Bigg Boss Tamil 5th November 2022 Written Update: Kamal appreciates Azeem

Bigg Boss Tamil 5th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. The person who politically talks right and another one who usually talk disrespectful to everyone started getting close. He feels like some housemates didn’t liked the friendship of them. He wants to learn manythings from the housemates. Because he wrote many scripts. He wanted to try something different that is why he took Virumaandi movie. Here 20 housemates wrote script for the task. He wants to appreciate it. Let’s watch what happened in Friday episode

Day 27 at 7.10 pm, Ram and Vickram enters into jail. Amudhavanan singing for them. Manikandan locks the jail and comments on his dress. Dhanalakshmi asks him did he fixed that Ram will go to jail every week. Manikandan says that she is a villain. Amudhavanan requests Bigg Boss to send him inside the jail. He will be feel happy give company to his brother. Bigg Boss says to Amudhavanan that his request is accepted. He is able to go inside the jail. Housemates laughs seeing his reaction. Manikandan opens the jail for him and send him inside.

At 9.35 pm, Bigg Boss announced to Ram and Vickram that their punishment is over. Amudhavanan wants to stay inside the jail until the next announcement come.

Kamal Hasan greets the housemates and praises their costume. He inquire the housemates about Manikandan captaincy. Manikandan says to him that he really enjoyed it. Aysha says that he did his job well. Queency says that he take a good care on woman’s. Nivaa says that he did his work well. Mynaa says that they felt the freedom there. ADK says that he helped everyone in the house. Maheshwari says that he mingled with the housemates. Janany says that he didn’t showed his authority to anyone here. She prefers him to become a captain next week. Vickram Says that Captain is a common person to everyone. But he felt that he supported his friends a lot. Manikandan assures to Kamal that he will change it. Amudhavanan praises his captaincy. Robert imitates Manikandan for his captaincy. Rathchitha adds that Manikandan didn’t visited kitchen often. Kamal asks him why didn’t he visited kitchen? Housemates comments that Robert was there. He won’t allow anyone to enter into the stage.

Kamal asks them about the Nungu task. He mentioned to them that Amudhavanan went to jail without committing any mistakes. Amudhavanan shares with him that he used to ask the Bigg Boss to give chocolates, eggs or snacks. He used to don’t give it so he thought he will never accept his request. But Bigg Boss gives the expected the unexpected situation. Kamal asks Ram about his jail experience. Every week he was going inside.

Kamal discussing with Housemates about personal hygiene. He advise them to fold their bedsheet. It’s looks clumsy. Why don’t they arrange it after wake up. They are going to sleep on it again. He adds that they are not cleaning the waste. They gave vessels washing team. But it’s their duty to clean their waste. He questioned them doesn’t they used to throw the banana leaf outside after eat the food at hotel. It’s their duty to do it. Let’s discuss about thr weekly task after a break.

Kamal enters into the stage and starts talking with the housemates. He discuss about Indha TV and Andha TV channel task. He appreciates them for their good performance. He asks them to mention who gave high TRP and low TRP.

ADK mentions Amudhavanan was the reason to increase the TRP. He supported his team a lot and maintained it well. Dhanalakshmi was the reason for low TRP. Because she isn’t ready to accept their idea and picked fight with them for small things.

Ratchitha gives the badge to Mynaa for high TRP. Her efforts are appreciated one. Participation was less comparing to others. So she is giving it to Nivaa. Shivin gives the badge to Amudhavanan for his effort and got huge TRP because of his talent. Vickram judgement was contradictory. Ram gives the high TRP for Manikandan reasoning they played the drama well. Dhanalakshmi didn’t agree to their point so she was th reason for the less TRP.

Dhanalakshmi gives the badge to Azeem reasoning he nailed in his performance. She mentions Mynaa name for Low TRP reasoning she didn’t asked her suggestions in anything. Robert gives badge to Amudhavanan for his performance. He gives low TRP badge reasoning he gave wrong judgement. Amudhavanan gives badge to Robert for his performance. He gives Low TRP badge to Nivaa because of less participation. Sherinaa gives high TRP to Manikandan for his performance. Vickram for his judgement. Azeem gives the high TRP badge to Vickram for his broad minded thinking. He gave a good social message to societ. He gives less TRP badge to Mynaa for showing favourisim. Vickram gives high TRO to Amudhavanan for his efforts and Less TRP to Mynaa for showing favourisim

Kamal asks Mynaa, Nivaa and Vickraman got many less TRP badge. What’s their opinion in it. Vickram says to him that he gave the best in this task. He suggested his best idea to them. He have experience in judgement. He did wrong there. He shouldn’t have tried to less the point. Actually they will confirm the points after Bigg Boss announced it. He wanted to notify this here. Rathchitha who suggested him to decrease the point. But she didn’t defend him there. Ratchitha says to him that she suggested that. Maheshwari said to her she shouldn’t less the points like that. She Back off from her Decision.

Mynaa shares her point of view to him. Azeem didn’t coperate with her. Azeem says to her that he won’t accept this comments. He wrote scripts for them. They didn’t used it. When he suggested it to her she didn’t give heed to his effort. She showed her authority there. He didn’t said anything to her anymore about it. Dhanalakshmi says to her that she is also agreeing with Azeem. She didn’t let them suggest anything to her.

Kamal shares with housemates that he didn’t said his opinion to them because his comments shouldn’t influence them. He personally likes the drama of blind. He appreciates Mynaa and Manikandan for their act. He adds that he loved Vickraman, Ratchitha and Amudhavanan drama. They shared important message to the society. Housemates claps for them. Kamal says to them that it seems audience too liked his drama so they saved Vickraman. He thanks Kamal. He takes a short break.

Kamal says to Mynaa that many issues happened in her team. It was like Azeem vs Mynaa, Azeem vs Dhanalakshmi, Azeem vs Maheshwari. He will talk with Azeem later about it. Mynaa says that he didn’t coperate with her.

Kamal asks her whose opinion was changed. Mynaa says to him that mostly 7 person agreed to her points but his opinion was different in everything. She narrated the situation to him. Azeem says to Kamal that he had the experience to work in the media. He suggested them some idea. But Maheshwari isn’t ready to listen him. She was adamant in her decision. He didn’t tried to argue with them about it and back off from his position. Kamal says to them that when experienced person suggesting something they might accept it instead of deny it.

Dhanalakshmi says to him that she suggested Aysha name. But Azeem denied it. He asked her to shut her mouth and sleep. She doesn’t like his way of ordering her. Azeem clears with him that she suggested Aysha name for internal change over. He knew her well so he cleared to her Aysha didn’t changed. She is real here. He suggested Vickram name because he didn’t open up with anyone here. Dhanalakshmi didn’t agree to their points.

Kamal praises Azeem for his change in behaviour. Audience claps for him. Kamal adds that some housemates thought he already got a bad name. It’s easy to trigger him and ruin his image in front of everyone. But Azeem smartly control his anger. He didn’t throw any disrespectful way. He appreciates him and saved him from the eviction.

Later, Kamal advise Dhanalakshmi to leave her anger. She shouldn’t get angry like that for unnecessary reasons. He feels like she didn’t give a chance to others to make her understand it. She is adamant not to listen anyone. Dhanalakshmi assures him to change her behaviour. Kamal says to them let’s meet in another episode and leaves.

Episode end

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