Bigg Boss Telugu 14th September 2021 Written Update: The task for captaincy

Bigg Boss Telugu 14th September 2021 Written Update on

Day 09

09:45 AM

The inmates wake up to the song Mukabala. They all dance in the garden near the pool. They all wish Bigg Boss Good Morning.

10:00 AM

Shree Rama chandra tells Anne that after yesterday they got to know how all of them are. Shwetha tells Sunny that it will take some time for her.

10:30 AM

Lobo whistles for Priyanka and she asks don’t he have minimum common sense. He says that she has put fire here that his boys are in the hospital. She asks him to shut up and the apologises.

10:45 AM

Kajal tells Hamida that she felt bad. They both hug each other. Hamida asks her whether she likes tea soo much. Kajal says it’s not about liking and when asked she said no on her face. Hamida says she didn’t mean to hurt her. Kajal says the vibe is not setting for her with herself. Kajal says she is not feeling good from the moment she woke up.

11:15 AM

Vishwa tells the house mates that the apples will be in the freezee morning and if they wants to eat, they can take and eat. They can eat whenever they wants because they have to saggregate for seven days. Uma says then he should say. Vishwa says in the breakfast time most of them are gymming, getting ready. Uma says when she counted there is nine bananas are missing. Vishwa says he will keep the fruits day by day counting. Ravi says that they should give the fruits to whoever is particular about it. Uma asks him to give her Eggs, Apples and Bananas.

12:00 PM

Priya asks Shanmukh whether he is angry with her. He asks her why would he. She says for warning him loudly. He says it’s her point of view. Shanmukh says he has told him that he will change his bed if he behaves like this. He says he is being like that from morning. Kajal says some people can’t take when their friends nominate them. Kajal tells him that Jessie is connected with him.

12:15 PM

Ravi asks Lobo whether he has not said anything to him about Kajal. Kajal tells him that Shwetha has said that he is bitched about her. Lobo tells her that there is nothing like that. Sunny says there should be both love and anger. Uma says they are only taking anger and not love.

12:30 PM

Vishwa says they can say their pain. They say when we say anything opposite to their thinking they will say it’s wrong. He looks at himself in the mirror and says he is his Tinku and from now he is share everything with him only. He says Love you to himself. He says that he is doing his duty perfectly. He is doing a good job as ration manager. He says that his heart knows how he is and they misunderstood him. He says he is a human being hence at times he feels bad. He says he is being strong and he will never give up.

12:45 PM

Kajal tells Hamida that he has said that he will nominate her every week. She says that she should stop herself from nominating him. But she can’t stop herself from nominating him. She says she is sensitive. Hamida says that she fainted when once her mother beat her and after that she never beat her again.

02:00 PM

Sunny tells Kajal that her sweetness amd cuteness is missing. Kajal says they are calling her fake if she behaves good. And she can be like that only with her people but she don’t feel that with these people because they are always showing her down because of her excitement. Sunny says all are thinking that they know all but that’s not true. He says that he has only studied Jessie and he is his darling and he will always stay with him. Jessie smiles. Shanmukh says that Sunny is being different. Siri says Sunny is not like this outside. Ravi says he is trying to be that cool dude which he is not.

03:45 PM

Sunny tells Natraj that he has said there is one fox in the house and says he has not said for the one who nominated him. Sunny says he once used to shout but now he is listening with clarity. He asks whom does he mean when he called fox. Natraj asks who would be and looks at Ravi. Sunny says now he has got the clarity. Natraj says that one shouldn’t do fake nomitions and shouldn’t provoke others to do so. He hugs him and says that he is not interested in those cunning hugs and loves.

05:30 PM

Siri reads the letter from Bigg Boss. It says they all have participated in the nominations before by dividing into groups. And now he is giving them a task to prove their strength for Captaincy. Bigg Boss will give them tasks to prove themselves strong. The first task is Dhongalu unnaru Jagratha. In these tasks there is both dug outs team wolf and team eagle. They have to take it from the other team. They have to keep them in their dug outs and shout protect them. If anything tears then it won’t be counted. Whoever has the most will be the winners who will be given the flags. They should now chose the leaders and tell Bigg Boss.

06:00 PM

Team wolf is the one who decides to steal while team eagle decides to be in defense. They will get to know the map. They decide to send Manas as the leader.

