Bigg Boss Tamil 9th November 2022 Written Update: Clashes between Dhanalakshmi and Manikandan

Bigg Boss Tamil 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 30 at 1.45 am, Buzzer plays inside the house. Both teams rushed to take the products from the container. They are pushing each other to collect it. Manikandan complaints to Amudhavanan that products didn’t reach to belt yet. But they are inserting their hand inside not allowing others to take it. Bigg Boss announced to them that they shouldn’t insert their hands inside the container. Ratchitha snatched the products from Manikandan. He complaints to her that they shouldn’t do like that. Then he will start steal their things. Vickram takes their products from there. Ratchitha shows their products to camera.

At 2.00 am, Store room bell rings. Vickram goes to collect the products from the store room. Shivin alerts Dhanalakshmi to go bring him or else he will take their products too. Dhanalakshmi follows him and snatched her products from him. Vickram clears to her that he doesn’t have any intention to take their products. Just helped them to deliver it to them. Dhanalakshmi says to Shivin that he tried to steal their products.

Buzzer plays there. Both team members rushed to collect the products from the container. Shivin signals Dhanalakshmi to steal Vickram’s stall sweets. Maheshwari warns them to don’t dare to take their items. She starts concentrating on her team. Dhanalakshmi steals opponent stalls sweets and hides it in their stall. After the buzzer turns off. Mynaa and Maheshwari find out that sweets was missing. Mynaa complaints to Shivin it’s not good to steals others sweets. It’s not mentioned in the rule book. Maheshwari argues with Dhanalakshmi for stole their sweets. Her team members Manikandan, ADK and Vickram supports her arguing with Dhanalakshmi. Amudhavanan assured them to return their sweets to solve the issue. Manikandan warns them it’s not a fair play. Amudhavanan lashes out at Shivin and Dhanalakshmi for stealing others sweets. Who ordered them to steal it? He didn’t suggested them to steal others things. He gets angry on them for taking decisions in their own.

Ram complaints to Amudhavanan that Vickram tore their covers. Amudhavanan says to Vickram that he shouldn’t have tore their cover for it. Manikandan asks him how could they stole their sweets? Amudhavanan says that they returned it to them. They needs new cover in return. Ram collects the cover from them. Dhanalakshmi complaints that Vickram was blocking her from collecting the products. Maheshwari says that it’s the game. They shouldn’t bring it to sweets stall. Dhanalakshmi says that she will block them then. Maheshwari says that she will steal their sweets too in returns.

At 2.35 am, Next buzzer plays there both teams rushed to take their products. Manikandan gets angry when Ram pushed him. ADk registered it too.

At 2.55 am, Janany is checking the quality of their sweets. Next buzzer plays there. Both teams are busy in pushing each other to take the products. Dhanalakshmi falls down in it. Manikandan snatched the box from her hand. Ram says that it’s wrong to snatch it from her hand. Dhanalakshmi tries to steal the sweets from their sweet stalls in anger. Amudhavanan convinced her to don’t do it. Dhanalakshmi says to him how dare him to snatch the box from her hand? Both end up in an argument. Manikandan gets Furious when she talked with him in an disrespectful way. Azeem trying to control Dhanalakshmi by saying camera is watching her. Maheshwari dragging Manikandan from there. But both are having verbal war. Dhanalakshmi says to him that everything was covered in the camera. He pushed her down. He says that he doesn’t care about her false accusations. He only snatched the box from her. She triggering him to beat her. Manikandan understands her game plan and says to her she was doing this to register him as bad in front of Kamal. She is triggering him to beat her. Amudhavanan asks Dhanalakshmi to stop this and concentrate on their work.

Dhanalakshmi isn’t ready to leave the matter and arguing with Manikandan. Dhanalakshmi asks them who saw him pushed her down. Maheshwari asks her to stop creating a issue by asking such questions. Mynaa says to them that even Ratchitha snatched the box from them and returned to her. They will also return them. Amudhavanan says it’s not wrong to snatch the box so leave this matter. Dhanalakshmi isn’t stopping it. He isn’t less giving fitting reply to her in the same tone. They somehow solved the issue. Azeem says to him that Dhanalakshmi getting break down emotionally.

