that apart from game they are remains friends and give a funny explanation to it. Ramya mentions as good friendship in sarcasm way. She asks Thamarai to share few words about their friendship. She says to them that she has a doubt on their friendship always. They are fighting like hell in task according to her friends can sacrifice each other too. Its something else.

Ramya says to Thamarai it’s a individual game show so they wanna giving importance to their own game first after that only emotions. Ramya asks her to explain what happened in the captaincy task? Thamarai shares to her that she don’t like the way Priyanka blamed her that she doesn’t have the capacity and quality to become a captain. This whole house has the camera. When she don’t find anything in the mirror task but she mentioned it in captaincy task. If she is genuine then why didn’t she used this tone and words in front of Kamal but in captaincy task. She learnt that many things are happening around her and got the knowledge how to play here. She wanna thank to Vijay TV for calling her here. She adds that she left that topic though Priyanka is keep provoking her on that day she didn’t liked it.

Ramya asks Priyanka to explain it. She says to Ramya that she said whatever on her mind in mirror task that was her option. But for captaincy she felt she don’t have that quality. Ramya questions her how will she say it before giving a chance to her? She adds that she knew it that she wanna give a chance to prove herself. In her captaincy she asked Thamarai to talk with Isai but she denied it. She has emotional drama here so she wishes to solve this issues and mentally prepared to be a captain. Ramya says is it possible when will this end? Priyanka says that she was pretty emotional and crying whole day. She is capable to maintain the whole house.

Thamarai says that its her duty to maintain the house she won’t back off from her duty how could she blame her she don’t have that quality and not capable for that position. She adds that she was the one whom doing many works here but she saying apart from this she need one more quality. She demands Priyanka to say it here. Priyanka says that she has so much personal grudges against many people here so she felt she is not capable. Thamarai explains to her she is not a fool to behave like that when she is a captain. If she can’t able to contact one person she will ask another one to share it to that person. Doesn’t she giving chance then why don’t she. Priyanka says that she feels she is capable to stay inside the house here. Ramya adds that not only her but also everyone had. She adds that they might give chance to prove themself after that they can blame others so don’t come to a point before that. Here Thamaari proved she is right.

Ramya asks to Niroop that doesn’t he mentioned Donkey doesn’t know the camphor smell. Niroop says that he used to never show love to anyone like the way she is showing to her. He is understanding her love recently. Ramya asks him to learn it soon. She takes a break.

Priyanka says to Thamarai that she showed all anger on her now. She says to her that she said the truth. Iyakki and Raju appreciated her talk. Iyakki adds that she is very clear from the beginning. Thamarai shares to Varun what’s she thinking about her. Sanjeev appreciated her for talking well. Abhishek advises to Priyanka that she is playing with humanity but her time is different. People’s like the way Thamarai lashing out at Priyanka. Even people like Abhishek getting beaten. People mind set is like that.
Ramya enters into stage and starts talking with housemates. She asks to Sanjeev doesn’t he shared what did he thinking about housemates here. Here is one task for him he wanna take the things from store room. There is a alphabet in the table he wanna give it to housemates. He says that he wishes to go back to home now instead of doing it. Ramya says that its not possible.

Sanjveev says that he is not leaving F means failure it’s a stepping stone to success. He gives F to Abhishek reasoning people are thinking he is a manipulative person. He gives second F to Niroop for getting anger and Akshara too for the same reason. He gives C to Thamarai reasoning he never thought she will talk like this. Another C to Pavani for looking down on her that none likes her. He gives C to Amir for not open up yet. C to Iyakki for being innocent. He gives the B to Abhinav for trying to prove himself. He gives B to Priyanka for showing love to all and loosing her individuality. He gives B to Cibi for playing his game individual. He gives A badge to Annachi for making everyone light here. He says that Raju and Varun deserves to be in final. Ramya appreciates Sanjeev for the beautiful analysis. She says that she is expecting a lot from him. He says that its easy to talk from outside but it’s hard to sustain inside the house.

Ramya asks Abhishek to say what’s he thinking about it? He says that he is believing himself and truth and wishes to go with it. She asks to him Is he watched the show? He says that he saw the episode of himself. Ramya says that there is another game for them. He brings the Kural there. He asks the students to listen it carefully. She asks the teachers and warden wanna memorize it and say it in 5 minutes. They denies it and says its tough to say it. Ramya says she will take a break and come back soon. They can able to snatch the paper if they don’t muck up it in 120 seconds. Akshara counts it and snatch the paper.

Ramya enters into the stage and starts interacting with housemates. Raju complaints that they shouted one two three so they can’t able to listen it. Cibi says only one Kural there. Raju says that he just done his work there. He learnt that Kural only for that task. He won’t teach anyone kural to anyone hereafer they are ready to accept the punishment. Priyanka asks Ramya to ask them to sleep outside as a punishment. Raju says that he got the punishment already.

Ramya asked them to take the things from store room. He brings the report card there. Ramya asks them to take their name card. Pavani takes her it’s comes as Saved. Niroop gets blank one. Annachi gets saved he thank the people. Iyakki gets black. Thamarai gets saved. She thank the audience
for voting her. Ramya says that she will announce the result after a break.

Niroop and Iyakki are consoling each other. Thamarai says that she will be sad if they go out. Abhinav says to Pavani that he joined with that group that’s why they are hesitating to vote.

Ramya enters into stage and starts talking with the contestants. Ramya asks the contestants to say whom will save today. Priyanka mentions Niroop name reasoning he has his own game. After her Abhinav, Amir, Abhishek mentions his name. Annachi mentions Iyakki name reasoning Niroop didn’t played well in last week. Thamarai Mentions Iyakki name. Raju mentions Niroop name. Sanjeev mentions Iyakki name. Varun mentions Niroop name. Akshara mentions Niroop name.

Ramya says Niroop is saved Iyakki is evicted from the show. Ramya asks her to come out after bidding bye to the housemates. She bids bye to all and takes her gift from store room. Ramya welcomes Iyakki on stage. She asks her to explain her experience. She watches her journey inside the house. She talks with the housemate through plasma TV. She shares few words about them. She bids bye to Ramya and leaves.

Episode end.

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