Bigg Boss Tamil 8th January 2023 Written Update: Ratchitha eliminated from the Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Tamil 8th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Azeem shares with the housemates that he won’t talk with anyone after argued with him here. He won’t talk or ask sorry until he leave from this house. Ratchitha says that he isn’t saying he won’t stop arguing with others but assuring us he won’t talk. Housemates laughs at him. Azeem says that he won’t back off from his decision. He will definitely argue with them. Vickraman says that his sorry also not accepted.
Kamal Hasan enters into the stage and greets the audience. He shares with the audience that housemates are apologizing for fake. They are tolerating them because they want to stay under same roof until this show end. But he couldn’t tolerate them after seeing their tolerance. He says that they shouldn’t tolerate friends. It’s not real friendship. He needs acceptance not tolerance.

He advises them ” Do Not Tolerate but Accept it”. Housemates are not giving a good message to this society. Let’s teach them what’s tolerance. He starts talking with the housemates. He says to them that he heard some people aren’t satisfied with the pairing in Ticket to Finale task. Azeem says that they chose their partners comparing to their weight. She mentions Shivin and Ratchitha’s name. Shivin says that how will she compare her weight with her? Both gave a tough competition with each other. She even played with everyone here.

ADK says that he chose Vickram in the game because he thought he will be a comfortable partner in the game. But unexpectedly he was strong in the game. He even broke his hand. He didn’t expected that from him. He was a tough competitor. Vickram says that Amudhavanan refuses to play with Azeem in the task. He was also a strong competitior comparing to Azeem. So he doesn’t know why did he denied him. Kamal asks him what he is thinking about his act? Vikram says that he doubted his intentions there. Amudhavanan explains that he played with him in that game. First he denied when only few people are left. Though they won 1-1 in match.

Kamal asks to ADK he often mentioned personally attacking inside the house. He said it with Mynaa. Who is personally attacking here? ADK says that many people are personally attacking here. He hesitates to talk it out. Kamal tells him that he doesn’t have clarity to speak here. He said it clearly with Mynaa. ADK says that he is often forgetting things. Kamal says that Mynaa will help him to remind it.

Kamal asks Mynaa to remind him. Mynaa shares with him that he said to her those who keeping the things in their mind and bursting it out on right time is personal attack. Kamal talks her he doesn’t need the explanation of it. He demands her to mentions the list of the contestants he said to her. Mynaa pretends like she don’t remember it. She asks him did he asking her? Kamal comments on her act in sarscasm.

ADK says that he said to Mynaa what Amudhavanan showed on Mani was personal attack. He narrates a situation with him. ADK adds that Azeem personally attacked here. He mentioned yesterday incidents to him as an example. Azeem denies it. Kamal tells him that he will definitely listen to him so just wait. Vickram says to Kamal that Azeem personally attacks everyone by using others professions. He pretends like he knew everything and complaints.

Kamal asks Azeem to explain about it. Azeem tells him that ADK has the same character. He was also personally targetting others. What happened on royal Museum Task also a good example. He commented bad about him on that day. He didn’t said it out until he got a good opportunity. He bursted out on that day. It was clearly shown that he kept those things in his mind. He has baggage. Azeem says that he said about Amudhavanan. He isn’t able to accept a failures. He will do anything for victory. He also said about Shivin. She is a stubborn one. She will never give heed to others words.

Kamal asks him does he trying to say ADK also personally targetting in this house. Azeem nods with him. ADK says that he is accepting his words. He cleared to us what did he said to him. But he wants to share with everyone about Azeem too. He commented about each and every housemates in this house. He personally targeted everyone here. He saw it with his own eyes how he is targetting Ratchitha here. Azeem says that he used to say it out how much he midunderstood Ratchitha. Nothing is there to hide in it.

ADK says that he was disturbing him. He shouldn’t interrupt in his conversation. He talked about Amudhavanan, Shivin and Kathir too. Only counted people escaped from him it seems. He backbited about others here. Ratchitha says that she heard it many times. He was personally attacking her in front of everyone. She knew well how much he backbite about her personal life.

Shivin says that ADK used to backbite about others. He passes bad joke and comments. He doesn’t think whether it’s hurts others or not. But he was taking everything personally when someone argued with him or makes fun of him. Amudhavanan keeps such things in his heart and show it out when time comes. Vickram says that he saw Azeem and ADK doing this things here. Kathir says that Azeem trying to give a tag to him that he was playing a safe game. He knew it well that he gave valid reason when he accused him. But Azeem is trying to project him as a safe gamer.

Kamal shares with the housemates that everyone have different nature and character. They are worshipping different god. They are forgetting the things when he asking them about it. But they are remembering the things and using the incidents to fight with others. Kamal advises them to stop tolerating others and accept it. When someone advise to change their wrong behaviour try to change it instead of arguing for it. They are not saying sorry genuinely. They are saying sorry like good morning.
He advised them to stop the person whom committing mistake on the spot. They are closing their eyes on that time and using that situation when they are arguing. He asks them to don’t tolerate. Kamal takes a short break.

Kamal enters into the stage after a break. Kamal starts talking with the housemates. He says that one person will definitely win this title with people’s vote. He asks housemates to mention a person name who don’t deserve this title. Shivin mentions Azeem name reasoning he isn’t playing his own game, instead he was disturbing others game. Kamal nods with her.

Mynaa mentions Azeem name reasoning he was disturbing others game. ADK mentions Azeem name reasoning he isn’t considering about others dignity. He is degrading others. Amudhavanan mentions Mynaa name reasoning she didn’t gave tough competition like others. Ratchitha says that Azeem is degrading others. He shouldn’t give a bad message to the audience. People shouldn’t be confused that they are able to win the show following him. Audience claps for him. Azeem mentions Ratchitha’s name reasoning she isn’t opening up with others.

Kathir says that he hopes he will be in finals but he won’t win the title. He isn’t keeping his decorum here. Vickraman says that Azeem asking sorry like eating chocolate. He is setting a wrong example to this society. He is degrading others. He is throwing words at others without thinking others. He isn’t regretting his mistakes. He even said to them that he won’t stop arguing with others. He is looking down on others here. According to him he is setting a wrong example to others. As a person like Azeem didn’t deserve this title. Later, Azeem gives a explanation to him.

Kamal asks the Nominated person to sit there. He asks the housemates who will be evicted from this house. Most of them mentioned Mynaa name. Kamal asks Mynaa and Ratchitha to open the suitcase. Ratchitha name is in it. Housemates gives a emotional send off to her. Kamal plays her journey video on stage. He wishes best of luck to her. Ratchitha thank him and leaves.

Episode end

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