Bigg Boss Tamil Finale 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Azeem won the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 title

Bigg Boss Tamil 22nd January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with throw back days episode edits plays for audience. DJ team give grand welcome to the ex-contestant on stage. Ex-contestant dances on stage. Audience claps for them. They arranged in their alloted seat. After that, Drums and other instruments plays on the stage. Traditional dancers grandly welcome host Kamal Hasan on stage. He appreciates the dancers for their amazing work. He greets the audience and ex-contestants. He shares with them it’s a game show. One person going to win the title. They showed their anger, tears, kindness in this show.

Kamal says that three people walked out of the house without meeting him on the stage. Kathir, Mynaa and Amudhavanan enters in the stage. Kamal asks Kathir why did he took that 3 lakhs amount and walked out of the house? Kathir says that he came here to win people hearts. He had a thought may be he won’t win the title. He doesn’t mind about the prize amount and walked out of the house taking the money box. Kamal asks him doesn’t he noticed the prize money increased after that. Kathir tells him that he doesn’t care about money. He isn’t regretting for it. His family gave sent off to him. But many people waited outside to welcome him. He is happy for that love.

Amudhavanan says to Kamal that he won the ticket to Finale. But he loose his hope after ex-contestants opinion. He thought that he won’t win the title. So, he took the amount and walked out of the house. Mynaa tells him that he already promised him that he won’t take the money box. He fulfilled his wish. Apart from that her husband challenged her to come in top 4. He did it as he wished. Amudhavanan and Kathir decision helped her for it. Kamal shares with them that he never forgot the root of him. He tried hard to reach this level and get the fame. But this platform giving same fame to the participants. He didn’t get the chance like them in his period. May be he would have reached this position early. Kamal plays Kathir’s journey video. Kamal takes a short break.

Manikandan and Queency give a dance performance on the stage. Kamal says to Ex-contestants, may be they watched their game after got evicted. How was it? He asks Robert about it? Robert tells him that he felt good. He got few projects. Kamal asks Mynaa doesn’t she went out yesterday. Doesn’t she used her mobile? Mynaa tells him that she don’t like to use mobile. Kamal tells her it’s a good habit. He suggests her to read the newspaper. Kamal says to them that usually ex-contestants motivate the housemates. But this time ex-contestants showed their baggage on them. Maheshwari tells him that it’s not intentional one. But that house vibe was like that. She couldn’t sit quiet there. Kamal says to him let’s leave this topic on grand finale. Asal tells him that many people are recognizing him now. Usually people recognise his song but not him. It’s changed now. Amudhavanan tells him that he came to this show to win people’s heart. Many people forgot him after he took a break. After he saw his AV he felt proud. He did his role well here.

Ratchitha says that many people identified her as a serial character. But they are identified her as Ratchitha now. She loves this warm welcome. Janany tells him that she didn’t return to her home yet. But she heard people response were good. She is happy for recieved more opportunities here. Nivaa tells him that he received good response outside. Lots of positive response. Queency says that parents understood her better. They understands her mental stability. They are trusting her more.

Sherinaa tells him that she received many opportunities outside. She is happy for such positive response. Aysha tells him that people recognized her as Aysha now. They used to mention her with serial character. She apologized to him if she hurts him anywhere. He tells her its hard to hurt him. He adds that he is aware that she didn’t meant it. He takes a short break.

Camera focusing on the top 3 finalist. Crowd shouts for them. Kamal congratulates them. Kamal asks them how are they feeling seeing the empty house? Shivin tells him that pin drop silence here. She feels like it’s a different house. Vickram tells him that he feels like he is vacating his house. Azeem repeats the same. Kamal tells him it’s normal to miss the house. Time is passing soon. Kamal asks them are they ready to stay inside the house few more days. Vickram and Shivin nods negatively reasoning they are mentally prepared to leave. How are they feeling at this moment? Few hours left to announce the results. They shares with him everything on people’s hand. They will accept their decision. Kamal takes a short break.

Sakthi and his team giving special performance for the top 3 Contestants. They are enjoying Sakthi and his team songs. Sakthi asks them to suggest their favourite songs. He will sing for them. Bigg Boss asks Vickram to sing first. Vickraman sings for him.
Sakthi congratulates them to win the title. Finalist are enjoying the special dinner together. Azeem thank Bigg Boss for the delicious dinner.

Kamal shares with them that he is excited to see the results. He will be happy for their victory. He wants to remind this that it’s not the final victory to them. Kamal Hasan enters into the house surprised the finalist. They understands it’s pre recorded. Kamal gives the special gift for the top 3 finalist. They gets emotional seeing it. They thank him for such beautiful words for them. Kamal asks them what are they going to do after they win the title? Azeem tells him that he wants to enter into the cine field. Shivin tells him that she doesn’t know whether she get job or not? She quit the job for this show. Kamal assures her that she will definitely get the job. Vickram tells him that he is going to work for people. Kamal advises Shivin to raise her voice for her community people. Kamal takes picture with the top 3 Contestants.

He takes them to garden area. Kamal asks them to place their hands on finger print scanner. Trophy comes there. Kamal shares with them that he is giving a chance to them to talk with it. He takes his leave. Shivin, Azeem, Vickram opens up with that trophy.

Kamal asks the audience to share with him about their opinion about this show. In which basic they are giving votes for them? They answers him for entertainment purposes. They are giving votes for their honesty first and entertainment next. Kamal interacts with the audience.

Later, ADK gives a special rap performance on the stage. Everyone claps for him. Kamal shares with them that Bigg Boss team announces few awards for them. “Miga Periya porali” pattam going to Dhanalakshmi. Dhanalakshmi gets excited to hear it. Confidence title award to Shivin. Ganniyam award goes to Azeem. Than Munaippu award goes to Azeem. Entertainer award goes to Amudhavanan. Hardworker award goes to ADK. He received the award ans tells him it’s the first medal he is receiving his life. Storm award goes to Maheshwari. Maheshwari thank him. Later, Asal gives a rap performance.

Top 3 Contestants enters on the stage. They interacts with the audience. Shivin ends up second runner up. Kamal announced Azeem as the title winner of Bigg Boss house. Vickram ends up runner up of the season. Azeem collects the trophy from Kamal. Kamal welcomes the finalist parents on stage. Kamal wishes best of luck to the participants

The end

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