Bigg Boss Tamil 4th November 2022 Written Update: Andha TV won the Luxury budget task

Bigg Boss Tamil 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 25 at 10.05 pm, Azeem and Mynaa are discussing about Maheshwari’s judgement. Mynaa shares with Azeem that she doesn’t know anything about Breaking News. She isn’t experienced to read the breaking News. Azeem complaints that when he gave points to them they didn’t give heed to him. Maheshwari interrupts him and says that she mentioned it more than 10 times but he didn’t listen to her. Azeem complaints that she doesn’t know to judge it. Maheshwari says that they are not agreeing to her point. She was the one gave grace mark to them. Azeem complaints that she isn’t qualified to judge this program. He adds that she commented on him unnecessary when he supported the truth. How could she mention that he was supporting opposite team just because he didn’t read the news? How could she expect more than this from her?

Maheshwari says to him that she has the reason for it. Doesn’t he warned Dhanalakshmi and mentioned her as wrong when she didn’t support their team. He takes a class to her about team work. But he did the same mistake here? Mynaa adds that he shouldn’t have advised to Dhanalakshmi like that. He doesn’t deserved to mention about team work. He says that she has zero knowledge in judgement. Vickraman clears his points with Mynaa. Maheshwari walks inside ignoring the topic.

At 10.35 pm, Maheshwari shares with Mynaa that Azeem is talking like only he is the knowledgeable person here. Rest of them have zero knowledge. Mynaa says that he is like that only just ignore him. Later, Azeem discussing with Kathir about his point of view. Mynaa comes there and asks him why didn’t he stayed quiet for his team? Azeem complaints that he won’t lie to make his team win. He isn’t believing such game. Why should he stand with the lie? He needs respect. Mynaa asks him Doesn’t she giving enough respect to him? Both started argue over this issue. Mynaa says that she doesn’t need his suggestion in anything. Azeem adds that he isn’t ready to suggest them anything.

Azeem shares to Vickram that Maheshwari is her friend. So she is accepting her mistake and supporting her in everything blindly. She isn’t care about what is right or wrong there? Azeem adds that there is a life outside this house. He doesn’t need anyone to be in touch with him after he went out of the house. Maheshwari comes there to clear her misunderstanding with Vickram. She complaints to him that Azeem who refused to read the news. Mynaa didn’t stopped him to read it. He asks her to stop lying. She says to him that everyone saw who was lying in these two weeks. Azeem tells her that he doesn’t like their rules. That was why he didn’t read the news. Maheshwari says to him that she isn’t here to play with him. Azeem says that he is also not here to play with her.

Maheshwari asks him doesn’t he said to her he wasn’t aware of the task name outside. He learn the task after seeing the board. Azeem nods with her. She asks him doesn’t he heard the breaking news task when she read the information? Azeem denied it. He says that she is zero in judging. Maheshwari says to him that she is accepting that she is zero. People are watching the show. They will understand who is right or wrong here? Azeem complaints that she mentioned there they shouldn’t ask her judgement. Just because she was in his team he won’t sit quiet when she gave unfair judgement. She is having vengeance with her. Vickram also questioning about her judgement. Maheshwari warns him to stop questioning her just because Azeem provoking him. Vickram says to her that he has common sense to judge it. He doesn’t need someone else opinion to do it. Later, Mynaa shares with Kathir that he is being rude to her just because she is a woman. Queency says to her that it’s happening most of everyone in the house.

At 1.15 am, Queency playing in swimming pool. She noticed Janany uses her towel. She shares with her that she doesn’t like someone using her things. She hate it. She even informed this to Vickram about it.

At 1.30 am, Queency shares with Janany that she got shocked seeing her taking her towel. She even don’t like her parents touch it. Even she argued with Vickraman in morning. Janany says to her that she take it mistakenly. She didn’t take in intentionally. If she aware of her behaviour then she wouldn’t take it. Queency says to her that she really didn’t meant it. She wants to ask sorry to her first because she shouldn’t have said like that in front of everyone. She just spilled that words without realising the surrounding. Everyone would have misunderstands her for that. Maheshwari says that it’s just a misunderstanding. She shouldn’t take it personally.

Janany says that she shouldn’t have touched her dress. She mistakenly take it without any option. Maheshwari clears that Ram asked her to take it. Queency says that she wasn’t blaming her. Infact she is apologize to her for talked like that. Maheshwari asks them to leave the matter. Janany breaks the coffee cup in anger and asks her to don’t bring this topic again. Dhanalakshmi comes there to support Janany and demands her to leave this topic. She was talking like that because it hurted her. Queency says that she wasn’t blaming her and apologize to her for said like that. She was creating a big issue over this. She is making her villain by fell on her feet. Nivaa cleans the coffe cup. Janany demands her to stop taking it.

At 2.25 am, Queency shares with Nivaa that no one understanding her feelings. She wasn’t blaming her. She apologized to her for her mistake but he created a big issue over it. Here Janany feels guilty for getting angry on her.

Day 26 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song” soomanthra kaali” Then greets each other

At 9.30 am, ADK asks Janany Did she really shouted on her yesterday? She narrated to him what happened? Here Aysha shares to Sherinaa about the incident. Sherinaa says to her that both are not fault here. Even Janany doesn’t know about Queency’s habit and she failed to ask permission before using it. Aysha says that game begins.

At 11.30 am, Mynaa says to Maheshwari that Ram is enjoying in the house. He is eating on time and not doing any works properly. He is the worst performer of the week. Meanwhile, Ratchitha rehearsing for their drama with Robert.

At 1.05 pm, Indha TV plays their comedy skit. Housemates appreciates their acting.

At 1.25 pm, Andha TV plays their skit. Everyone laughs seeing their skit.

At 2.10 pm, Indha TV gives 10 TRP to Andha Tv reasoning they gave extremely fun skit. She appreciated the team mates there. Andha TV gives 5 TRP to Indha TV reasoning they don’t get the serial feelings when they see it.

At 2.30 pm, Bigg Boss announced to housemates that Indha TV TRP is 40 and Andha TV channel TRP is 50 points. They won the task. Amudhavanan selected for next week captaincy task.

At 3.00 pm, Sherinaa complaints to Aysha that Vickraman didn’t washed the rice pot. Doesn’t Shivin asking him to wash it. They need this to cook for lunch. Aysha shares this complaints to Vickram.

At 3.30 pm, Bigg Boss announced to housemates to choose two best performer of the week. Amudhavanan already selected for the next week captaincy so excluding him. Robert gets 13 votes and Mynaa gets 10 votes. Bigg Boss congratulates them. He adds that they will compete with Amudhavanan in next week captaincy

At 3.55 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to nominate the one worst performer. Dhanalakshmi nominates Azeem, Amudhavanan, Robert nominates Ram. Ratchitha nominates Queency. Shivin, Queency nominates Ram. Ram nominates Queency. Azeem nominates Maheshwari. Maheshwari nominates Azeem for not involving in the team discussion. Kathir nominates Dhanalakshmi. Mynaa nominates Azeem. Manikandan says that it’s a tie breaker. Ram scolds Dhanalakshmi for bringing his health issue as a reason here. Dhanalakshmi says that she didn’t meant it. Ram gets highest votes.

At 4.00 pm, Bigg Boss asks housemates to nominate the one worst performer of the week. Nivaa nominates Vickram for not cleaning the vessels. Janany, Mynaa, Kathir, Maheshwari nominates Vickram. Ram nominates Dhanalakshmi. Vickraman nominates Maheshwari and Mynaa.

Vickram and Ram gets huge votes. Bigg Boss announced Vickram and Ram to go to jail.

Episode end

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