Bigg Boss Tamil 6 30th October 2022 Written Update: Asal Kolar Evicted from the house

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 30th October 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and geets the audience. He shares with audience that he noticed hesitation in few housemates face to take their first step. He is able to give hint to them. But it’s their duty to walk on that path. He greeted the housemates. Kamal shares with them that he noticed few housemates wanted to clear their doubts. He asks them to ask him what’s their questions or doubt? Let’s deal it straight. He asks Ayesha to share her opinion. Doesn’t she said to everyone that she doesn’t understand anything. Ayesha says to him that he mentioned her and Mynaa name yesterday. She didn’t said anything to her. Kamal clears with her that she was there when she fell down. That is why he mentioned her name nothing else. Ayesha tells him that she understands it now. He asks her to be careful with her surrounding. She isn’t giving concentration to what happening inside the house. He tells her that Bigg Boss team is considering about her health issues. He adds that not only for Ayesha but also for everyone in the house. He asks Sherina to share her opinion.

She says to Kamal that she just played her game but it went wrong. She learnt to give importance to her health first. Kamal tells her that health is important one. If they aren’t feeling well it’s better to quit then stopping others game. He asks Ayesha doesn’t she stopped Ratchitha’s game? Ayesha clears with him that she wanted to quit so she asked Sherinaa to hold her doll. She waited outside for her. But she noticed Ratchitha’s doll wasn’t picked up by anyone there. So she wish to place it in the tent. Ayesha asks him to don’t portray her like that. He says to her that he is portraying his role here.

Doesn’t they pre-planned to stop Ratchitha’s doll? Ayesha says to him that Azeem asked her to do it. She wanted to quit. That’s why she asked Sherinaa to hold her doll and wait outside. She will be out of the game automatically. She noticed that no one picked Ratchitha’s doll. Kamal asked her few questions in confusing way. Ayisha clears to him that she doesn’t have any intention to stop her. She tried to save her.

Kamal asks them to bring the blind fold from store room. They wants to give it to the their co contestants whom playing in blind fold here. Shivin gives it to Kathir reasoning he is diplomatic. Nivaa gives to Aysha reasoning she shouldn’t have influenced by Azeem. Sherinaa gives to Amudhavanan reasoning she played her own game. Queency, Robert and Amudhavanan gives blind fold to Sherinaa for influenced by others. Amudhavanan narrates the situation to Kamal. Janany gives the blind fold to Sherinaa. Dhanalakshmi gives the blind fold to Ayesha reasoning she isn’t like this from starting. Now a days she is with some group. She isn’t thinking in her own.

Robert clears with Kamal that he doesn’t want to influenced by Azeem. That is why he keeping distance from him. ADK gives blind fold to Vickram and narrated the situation to him. Kamal asks him why did he decided to give it the himself. He says that he trusted Azeem blind. Ram gives to Janany for dropping her energy. Ratchitha gives to ADK reasoning he is blinding believing Azeem. Asal gives to Janany for listened Shivin. Vickram give to Manikandan. Manikandan gives to Ratchitha reasoning she got influenced by Shivin. Kamal takes a short break. Ayesha cries thinking about the incident. Ratchitha clears with her that it was a trap. She was stuck in it. She advised her to don’t take it to heart. Sherinaa says to Ayesha that she played her own game. People are watching that’s it. She understood that no one will support her

Kamal enters into the stage after a short break. He discussed about luxury budget task. He asks Manikandan doesn’t he won 2 luxury budget task. Manikandan says to him that he got a onion eating task. Mynaa says that he asked her to take flour with mouth. He asked Nivaa and Shivin to say how was their feelings while taking rings from dustbin. Shivin says that
she didn’t find out the ring from it. It was big in size. Kamal saved Janany from eviction.

He appreciates ADK for immiated housemates in the house. He adds that housemates enjoyed his Humour nature. He asks him to imitate housemates in front of all one more time. ADK imitates. few housemates and make everyone laughs. Kamal appreciates him and asks him to continue it in house. He saved him from eviction. Housemates congratulates him. Kamal takes a short break. Shivin says to Vickraman that she is glad our thoughts are reaching to people. Ayesha says to Maheshwari that she showed pity to her but it’s turned against her. Maheshwari asks her to relax.

Kamal Hasan says to audience and housemates that many people are cleaning septic tank. Our government are talented enough to developed rocket but not offering a tool to clean the septic tank. Kerala offering that tool not Tamil Nadu. He is feeling pity for those people who cleaning it with their hand. He asks them to bring porcupine fruit there. He asks them to give it to one of the housemates. Who playing the safe game.

Shivin gives Porcupine to Mynaa reasoning she didn’t played her game. Nivaa gives it to Kathir reasoning he isn’t voicing out his opinion. Robert gives to Ram. Amudhavanan gives it to Ram reasoning he is using this house well. Maheshwari gives it to Ram reasoning he is ignoring it. Vickram gives it to Mynaa. Kathir says Robert name reasoning he isn’t active much. Ayesha gives it to Robert reasoning he is always spending time with chair. Ratchitha, Asal, Azeem, Janany, Manikandan, ADK mentions Kathir name. They gave same reason he wasn’t opening up. Kamal asks them why are they avoiding problems?

He advise to them that it’s hard to get ” Nogamal nungu thingrarthu”. They wants to open up and raise their voice when they feel something is wrong. He asks the nominated contestants to sit together. He asks the housemates who will be eliminated today? Asal says that he is confident that he will be saved. Maheshwari says that she is confident to be saved today. Azeem says to him that whatever he do here everything projecting wrong outside. Kamal says that his act only reflecting outside. Asal says that he doesn’t know why he is here?

Kamal ask the housemates to say who will be eliminated today? They mentioned Asal name mostly. Dhanalakshmi says that he wants to be in reasoning he shouldn’t go out with the guilty. Kamal saved Azeem and evicted Asal. Housemates gives a emotional send off to Asal. Nivaa cries after he went out. Housemates consoles her.

Kamal suggests the book to read. He welcomes Asal on stage. Kamal talks with him about his game play and plays his Bigg Boss house journey. He wishes all the best to him.

Episode end

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