Bigg Boss Telugu 14th October 2021 Written Update: Siri and Kajal are out of the Captaincy task for not fulfilling their responsibilities

Bigg Boss Telugu 14th October 2021 Written Update on

Day 38

08:30 PM

The buzzer comes and the house mates stop makihg the dolls. Kajal counts the doll. Bigg Boss says that now the Bigg Boss Doll factory task has ended. He says the house mates should tell him how many dolls does they have. He asks Siri and Kajal to tell him after counting the dolls. Siri tells Kajal that they are calling their actions favouratism. Siri says she won’t accept them to Shwetha. Ravi says he is counting them. Kajal says they didn’t protect whatever he has approved. Ravi says she is misusing her power as the manager. Kajal and Siri get into an argument as they both didn’t agree with each other.

09:15 PM

Shwetha tells Kajal that they were keeping efforts and we’re working on the dolls. Kajal says that she us not okay with the dolls as they failed to protect them and the task is about all these. Lobo says she is preparing all these rules by herself. Kajal asks him not to say anything. Lobo says he will shout. Ravi says that she should count and decide. Kajal says the dolls should be the way they were when she accepted them. Ravi asks to leave it as Shwetha and Lobo argue with her.

09:30 PM

Shree Rama Chandra says that they should make a deal if they wants that the manager participates in the task. They all laugh making fun of the events unnthe task. Siri goes to Shanmukh and Ravi, she tells them about whatever has happened.

09:45 PM

Bigg Boss asks Siri and Kajal to say how many dolls they have accepted in teams. Kajal says team red seventeen. Team green twenty five. Siri throws few of the dolls into the box. She asks them not to talk and let her do her work. Siri says blue team seventeen.

10:00 PM

Bigg Boss calls Vishwa, Shree Rama Chandra and Shwetha. He tells them that they have got a special power and it’s time to use the power. He asks them to say their decision. They get a chance to throw half of the dolls in the reject box. Priya goes to yellow team and takes half of the dolls from them. Siri hugs Shanmukh.

10:45 PM

Bigg Boss says to the house mates that he wants to say something. He says that the few of the house mates has broken the most important rule of the hose. He says Shwetha and Lobo has cut the pillows of the house for the dolls for cotton. He says that he has hoped for the managers to fulfill their responsibilities well and stop them from damaging the property of the house. He says that the managers would have stopped them but that didn’t happen hence the property got damaged hence the green team and the managers Siri and Kajal are out of the captaincy task. Priya says to Shwetha that she has lied when she has asked about the cotton as to from where she is getting it. Bigg Boss says that the Bigg Boss house lo Bommala Factory task ends here. Sunny lifts Anne in his arms and Manas dances with them. Three of them hug each other happily. Priyanka consoles Siri and asls her to be strong and give her best. Ravi says to Lobo that he would have thought whether he can do it or not and then he would have acted on it instead of doing something like this. Priya says to Ravi that he tells People but then he has done the same mistake and she didn’t expect this from him. Shwetha says she has done it along with Lobo and even Ravi knew about it. She says that honestly they all are responsible about it. Vishwa says he can’t understand it. Kajal says even they are struck. He says that her chance has missed. Siri and Kajal both apologise to Bigg Boss saying they failed as managers.

11:00 PM

Shanmukh says to himself that he doesn’t understand what is happening in the house. Jessie says to Shwetha that Kajal has been trying hard from three weeks. Shwetha says she has done wrong and she accepts it. She says even she got the punishment and the hard work she has done for the two days has gone in vain but what Lobo said is not right.

11:30 PM

Sunny asks Bigg Boss to give him a one chance to become a captain. He says he has been trying a lot and asking everyone a lot to support him so that he can become the captain but no one is listening to him. He says he will entertain him a lot if he becomes the captain of the house.

Day 39

09:30 AM

The house mates wake up to the Spotify advertisement and then the song Chalore Chalore Chal. They all dance near the swimming pool in the garden. They all wish Bigg Boss Good Morning.

10:15 AM

Priyanka is with Jessie and Shanmukh in the kitchen. Priyanka tells them that from now on she will become the captain and will give her best. She says that everyone is asking her to focus on the game. Jessie says to her that one wins atleast one if they focuses on the game and asks her whether she has won atleast once.

10:30 AM

Shwetha says that she has gone into the guilt mode when he has said how did this happen. She says it didn’t go well with her.

10:45 AM

Priyanka asks Kajal whether she feels she is doing over. Kajal says that she is seeing more love for Manss and not for herself. She says she is caring more for Manas than herself. She asks her what she has done for him. Kajal says that this is the only place where she can be herself.

11:00 AM

Kajal says to Priya that Vishwa is a good human. Priya says he is selfish and attention seeker which she is noticing from the time she has become the captain.

02:00 PM

Shanmukh says to Jessie that there is no need for him to say paragraphs to others. He says it will turn in to him. Shanmukh asls Siri to leave and not to do extras. Siri leaves from there.

02:30 PM

Jessie asks Shanmukh to call her. Shanmukh says Manas is playing safe game. He says Sunny is shouting. Jessie says a good friend stops their friend from doing something wrong but he didn’t. Shanmukh says she is doing over and goes to Siri. He apologises to her.

03:00 PM

Kajal tells Manas that there are three people behind him. She tells him that she feels that Priya is posessive about him. Manas asks her whether she is saying the truth to which she agrees.

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