Bigg Boss Tamil 5th January 2023 Written Update: Trouble over Tasks

Bigg Boss Tamil 5th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 87 at 4.40 am, Ticket to Finale task 6 cycling task continues. Bigg Boss annouces to them now only two cycle should use. 6 members wants to sit in it. He asks them to decide their positions. Amudhavanan asks Shivin to come there. She tells him she has no place to sit there. Vickram says to Mynaa that he will ride her cycle. ADK tells him that he didn’t ride it. He wants to wait. Vickram says that he didn’t asked her before that. Mynaa says that they decided it earlier. He was waiting to ride it for 13 minutes. ADK asks him to don’t be greedy. Vickram complaints that it’s a task stop mentioning him as greedy. Mynaa asks him to talk with Amudhavanan. He is able to leave. He is riding the cycle for 1 hour. Vickram says that he is able to deny it but shouldn’t comment on him.

ADK says that he shouldn’t question him like that. Vickram tells him as a contestants everyone can questions him. He isn’t special here. Mynaa tells him they are playing their game counting for 30 minutes. Vickram says that he will sit in back side then. Mynaa tells him that she asked him to do it before. But he didn’t listen to her. If Amudhavanan sits in front side the problem is over. Stop thinking one sided Vickram. Vickram says that everyone are playing their game. He looks like a fool here. Mynaa asks him to stop taking it seriously. Amudhavanan consoles him. He asks Ratchitha and Shivin to swap. This problems will be over if we use this cycle instead of Ratchitha’s.

Bigg Boss announced them to swap it. Shivin gets into Amudhavanan’s cycle and Ratchitha joins with Mynaa.

At 5.00 am, Azeem says to Vickram that he wouldn’t have got eliminated if they allowed him to ride the cycle for 5 minutes. Vickram asks him doesn’t he ride the cycle? Azeem says that he was out of the game now. He didn’t ride cycle yet. There was no problems when he was with Vickraman. He shouldn’t have listened to Shivin. Shivin tells him that it’s an accident. It happened unexpectedly. He shouldn’t blame her for it. She didn’t intentionally did like that. Does he trying to say she planned to eliminate Azeem there. Azeem says that everyone are aware he like this cycle task. But they eliminate him. ADK comments that he said he didn’t ride the cycle. But now he said he was waiting for this task.

Azeem says that he is blaming himself for it. Shivin complaints that he challenged them he won’t leave Shivin and Ratchitha for it. Azeem tells her that he will definitely do that in next task. He is damn sure in it. Vichram asks him to stop blaming others. It was an accident. He failed to settle on cycle on time. Azeem says that he will take the blame on him.

At 5. 30 am, Bigg Boss annouces to them that both cycle has same unit. Shivin tells them Ratchitha and Shivin swapped last time. So this time Vickram-Amudhavanan, Mynaa-ADK wants to swap. Buzzer plays there. They swapped it asap. Mynaa’s hand was hurted.

At 5.35 am, Vickraman discussing with Shivin about the time counting. Shivin answering to it. Mynaa says that Ratchitha’s cycle doesn’t have space to sit. ADK comments that Vickram only considering about Shivin’s words. Vickram tells him he was discussing about the counting. Why he is poking his head in it. ADK complaints that he was getting angry on him unnecessary. Vickram asks him to stop coming to an judgement unnecessary. ADK asks him to leave it.

Bigg Boss asks them to swap now. Buzzer plays everyone swaps their place. Bigg Boss announced that ADK failed to settle in the place. He is eliminated from this game. Everyone are surprised to hear it. ADK says it’s ok. They applause for him. Housemates says good play. He apologized to Vickram

At 6.40 am, Bigg Boss announces to them it’s swapping time. They wants to eliminate one Contestants in every buzzer after discussing with each other. Mynaa gets down from the cycle. Ratchitha asks her to don’t do it. Let’s discuss first. Mynaa tells her that she is tired. She isn’t able to continue it. Mynaa lays on the floor. They swaps each other.

At 7.00 am, Bigg Boss asks them to discuss with each other and decide a person to eliminate in next buzzer. Ratchitha says to Amudhavanan that he is in leading. He is able to allow them to leave. Amudhavanan says that he wants to continue this game. He isn’t able to give up in this last moment. Shivin and Ratchitha says that he was in leading. They are not able to beat him. Amudhavanan mentions Ratchitha and Vickraman name. Ratchitha gets angry with them for mentioning her name. She isn’t a easy target to mention her name. If Amudhavanan lose in this game also he will be in a leading point.

Vickram says that Amudhavanan shouldn’t argue like that. He is saying Ratchitha and Shivin wants to be in same place. They are having heating arguments with each other. Amudhavanan asks Shivin to gets down. Shivin stops riding it. Shivin says that she isn’t a easy target for them. Amudhavanan tells them that he is sure Vickram and Shivin may be win the title. This game isn’t important to him. Vickram asks him to stop talking like this. Prediction don’t work here. It’s a matter of this game. Shivin stops riding it. She might get out of it. Shivin gets down from the cycle and inform it to them. Vickram joins with Amudhavanan.

At 7.30 am, Amudhavanan gets down from the cycle and wishes good luck for them. Ratchitha starts riding it. Vickram sits in front seat. Ratchitha says to Vickram that what will be the housemates reaction if they continue riding it. They will be angry with him. Ratchitha tells him that she is riding the cycle so she might get down. But she wants to hear the housemates thoughts. Amudhavanan comes there and argues with them that they said to him Ratchitha will gets down. Amudhavanan says that they are fighting for a one tile. Amudhavanan asks him to get down. Ratchitha says that she is waiting for the buzzer sound. If she gets down game is over. Ratchitha says that she will definitely get down if the buzzer plays. Amudhavanan says that they won’t play the buzzer until she gets down. She gets down. Vickram wins the task. Amudhavanan congratulates him. Ratchitha lays on floor due to pain.

At 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Thani oruvan ninaithu” then greets each other.

At 1.10 pm, Vickram says to Amudhavanan that they don’t have any intention to cheat him. Some misunderstanding happened here. Whatever the situation is he was leading. Amudhavanan tells him that he would have stayed until the last moment. But he didn’t understand it well. Shivin comes there and congratulates him. He thank him.

At 4.00 pm, Bigg Boss shares with the housemates he will announce the ranking position. Kathir at 8th position ( 57 min 39 sec). Azeem at 7th Position (1hour 41 min ). ADK 6th Position ( 1 hour 50 min ). Shivin 5Position ( 1hour 54 sec ). Ratchitha at 4th position. Mynaa as 3rd position. Amudhavanan as 2nd place. Vickram at 1st place.

At 4.05 pm, Kathir reading the ticket to final one and one challenge informarion. He narrates the rules of the game.

Episode end

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