Bigg Boss Tamil 6 29th October 2022 Written Update: Kamal confronts the Housemates

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 29th October 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters on stage and greets the audience. He says to audience that someone try to push or pull to open the door. Some people’s doesn’t have that basic knowledge. That is why everywhere Push and Pull board kept on door. Same incident happened in the house too. Let’s watch Friday episode.

Day 19 at 9.25 pm, Asal singing song for Shivin and Azeem who punished to stay in jail. Shivin sneaks out of jail. Asal claps for her. Queency informs to Bigg Boss that Shivin is violating the rules. She isn’t able to advise them. Please warn them.

At 1.50 am, Amudhavanan pretends like ghost possessed him. He is acting like fainted to scare Dhanalakshmi and other co contestants. Janani is not giving heed to him. But Dhanalakshmi runs from there. She wishes to go out of house in fear. Everyone consoles her and says its just prank.

Day 20 at 11.30 am, Bigg Boss announced to Azeem that his jail punishment is over. He asks Azeem to come out of jail. He informs Queency that she wants to release him but Shivin might stay inside reasoning she violate the rules.

Kamal starts talking with Housemates. He asks Queency about her captaincy? She says to him that it’s hard for her to maintain the house. She gave her best. Kamal says to her lets ask housemates about her captaincy. Vickraman says to him that she dis her best. She deal everything well. Azeem says that he saw drastic change in her. She dominated everyone there. Amudhavanan says that she got a chance to Mingle with everyone through her position. Robert says that she is younger one though she handled everything. Maheshwari says that she handled the pressure well. Ratchitha says that she used her authority well. She asked everyone to do their job correct. She liked her. Nivaa says that she loved her leadership. Kathir praises Queency’s captaincy and works. She helped other groups too. Its a best quality. Shivin adds that she solved many issues there. She is appreciating it. Kamal praises her captaincy.

Kamal says to them that he liked the ghost matter. He praised Amudhavanan acting. He adds that Shivin would have hated it because she got affected. She tells him that he didn’t hit her intentionally. Kamal shares his shooting spot incidents to them. He asks Dhanalakshmi to don’t believe ghost. He asks them how was their diwali? They shares to him that it was awesome. He takes a short break.

Kamal shares to audience that many issues happened in last week task. It seems he want to play Kurumpadam for housemates. Audience claps hearing it. Kamal asks them to stop clapping like this. He wants to maintain surprise there so they shouldn’t clap or laugh while he inquire them. Audience assured to him. He starts talking with Housemates. Kamal asks Queency to share about Neeyum Bommai and Naanum Bommai Task. She earned good marks from housemates. Queency says to him that strategy is good but few people got hurt in it. She was feeling sad for them. Kamal asks Robert to say about it. Robert says that task was good but Sherinaa and Nivaa got hurt. Azeem says to Kamal that Dhanalakshmi and Janany was in front of him. According to him Dhanalakshmi pushed her down because she was standing infront of him. He says that he is eye witness.

Sherinaa says that she got hurt in her head and leg. She doesn’t have clarity what happened on that day. But she is thinking Dhanalakshmi pushed her. She needs that clarification. She asks him to give that clarification to him. Azeem adds that it’s like a train. Everyone were standing in one hand distance. When she fall remaining people too fall behind her.

Kamal asks ADK to say what’s his observation in it? ADK says to him that he was busy to hold Vickram there along with Maheshwari. He said someone fall down. He thought he was trying to divert him. After saw co contestants are running near her they believed him. He didn’t see who pushed Sherinaa. Azeem carried Sherinaa to medical room. He lashed out at Dhanalakshmi in anger. He thought she pushed her down hearing his story. He believed him there. Asal says to him that Shivin, Janany and Sherinaa was there. He doesn’t know who pushed her down? But they behaved violent there. He asks Dhanalakshmi to explain her point of view.

Dhanalakshmi tells him that she didn’t push her down. Janany says that she was lost. She doesn’t remember what happened on that day. Everyone shares their point of view to Kamal. Dhanalakshmi tells him that she is damn sure she didn’t push her down. Kamal tells him that he took revenge on her in next round for it. It’s all started from that incident. Azeem says to him that he got angry when she threw his doll out. He asked them why didn’t they support Sherinaa when she fell down. Azeem says that Vickram says to him that he didn’t saw her head got hurt. Sherinaa says that even doctor said to her, head was swelled. Vickram clears that he said what he saw. He isn’t denying she was hurt.

Kamal says to Dhanalakshmi that she is strong in her point that she didn’t push her. She is ready to leave the house if they proved she was wrong. But she is expecting everyone wants to apologise to her if she is innocent. Her question is right but her expectations is wrong. Doesn’t they have self respect. Is she sure to apologise them if he proves her wrong. She nods to him. Kamal says to her that he will play a Kurumpadam for her. Everyone appreciates that. He takes a short break. Azeem says to Sherinaa that she is changing her stand now. Doesn’t she sure about that incident? She says to him that she needs clarity. Ayesha complaints to him that he mentioned strongly that he saw her pushing Sherinaa down.
He didn’t mention anything like that in front of Kamal. Azeem tells her that he saw her pushing down.

Kamal starts talking with housemates again about Kurumpadam. He asks Dhanalakshmi to think once again. Is she need that Kurumpadam. They are asking him to play the Kurumpadam. Kurumpadam plays there three times. Still housemates
are not understanding who pushed her? Kamal plays the video again. He asks them to watch the video careful. He reveals to them that Sherina is already in the stage of fall down. Then how will Dhanalakshmi push her down? Even Dhanalakshmi too fell down. It’s a game they are able to take it sportive. Sherinaa went to medical and take treatment. But she felt better when Amudhavanan playing. After his doll went missing she again fell sick. He demands Azeem to apologise to Dhanalakshmi for framed her unnecessary. Azeem apologize to her.

Kamal says to him that he is aware what will he say next? He wants to make his child proud. He doesn’t want to make him worry about him. Kamal says that he is warning him for his child. It’s his chance to change himself. Or else people will take their own decisions. Azeem and Sherinaa apologize to Dhanalakshmi. Sherinaa gives her explanation to him. Kamal saved Ratchitha from the eviction process.

Later, Kamal asks the housemates to talk with the doll. He adds that they are able to share their thoughts with that doll. Housemates finishes that task. Kamal saved Ayesha from the eviction process. He wide up the show after that. Housemates congratulates Ayesha.

Episode end

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