At 3.10 am, Manikandan clears to Dhanalakshmi that he didn’t pushed her but snatched the box from her. Dhanalakshmi says to him that she didn’t talked with him in disrespective way. Manikandan says that she is younger then him how could she treat him in such way? Dhanalakshmi says that if he raise his hand to beat her then she will also raise her hand on him. She doesn’t care about anything. Vickram advise Manikandan to leave this matter. Whatever she tried to provoke him he shouldn’t fall in that trap. It’s just a game show. Just keep it in his mind. His name will be spoil. Manikandan narrated the situation to him.

At 3.40 am, Bigg Boss starts the timer to pack their boxes. Azeem advises them to pack their box slowly. Just counting started.

At 4.00 am, Azeem and Janany are going to do the Quality check to Ada Then Adai Team. They passed 315 items from their team.

At 4.10 am, Kanna Laddu thinga asaya team passed 211 items.

At 5.25 am, Vickraman is counting the Bigg Boss currency. He is planning to divide the money for labours. Mynaa advise him to play conscious. If anyone gets hurt they will definitely help them. He shouldn’t worry about it. Mynaa adds that they didn’t break the rules yet.

Day 31 at 10.00 am, morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Ninaippathe vetri thaane” then greets each other

At 10.30 am, Dhanalakshmi narrated to Aysha what happened at night. Aysha gets surprised to hear that they earn 6000 points in a single task. Meanwhile, ADK discussing about the yesterday fight inbetween Dhanalakshmi and Manikandan. Robert says to him that he shouldn’t raise his voice like that. It’s unnecessary. Doesn’t he said to Kamal that she was young. Manikandan says to him that she is younger than him. How could she treat him in a irrespective way? Meanwhile, Dhanalakshmi says to Kathir that after he argued with her was inquiring about her health for camera. She doesn’t need his fake concern.

At 11.05 am, Mynaa says to Maheshwari that Manikandan demanding extra money to Vickram for his effort. Maheshwari says that it’s the matter between owner and labour. They aren’t able to poke they head in it. Mynaa mentions that point increased now. Maheshwari picks an argument with her over this issue.

At 11.30 am, Shivin asks Amudhavanan to give salary to her. Dhanalakshmi asks her to don’t demand 1000 to her. Shivin asks her to give 800. She says to her that nothing will left in her hand then. She will give 500 each to per head. Shivin says that she promised to give 800 to her after decreasing Ram amount. Finally they decided to give 800 to her. Dhanalakshmi asks her to fire then. Here, Vickraman offers 300 to each. Maheshwari disappointed with it.

At 12.20 pm, Ram says to Amudhavanan that he doesn’t like the way they are bargaining for money.

At 1.10 pm, Fire and Hire session going on there. Housemates are giving application to both team. Vickraman swaps Nivaa. Manikandan apologize to everyone for his mistake. He assured them to don’t repeat it. Dhanalakshmi apologize to them. She appreciates Ram for his work. Dhanalakshmi doesn’t like ADK mentioned about Saturday episode. Housemates gives their suggestions to him. ADK says to them that he doesn’t want to offend anyone.

At 1.30 pm, Vickram reads the new information from the Bigg Boss. They got new order from the Bigg Boss.

At 2.00 Buzzer plays there. Both team rushes to take the products. Verbal war raise between the both team members.

At 2.25 pm, Dhanalakshmi warns Vickram team that she will hold the person who blocks them. Vickram says that they are not giving space to them to take the products. Vickram says that she shouldn’t say like that. How could you tear others dress? She says to him that she didn’t said like that because her dress misplaced. She adjusted it. Vickram asks her to wear the comfortable dress while playing game. Dhanalakshmi says that he shouldn’t order her what to wear or not wear.

At 3.25 pm, Mynaa creates issues when Maheshwari failed to cook food. Maheshwari demands her to question the cooking team. Stop picking fights with her unnecessary. Both ends up arguing with each other over this issue. Mynaa complaints that she is a captain of the house. She should have informed her about it. She would have alerted some alternative to cook. Later, Mynaa and Maheshwari solves the misunderstanding between them.

Episode end

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