Bigg Boss Tamil 30th November 2021 Written Update: Bigg Boss Breaking News Task

Bigg Boss Tamil 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins in Day 57 at 10.40 pm, Raju apologies to Pavani and Abhinav in front of all for questioning their relationship? He says that he talked without thinking twice. He didn’t apologize to them first because they will think he is trying to escape from nomination that’s why he is apologize after nomination process. Pavani and Abhinav nods to him.

At 1.10 pm, Priyanka and Abhishek are sitting in garden area. Abhishek says to her that Raju and Iman are planning to go to finals together likewise he wishes to go with her. He has some plans with him when she is ready to hear it then he will share it to her. She asks him to share it with her. He provokes her against Annachi and tells her Annachi using her to get votes. This is what he understood here.

Day 58 at 8.05 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house. Housemates starts dance for the song ” Nenjukulle kudiyirukkum” Song and greets each other.

At 8.50 am, Iman Annachi says to Priyanka let’s forget whatever happened yesterday. He didn’t said anything to hurt her don’t keep anything in her heart. He adds that he can’t able to stay here and pretends like talking good after keeping grudges in his heart. Priyanka also apologize to him. Annachi apologize to Niroop also for taking little advantage on him and scolded him.

At 9.30 am, Raju reads the new task from Bigg Boss. Everyone ads complaining 24 hours show but only telecasting for 1 hours. It’s an opportunity to explain to audience what actually happened in these 50 days and explain their side to them. Task name Bigg Boss Breaking News. Housemates wanna divide into two team. Both team wanna telecast different news. Team names is Blue and Red TV team. Both team has two reportets and two News Readers. When they are collecting the news they wanna make sure it’s against the opposite team. They can bring the person for interview in their channel. Reporter will collect the news and news readers will read it. Sanjeev will be a judge and announces the result in evening. They devide the team as Red and Blue.

At 10.10 am, Raju says Red TV’s news readers are Cibi and Abhishek. Varun and Priyanka are reporters. In Blue team Raju and Iman are news readers and Reporters are Amir and Akshara.

At 11.05 am, Akshara taking reports from Iman about Priyanka? He says to him that he started doubting her when did she informed to Kamal that he is using Niroop as his toy. She is expecting him to only support her and talk for her. Meanwhile Priyanka taking reports with Niroop against Iman Annachi. Akshara asks to Raju to share his opinion about Priyanka? Raju shares a valid point to her about Priyanka reasoning she is arguing in hight pitch with all here and turning normal after the fight. She is opening the same thing again so it’s a baggage. What’s get equation.

At 12.05 pm, Priyanka asks Cibi to share about Thamarai? Cibi shares to her that Thamarai only showing love to all but she will finish them if they they talk against her. It’s her strategy here. It’s like chameleon changing colors often.

At 3.00 pm, Niroop asks to Thamarai what’s she doing? She says to him she is coming rice. Bigg Boss asks Niroop to bend till her eyes sight he is often forgetting this task of him. He agrees to do it and says that he is often forgetting about it.

At 3.05 pm, Abhishek giving ideas to his team how to perform it. He brings the captaincy task issue there. Cibi asks Niroop permission to perform it reasoning he linked with this issue. Abhishek says it’s the truth what’s bothering him? Niroop says that he has different understanding in it. Priyanka picks an arguments with him reasoning he wishes to play alone just play it. She argues with him for not playing with them and leaves.

At 4.05 pm, Red TV News Starts. Abhishek and Cibi starts reads the News? Their topics are Iman’s captaincy issue, Thamarai controversy and Pavavi’s issue. Priyanka and Varun played an drama there to bring the truth to audience to prove what happened in the captaincy task in sarcasm way. Abhishek invites Annachi and Niroop for live interview. Cibi enquires to both of them and collects the information from them. Niroop says to him that he already
Informed to him that he gonna use the coin though he misstook it. If he don’t use it now he has no other option then use it. Annachi gives his explanation to him. But Abhishek didn’t let him speak there. After that Thamarai incidents talks there. Priyanka plays an drama with Varun immitating Thamrai. Hey interview taken there. Thamarai gives her explanation to there. There was a heating arguments with each other after the show. Pavani matters discussed there her topic is feeling lonely in the house.

Thamarai questions Priyanka when did she talked with Pavni for 2 hours? Is she trying to create fight between them? Both are into a heating argument with each other. Priyanka talks about Thamarai to Pavani. Thamarai shares her thoughts to Cibi and Akshara.

At 8.00 Blue TV news programme starts. Raju and Iman are the news readers. They takes the news into a humours way. They brings Cibi’s lost memory this, Priyanka’s dominance and Rations are missing topic there. They tried to contact Priyanka but she refuses to talk with them

At 9.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks Sanjeev to announce the result. Danker says that he liked Red TV programme their creativity is good but they didn’t allowed the guest to speak and explain their side. More then they didn’t let others to speak here. He says to Blue team he missed some spicy news from them. He gives 12.5 TRP to Red team and 7.5 TRP to blue team.

Episode end

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