06:15 PM.

The alarm comes and they all run to get 5he clothes. They fight for it. Jessie hides the dusters type clothes. Jessie takes the cloth from the ladies and run away. When Hamida tries to go inside Uma pushes her on the floor. When Kajal says something. Shree Rama chandra asks her not to use woman card. Sunny holds Siri. Shanmukh says it’s too much that he holds her by her skin. Sunny says he didn’t. Sunny gets a duster ahd he hides it. Siri says she will keep hand in the t shirt because her group guy did the same. Siri shouts at them that they can’t do this. Sunny asks when did he touch her. Siri says he did. Sunny says he has waited for that girl and he didn’t touch her and there us cameras all around. Siri tells Priyanka that they both in the same team and she can’t raise her voice for them. She says that she is not understanding her game plan. Siri says Shwetha directly hit her.

06:30 PM

Sunny tries to take the cloth from Shanmukh but Siri comes there and all of them fall on the ground. Siri asks him why he is doing this and why he is not pushing. She hugs him. He says they are ladies and asks them to leave. Siri keeps it inside. They continue to play the task.

06:45 PM

Sunny asks Siri whether he has kept his hand inside her shirt. She says he did and she won’t talk about it right now. Sunny tells Ravi that it angers him when someone lies. Sunny says whatever happened. Siri asks Vishwa to keep hands in their shirt. Vishwa and Shanmukh deny to do so. Shree Rama Chandra runs to get them but Kajal and Uma stop him. Ravi says chii for Shree Rama Chandra because of which they get into an argument. Bigg Boss asks Lobo to come into the medical room. Ravi shouts at Vishwa and asks him to use his common sense. The contestants send Lobo to the medical room aw he was feeling faint. Ravi says they should talk slowly. Ravi says he knows Manas and he knows he needs him. He says Shree Rama ran. Shree Rama says one runs when someone gets sick and wants medicines. Ravi says Lobo was okay. Siri asks Vishwa as to why he is arguing as Lobo is not fine. Siri says team wolf dint have humanity. Sunny breaks down tears.

07:00 PM

Siri shouts at Lahari ahd tries to get physical with her. Sunny pulls Vishwa.

07:30 PM

Vishwa says that they left the game for Lobo but they are still playing the game. Vishwa says that Natraj has asked them to stop the game till he comes.

07:45 PM

Siri asks Kajal whether there is no man handling. Siri asks whether they will lose if they man handle. Sunny asks Siri to play the game. She taunts him. Siri says now they will keep them in their T shirts and will play the game.

08:00 PM

Lobo asks Ravi what happened and he is being serious. Ravi tells him that his smoking is effecting him.

08:15 PM

Shree Rama Chandra tells Lahari that he only held the pillow. He asks her whether he mishandled her. He says he is not that kind of person. Lahari says she had no pillow then.

08:30 PM

Ravi tells Vishwa that he didn’t point out anyone. Vishwa says he can’t point out at everyone for a game and he didn’t expect such words for a game. He says he is great. Ravi says he didn’t like that he ran like that. Vishwa says he is hurt because of his words.

08:45 PM

Siri asks Ravi whether she has said anything when they pushed. She wasn’t hurt when he put hand. She says Shwetha beat her.

09:00 PM

Sunny tells Lahari his point of view. Lahari says they only started. Sunny says he caught Siri. He tried to take it because if was visible but then she pushed it more. He called for Shwetha, she came and took it but then she suddenly started her play. Kajal hides the pillow inside her pant.

10:45 PM

Kajal reads the letter from Bigg Boss where there is a task to test their unity. It reads that once the buzzer comes, the team will run and they should walk on the colour of their team by splitting. Whoever splits the most will be the winner. Till then their first task will be paused. They should stay in the split position till he says. Team leaders will be the managers. The leaders should decide who are the winners. They then keep the pillows in their dug outs.

11:00 PM

Sunny asks team eagle whether they have taken pillow. Siri takes the pillow and says it’s theirs now. Sunny takes the pillow from Siri and Natraj runs away with it. Siri shouts. Shree Rama Chandra shouts at Kajal and asks why she is targetting him. He shouts at her to let Manas talk. Manas explains his point amd whatever Bigg Boss said. He finally proves that it belongs to them. Siri keeps the pillow back.

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