Bigg Boss Tamil 7th November 2022 Written Update: A Busy day in the House

Bigg Boss Tamil 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins in Day 29 at 9.00am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Pathala Pathala” song for Kamal Hasan birthday special and greets each other. They wishes happy birthday to Kamal

At 9.10 am, Dhanalakshmi and Ratchitha are cutting the vegetables. Robert keeps staring Ratchitha which make her uncomfortable. Dhanalakshmi asks him to don’t enter the kitchen without taking bath to divert him.

At 9.30 am, Nivaa gives coffee to Vickraman. Queency says to him that he is getting royal treatment after he became a leader. She says to him that she is getting irritate to see him enjoying the coffee alone. Vickram tells her that he is aware of her intentions. He says to her that he wants to taste chocolate. She gives chocolate to him.

At 11.25 am, Nivaa and Queency are discussing about the weekend task. Queency says to Nivaa let’s play the interview task again. Nivaa questions her what’s her expectations when she entered into the show. She shares her answer to her. She asks Queency who is the toughest contestants in the house according to her? She mentions Vickram name reasoning he is a good talkative person. He is well aware how to impress people with his words. He is playing his smart game here.

At 11.45 am, Shivin asks Janany who ate in this bowl? Still food left in it. Janany shares with her that she didn’t eat in it. Her bowl is in her hand. She asks her to question others. Shivin inquires other Housemates too but no one answer to her properly. She says to Robert that they wants to play Kurumpadam to find out who left the food in bowl. They are not thinking about vessels washing team at all.

At 12.15 am, Ram says to ADK that Janany didn’t washed her bowl properly. ADK asks him to question Janany about it than. Ram says that it’s unnecessary one to him. He doesn’t want to create another drama here. ADK asks him to do his work quite. Ram asks him to talk with him properly. ADK complaints that he doesn’t know to create a conversation at all. Ram adds that he is getting angry on him unnecessary. He just said it to him Because he was near him. ADK says that he was irritated to talk with him so he won’t do it anymore. Ram asks him to stop creating another drama.

At 12.20 pm, Janany reading the new captain task. Mynaa, Amudhavanan, Robert wants to play this task. Who is staying more in sky board will be the captain of the house.

At 12.30 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to get ready for the task. Robert falls down first and out of the game. Mynaa pushes Amudhavanan down. Housemates appreciates her idea. Bigg Boss congratulates Mynaa for become a captain of the house. He asks her to choose the group while sitting in garden area. Mynaa nods to him.

At 12.35 pm, Robert, Ratchitha, Shivin, Azeem are in kitchen team. Shivin is the captain of Kitchen team. Manikandan, Queency, Kathir are bathroom cleaning. Queency is captain of this team. Amudhavanan, Janany, Vickraman, Dhanalakshmi are house cleaning. Janany is the captain of the team. ADK, Ram, Nivaa and Maheshwari are vessels washing team. Ram is the captain of the team.

Mynaa says to them that she will join in every team. She wants to discuss with every captain at night about their team performance. Vickram asks her to talk with housemates too. She asks them to share with her everything.

At 12.45 pm, Amudhavanan says to Robert that he didn’t expected her to push him down. He thought game is different one. If pushing other is the game then he would have finished the game in fraction of seconds. It’s totally disappointed one. Robert says that Shivin gave the idea to push him. Shivin says that she asked Amudhavanan to push Robert but Mynaa got alert and pushed his down.

At 1.55 pm, Amudhavanan shares to Janany that he lost in a simple game. He didn’t expected it. Dhanalakshmi says that pushing down was mentioned in that task book.

At 1.10 pm, Manikandan and Queency goes to the bathroom. Manikandan asks her to just order him he will fulfill her command. Queency asks him to remove the clothes from the couches. They are cleaning the bathroom.

At 1.25 pm, Store room bells rings there. Queency opens the door and shouts in excitement seeing Kamal Hasan sent Mutton Biriyani to housemates. Housemates wishes Happy birthday to Kamal and thank him for his treat.

At 1.30 pm, Janany advise Aysha to be the captain of her life. She shouldn’t show her weak side to anyone here. She wants to be strong and noisy here. But don’t go to any extreme like Azeem. She shouldn’t break the cups like her too. She wants to portray herself as a strong person at least. She adds that she is able to act like strong to others. Don’t trust anyone here. She adds that everyone were busy to send someone out and talk with Kamal. So she wants to fight for herself.

At 2.10 pm, Shivin says to Robert that he isn’t allowed to talk about other stuffs but she will listens to task.

At 2.30 pm, Aysha asks Mynaa to allot one group for her. She asks her to join in cleaning team. She asks Janany to fix Aysha as their team captain. She nods to her. Aysha leaves to eat the lunch.

At 3.00 pm, Shivin says to Amudhavanan that table isn’t cleaned yet. He gets irritated to see Vickraman sleeping. He adds that he is good in speech but failed to do the household works. He isn’t able to accept him simply eating and sleeping here. He wants to ask the Bigg Boss whether it’s wrong or right to sleep in the house. He is controlling his sleep not to get a negative points. But he is breaking the rules here. He would have teach a lesson to him if Mynaa didn’t pushed him down.

At 3.30 pm, Azeem making fun of ADK. They gets into the serious topic when ADK brings Tamil topic. Azeem says that he shouldn’t complaint about Tamil in Tamil Nadu. ADK says that he wasn’t looking down on Tam because he was also a Tamilan. He asks him to stop talking with him.

At 3.45 pm, Dhanalakshmi wins in the scratch card. She gets a task to give free advise to everyone in the house.

At 4.40 pm, Dhanalakshmi asks Robert to come out of kitchen sometimes. She asks Maheshwari to ignore negativity. She asks Aysha to be bold and prove herself. She asks Vickram to listen to others and talk with them understanding their character. She asks ADK to be straightforward. She advise Ram to stop complaining that housemates sent him to jail and analys his mistake and correct it.

At 4.45 pm, Vickram and Vickraman clears the misunderstanding between each other

At 5.00 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to arrange in the living area. He asks them to nominate two person for eviction process with a valid reason. Mynaa is the captain of the house. So they shouldn’t nominate her. He asks Manikandan to come inside.

Manikandan nominates Ayesha for not being prepared for the show. Vickram for not doing his household works. Ratchitha nominates Ayesha for home sick and ADK for being a confused person. Kathir nominates Vickram for not doing household works. Dhanalakshmi for getting angry for unnecessary reasons. Maheshwari nominates Ram for not opening up with anyone. Aysha for being alone. Nivaa nominates Ayesha and Ram for being less active. Ram nominates Maheshwari for getting angry on others. Aysha for not prepared for the game. Janany nominates ADK for being fake and Nivaa for not mingling with others. Robert nominates Azeem for being over confidence and ADK for humiliates others. Shivin nominates Maheshwari and Azeem. Azeem nominates Maheshwari for not listening to others. Dhanalakshmi for targetting him. Queency nominates ADK for being fake and Dhanalakshmi for her anger. ADK nominates Queency for not following the rules and Janany for breaking the things. Dhanalakshmi nominates Ram for using health as a strategy, Vickram for advising everyone unnecessary. Vickram nominates Ratchitha for being fake and Aysha for being weak. Amudhavanan nominates Azeem and ADK for backbiting. Aysha nominates Amudhavanan for escaping from the nomination and Robert for passing time. Mynaa nominates Ram for being fake and Aysha is weak in the house.

At 6.35 pm, Bigg Boss announced Aysha, Azeem, Vickram, ADK, Maheshwari, Ram, Dhanalakshmi, are nominated for the eviction process

Episode end

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