Bigg Boss Tamil 7th January 2023 Written Update: Kamal congratulates Amudhavanan for winning the Ticket to Finale task

Bigg Boss Tamil 7th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He says to them Hard works pays off. Amudhavanan hardwork gave Finale Ticket to him. He advises them to work hard to achieve their dreams. He asks them to watch the Friday episode

Day 90 at 2.30 pm, Azeem reading Preethi book of happiness task information. This week captain ADK wants to choose any gift from Preethi book of happiness and gift that to his favourite housemates.

At 2.35 pm, ADK shares with housemates that he wanted to give this gift to Shivin. Housemates claps for him and says that it was a surprise for her too. Shivin goes near him. ADK says that she cooked well for them. It’s a small gift to her. He opens the book. Gas stove come in it.

At 2.40 pm, Store room bell rings Ratchitha reads the card. ADK gives the gas stove to Shivin. She thank him.

At 6.10 pm, Kathir gives the promotion for Country Delight cow milk. He reads about the information. Country delight cow milk is 100% pure cow milk. It’s taste better. He reads the new task for housemates from Country Delight cow milk. Housemates wants to answer the questions from Country Delight cow milk earns 10 points for each questions. They wants to cook payasam with that country delight cow milk.

Housemates wants to divide into two group. They wants to choose two judge. When questions asking they wants to press the buzzer to answer for it. Who is answering first will earn points. Cooking results should be given by it’s taste and presentation.

At 7.15 pm, Ratchitha and Azeem are judges. Shivin, Vickram, ADK are one team ( B), Mynaa, Amudhavanan and Kathir are team (A)

They asked 10 questions to both team. Team B answers the 5 right answered to their questions and won the task. Housemates claps for them.

At 7.30 pm, Store room bell rings. Ratchitha collects the country delight milk products from store room to cook payasam.

At 7.35 pm, Team A and Team B started cooking payasam. Then presentation it well.

At 8.20 pm, Azeem and Ratchitha are tasting their dishes. Vickram says that Country Delight milk coming to market after 72 quality check. Its taken from cow farm directly. They are able to order it from app. Azeem announced that both team presentation is good. Team A gave two varieties and its tasting better. Team B dish also good but they adds extra milkmaid in it. So it’s hard to taste more than three spoon. He announced Team A is the winner of this task.

Bigg Boss asks them to collect their gifts from store room. They will get one year subscription free. Judges will also gets free subscription for country delight milk.

Kamal greets the audience and starts talking with them. Housemates praises his look. He thank him. Kamal appreciates Amudhavanan for won the Ticket to Finale. He says that his hard work pays off. Amudhavanan thanks him. He says that he got special appreciation for won the task. But housemates gave tough competition to him

Kamal says that ADK become a captain of the house in 32nd week. What’s he thinking about it. ADK says that he was happy for it. Kamal asks the other housemates to say about it. Vickram says that many wishes to become a Captain of the house here. But they didn’t used it well there. According to him they didn’t argued there but pretending to be for a safe game. Shivin says that they were discussed about their merits and demerits there instead of argument. Kathir says that he felt it as a safe game nothing else. They were friends so they came to an mutual understanding it seems. Azeem says that he doesn’t want to argue with him. He wishes to solve the issues instead of dragging it big. Kamal laughs at him after hear it. He says that it’s surprising him because Azeem avoided arguements.

Kamal says to everyone that nomination take place in different way. He asks them to say about it. Shivin tells him that she said everything in 1 minutes. Ratchitha says that she used to take time to talk here. When he asked her to finish it briefly. She was break there and lost it. Amudhavanan says that he didn’t understand the concept. He thought it was a task and shared whatever he did inside the house with him. Later he understood it was a nomination process. ADK says that he found it as nomination process. They played a mental game with them. Though he couldn’t talk with him for more than 5 minutes.

Kamal says that Azeem talked with him for 1 hour 30 minutes. He even gave tough time to Bigg Boss. He learnt well how to talk on a stage. Bigg Boss take rest after heard his speech. Housemates laughs hearing it. Kamal adds that their conversation was a longer one comparing to others. Azeem says that everyone thought he would have left to home. Their inner thoughts exploded after he return home.

Kamal says to ADK that he said to Shivin that people kept her inside the house for some purpose or special reason. Kamal clears with him that she fought with them and entered into this week in her hard work. She is also equally talented to travel with them. No one giving special place to her inside or outside. Shivin thank him for his support. Kamal says that Transgender community doesn’t get their own rights from our society. But he is gurantee that Shivin didn’t get any special treatment. She is here because of her own hardwork. Kamal says that people saved her from eviction. Shivin thanks him and audience. Kank takes a short break

Kamal enters into the stage after a break. He asks 4 people to bring the things from the store room. He asks them to choose 4 words on board. Then housemates wants to write one person name who apt with that tags. Scapegoat, Joker, Good for nothing tag chose by Shivin. Vickram says these tags apts with Mynaa reasoning she isn’t taking things serious here and taking anything easily. Ratchitha gives that tag to Mynaa. Amudhavanan and Azeem gives that tag to Kathiravan. They gives special reason for it. Kathir accepts that tag and gives a reason for it. Mynaa says that she mentioned her name. Self tag. ADK says that this tag suits to Ratchitha reasoning others are making her as a joker here. She fell into others traps here. Shivi gives the tag to Munna. Most of them tagged her there.

ADK chooses silent killer, Fake and No backbone tags. Azeem, Ratchitha, Shivin and Amudhavanan choose Kathir name reasoning Kathir playing safe game here. He isn’t giving his opinion out. He is a residing his voice out. He is a silent killer. He says that he saw him using many sarcastic comments there. He is going silent there in most of the time to avoid problems. He is staying away ftom the problems in fear. Everyone chooses Kathir name.

Amudhavanan chooses Scapegoat, Joker and selfish task. Vickram gives that tag to Ratchitha reasoning she was trapped by others. She is selfish person she won’t help others. She is pretending to be cute here that was a joker. Shivin gives the tag to Azeem reasoning he is a selfish person. He suits to all these tags here.

Mynaa says that Azeem trying to supports others but he was stucked in all problems at the end. He needs attention from everyone. He was selfish in that matter. He is pretending to be hero here. It looks like a joker. ADK says Amudhavanan name got damages through Janany. He was trapped there. He was selfish because he wanted to win all the game. It’s a selfish motive. This game continues.

Episode end

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