Bigg Boss Tamil: Thamarai shares her grief to housemates

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Bigg Boss show is very famous among the fans. This show launched in Tamil and 4 seasons were completed successfully. Now the 5th season kick-started on October 3 hosted by Kamal Hasan. About this show, 18contestants were locked in the house for 106 days without contacting their family and friends. Those contestants wanna do each and every task without fail to survive inside the house. Those who getting huge votes from contestants will go for eviction. But whom getting less votes from audience will evicted from the house permanently.

In the first promo Thamarai shares to housemates that her family didn’t show her son to her. She went search for him. But she doesn’t know what did they said to him he is not ready to go with her stayed with them. It’s has been 6 months she didn’t see him at all. She loves him a lot if she don’t say it here then he won’t come to know it. She needs her son that’s why she is here to save her son.

In the second promo Abhishek says to housemates that he has faith on god. Raju says to Annachi that some people are like whether they need it or not but they will make them buy the things. He is in that category. He resembles like that in beginning. Abhishek adds that his dad’s blood is in every brick of his house. He didn’t cheated anyone to build that. Raju says to Annachi that something similar to his story. Annachi says that his one line made him emotional. Abhishek says that how many times he fall down also he will get up again and again.

In the third promo Abhishek says to Thamarai that it’s many audience to bring her to this house. Definitely her story will reach to everyone. One day she will get her son back nothing to worry. She will get audience support.

What’s the new game and strategy is waiting for us in the Bigg Boss today episode. Stay tuned with our space for more updates and information about the task and gameplay inside the house.