Bigg Boss Telugu 18th September 2021 Written Update: Nagarjuna fires on few contestants

Bigg Boss Telugu 18th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode begind with Nagarjuna dancing on the Bigg Boss stage on the song ek baar. He welcomes the audience to the house. He says the order has changed in the house and they will fix it. He asks to see what happened in the house on Friday.

Day 13

11:15 PM

Lahari and Shwetha discuss with each other about Sunny. She says she js ready to call everyone brother. Anne says he is good person.

12:15 PM

Shanmukh says it is not okay to stay here with this mindset with Jessie. Shanmukh says he is very intelligent and he is fighting to become the independent character. They both are talking about Shree Rama Chandra. Nagarjuna calls them gossip boys. Shanmukh says he kept Shree Rama Chandra as the captain because he is cool. He says Siri is looking dumb.

03:15 PM

Bigg Boss asks Vishwa to open the jail. Sunny comes out of the jail. The house mates happily hug him.

05:30 PM

Lobo and Uma are talking with each other laying beside each other. The house mates laugh seeing them.

Nagarjuna says there is fun and romace in the house but they have to set few things. He says he wants to show the magic. And there plays Ram Charan Tej’s ad about Disney Plus Hotstar. He says Ram Charan is the brand ambassador of Disney Plus Hotstar and welcomes Ram Charan onto the stage. Ram Charan enters the stage dancing on a song Racha from his movie. Nagarjuna comes amd hugs him. He tells him that the ad is good. He says he has seen him classy, innocent and strong but today he has opened up and he remembered his father. He says everyone is loving it. Ram Charan asks him how he stays soo handsome and fit. He says he has inspired his father as well. Nagarjuna says Arjun is their trainer. Nagarjuna says he keeps hearing about his hard work. Ram Charan says he doesn’t know what to call him before but now he will call him brother. Nagarjuna laughs. Ram Charan says he has not seen his own song as well. Nagarjuna asks him about Aacharya. Ram says it has been an amazing experience for him. He is going to cherish these moments. Nagarjuna says he knows the feeling as well because he has worked with his father as well. He asks about Sai to which he says he is doing good and recovering well and there is nothing critical. Nagarjuna asks him what they can see in Hotstar. Ram Charan asks to play. They play a video where we will get to see many Shows and Movies in many Languages. Nagarjuna it’s lovely. Ram Charan says that across India Bigg Boss Telugu is doing good. And his family is watching it. Now Star Maa is the number one in the India now. Ram Charan asks to meet Nithin and Mastro cast. Nagarjuna says they will meet the contestants first. The house mates gets excited seeing Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna says they are laughing now, the house is not in the order and he will set it. He presents the brand Ambassador and the house mates gets excited seeing Ram Charan. Nagarjuna says he will always remember that they never stood up for him. Ram tells Anne that he knows her from before and he is happy to see him.

Ram says to Lobo that he loved his hairstyle. Nagarjuna introduces everyone to him. He tells Uma is good person but abuses. He then introduces Jessie and says he is popular with ladies. He then introduces all the house mates. He then introduces Natraj who says that Ram as served food for him. Nagarjuna says his brother’s son knows respect. He then introduces Ravi to which Ram asks him not to tease his cp anchor. He then introduces Vishwa who says he was selected for WWE but due to covid he lost the chance. Ram Charan says that during covid his father and Nagarjun was his inspiration. He says he has never seen the dedication that Nagarjuna has in anyone. He then introduces Priyanka and says he has never seen anyone as beautiful as her. Priyanka says she is very big fan of his. Ram promises to meet her. He then introduces Siri amd says she shouts a lot. He then introduces Priya. Priya says the feeling is exciting. Ram tells Anne that he loves the way she is doing and he is proud of her. Ram tells Lobo that he was thinking which hairstyle he choses. He tells him that they are enjoying him. Lobo says Love you to him to which he says Love you too. Next Shanmukh says Love You to him to which he says Love You too. Shanmukh praises him. Nagarjuna says he is saying to Ram but he says to Deepthi the most. Ram asks Shree Rama Chandra to sing a song and he sings a song. Nagarjuna calls Hamida anc says Shree Rama Chandra is trying for her. Hamida tells Ram that she has seen him in film city and tried to take a pic with him. Sunny tells Ram that he has meet him personally when he was working as a journalist. Siddhiqui told him how good he treats Kajal. Ram saya he should treat someone the way he treats Kajal. Nagarjuna saya the house mates chose Kajal as the best maid. Kajal says she works a lot. He then introduces Manas and says he manages everyone good. Manas tells him that he has studied in the same school as him. He says he heard about him and Rana. Ram tells them that he wants to see rhe real character of them.

