Bigg Boss Tamil 3rd November 2022 Written Update: The teams showcase their talents to win higher rating points

Bigg Boss Tamil 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 24 at 8.10 pm, Andha TV telecaste the news. Janany reads the News and Vickraman takes Manikandan’s interview and reports to the channel. Housemates appreciates their narration of their reports.

At 10.30 pm, Janany inquire ADK who wasted the food? ADK shares with her that he didn’t noticed it after washed the vessels. Janany complaints that housemates are wasting food. They are not even throwing the waste in dustbin. They left the plates on washbasin without taking wastes from it. ADK shares to Manikandan its wrong. Why are they not cleaning their own plates? They are not even thinking about the vessels washing team. She doesn’t like the way they are wasting the food and messed up the place with waste. She will definitely question everyone about it. Azeem adds that they shouldn’t leave their plates without taking waste from it. Janany asks them doesn’t they cleaning the restroom? How it feel if they fail to flush the toilet? We are also feeling the same when they messed the washbasin with wastes.

Day 25 at 8.30 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song” Nalam Thaana” then greets each other.

At 12.25 pm, ADK shares with Ram that whatever Azeem did here was wrong. But he is trying to talk with them even after they accused him. He isn’t giving up his friendship. It’s a really good attitude of him. He gossipping about Aysha and Sherinaa with Ram. He adds that Vickraman is not cleaning the vessels properly. He is showing faces while cleaning the waste. What’s wrong to clean the dustbin? He doesn’t like his mentality at all. He is in a zone. According to him he won’t do any mistakes and always be honest. He isn’t able to wash the plate then how he will clean the society.

At 1.25 pm, ADK asks Sherinaa Did she eat in that plate? She tells him that she didn’t eat in it. Dhanalakshmi cleans the plate. ADK says that it’s not her duty to clean others plate. Everyone has their own responsibility to wash their plates. Dhanalakshmi says that it’s not a big deal. But he shouldn’t say to her in ordering way. ADK clears with her that he isn’t ordering her. She shouldn’t take him in wrong way. It’s his duty to explain her.

At 1.45 pm, Andha TV starts their dance program. Janany dance for the song ” Nannare”. Housemates are clapping to encourage her. Aysha is hosting the show. She asks Robert Master to judge her dance. He praised her dance. After her Aysha calls Shivin and Sherinaa to do a fashion show. They walks on a ramp walk along with Robert Master. Everyone claps for them. Queency dance for the song ” Mallipoo vanthu”. Aysha praises her dance. Robert gives a gift to her.

At 1.55 pm, Aysha invites Ratchitha, Amudhavanan and Vickram on stage to do a skit. Trio enters on the stage and starts there skit about drainage cleaning system in Tamilnadu. They plays an emotional drama there. Housemates cries seeing their skit. They shares social message to everyone through their skit. They requests the society to respect the people who cleans the drainage. They are also human being. They requested government to give a tools to clean the drainage instead of using manpower. Housemates gives standing ovation for their performance.

At 2.25 pm, Aysha says to Ratchitha that no needs to ask anyone opinion about their drama. It was amazing one. She didn’t expected Vickraman will nail in it. He is an good actor. She praised Ratchitha’s natural acting there

At 2.45 pm, Indha TV starts their channel program. Maheshwari host the show. Mynaa and Manikandan dance for the song ” Pottu Thaakku”. They nailed in their performance. Azeem asks Robert Master to give his comments because he choreography it. He says to them that it’s still giving positive vibe to him. It’s really tough to dance on stage. Mynaa and Manikandan nailed it. She danced well though her leg was hurt. He appreciates them.

At 2.55 pm, Kathir and ADK gave a rap song together. Housemates appreciates them.

At 3.00 pm, Ram gives a dance performance along with Nivaa.

At 3.15 pm, Maheshwari invites Mynaa and Manikandan to give one emotional dance performance with a beautiful story. Housemates gives a standing ovation for their performance.

After them Azeem reads a poetry for their channel.

At 4.20 pm, Bigg Boss announced the both channel to give their TRP. Rathchitha team give 10 TRP to Indha TV

At 5.20 pm, Manikandan says to Ram that still vessels are not washed from his team. Ram adds that Janany and Aysha are there to wash it. They will wash in morning. Vickam and Ram will wash in evening. ADK says to him it’s evening. He excuses him.

At 6.00 pm, Bigg Boss announced new task to housemates to earn luxury budget points. Task name Thallu mullu.

At 6.30 pm, Andha TV and Indha TV channel members are pushing each other from opposite side. Manikandan team wins the first, second round and earns 2point. Indha TV wins the third round.

Bigg Boss announced their points to housemates. He congratulated both teams for earn the points.

At 6. 40 pm, Amudhavanan and Vickraman are discussing about the news discussion. He suggested him to ask Queency to read the news. Queency denied to do it reasoning she isn’t interested in it.

At 6. 45 pm, Azeem team are discussing about evening news. Mynaa asks Azeem to write the content. Azeem tells her that he will read it by himself. He doesn’t want to review it. Maheshwari and Mynaa refuses to go with his idea.

At 7.00 pm, Vickram suggests Queency to read the news. He mistakenly mentioned Janany name there. He is feeling guilty for ignored her. Sherinaa asks him to leave this matter. Queency asks them to leave this topic and walks away from there.

At 7.45 pm, Vickraman clears his misunderstanding between him and Queency.

At 8.00 pm, Azeem shares his thoughts with his team. He reads the content to them. But Maheshwari and Mynaa asked him to give one breaking news instead of dragging this matter. Azeem disappointed with them and walks away giving the responsibility to them.

Episode end.

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