Nagarjuna asks them not to be too happy. Nagarjuna asks Ram to say more about Disney Plus Hotstar. Ram saya he js honoured that he has introduced it and he is like a family. He says he invited his dear friend Nithin and the cast. Nagarjuna hands over the stage to him. Charan calls the team of Maestro. Ram aaks him why does be has to betray him in the real as well. He asks them to say about the movie. He says Tammana to say because she is the psycho villain. Tamanna says many has asked her not to do the role but she is happy that the show is getting good reviews. Nithin says at once he felt like is it needed to take this risk but it payed big time. Naba says she is super happy to be in this. Nithin congratulates Ram. Ram asks them fo dance to which they ask him the same. Charan says he is host but he will dance if they get feeling. Charan dances with them. Nithin hugs him. Ram asks the audience to watch Maestro. Nagarjuna comes there and the cast hugs him. Nagarjuna wishes everyone all the best and bids them bye.

Nagarjuna says that he has already said that he will set the order in the house. He looks at them angrily. He tells them the house was interesting last week. But their behaviour was bad. He says he won’t say whose behaviour is bad. He is giving them fifteen seconds amd asks whoever’s behaviour they think to be bad to stand up. Uma apologises for abusing in nominations. Shwetha talks in between to which he says he is not asking her. Nagarjuna says that when he meant there was no filter that doesn’t mean she can abuse. He asks to imagine how bad she will feel if others abuse. He asks her to do Uttakh Baitakh apologising to the audience. She does as asked. Nagarjuna accepts her apology. He asks Lobo whether he felt bad to which he says yes. He asks him about his mistake to which Lobo says he abused and once he wasn’t able to play because of his arm ache. Nagarjuna asks him about his smoking habit. Lobo says he has promised his brother. Nagarjuna asks him not to smoke for his family. Nagarjuna doesn’t punish him. He asks Anne who says she raised her voice. Nagarjuna says that was not wrong. He asks her to shout. He asks Shwetha who says her reaction was harsh while she poured the paint. Nagarjuna saya she behaved inhumane. She pointed other’s humanity but her act was inhumane. Shwetha says she wouldnt have taken the nominations personally but she did. She says she felt like they felt they are playing safe game. He asks what punishment he should give her. Shwetha apologises to everyone slaps herself for doing so. Nagarjuna asks them not to injure others. He asks Sunny who says that the other called him worst performer and it has hurted him and he shouted. He didn’t understand what was his mistake and asks Nagarjuna to say.

Nagarjuna asks what he was a Man or Gigadu. He asks him to stand. He asks Siri who says she has bevome hyper and she shouldn’t have. He asks her whether he has kept his hand inside her shirt. She says she felt like he has kept his hand inside her. He asks Shwetha who says she has not seen him doing so. Shwetha says there was no betton inside. Shwetha says she just went inside walking. Shanmukh says he was helping Siri. He says he saw his hand inside her. Sunny says he hadn’t kept his hand inside her. Sunny says he called Shwetha. He says he has left her and he felt bad when she has said he has kept his hand. He asks whether she diverted them to which she says she did. He asks to see the video to make it crystal clear. The captain should crystal clear. They play the video. Vishwa says Sunny didn’t keep the hand.

Nagarjuna asks her whether it’s clear. Siri says she didn’t prolong to which he says she did. She has done character assassination. He asks her to play but never do the character assassination. She apologises to Siri. She gives him a hug. Sunny thanks Nagarjuna and says Love You to him. Shanmukh apologises as well. Nagarjuna says everyone is playinh good. He asks Vishwa to go to the store room and asks the nominated contestants to stand up. He asks him to give bettons to the contestants. He asks them not to open till he asks. He asks Natraj to open and he is unsafe. Priya is unsafe as well. Anne is safe. Lobo is safe as well. Priyanka is unsafe. Uma is unsafe as well. Kajal is unsafe as well. Nagarjuna says they are playing good amd asks them to play that way. He says Bigg Boss Season Five Grand Premiere is the highest TRP. 80 TRP for Continuous four hours. He says they are doing very well and asks others to sit except for nominated once. He says the sword will decide who will be safe. He pulls the sword and Priyanka is safe. She cries happily. He says tomorrow they will get to see who will leave. He asks the audience to watch and bids bye.

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