Bigg Boss Telugu 20th September 2022 Written Update: Biggboss house turns into the jungle for the captaincy task

Bigg Boss Telugu 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Day 15

12.15 Am

The episode starts with Baladitya and Sudeepa consoling Neha. Chanti comes there. Neha says I didn’t expect it from Revanth plus Geetu’s comments hurt me. Chanti says Geetu nominated me using first week points and we can show them when we get a chance. Keerthi cries hugging Aroohi. Aroohi tells I don’t feel bad that you nominated me. Sudeepa clarifies to Geetu that she didn’t call her annoying. Geetu says you’re not in my mind to nominate but your words hurt me. Raj tells Keerthi that he didn’t like the way she changed his version in front of Chanti. Keerthi says I did it to make Chanti realize his mistake.

12.30 Am

Neha says to Raj that Revanth wants to show he is a feminist but he is not as he passed lewd comments on me. Raj says Revanth was hyper in the last week.

Geetu and Adi discuss Inaya is crazy and she does everything for the camera. Adi says Inaya knows strategies.

Faima advises Raj to talk strongly. Sri Satya seconds Faima.

Geetu tells Raj that he can fade out the point that he got captaincy with sympathy if he rocks as a captain.

Neha says to Arjun that I have to nominate Revanth as I have more reasons unlike him. Arjun asks whom she nominated. Neha says Vasanthi and Geetu. Arjun says Vasanthi played well. Neha says I choose her comparing other players. Arjun says fine.

Day 16

8.45 Am

Inmates wake up and dance for the donga donga song played by BB.

9.15 Am

Revanth tells Adi that I tried to console Neha last night but she said I killed the closeness between her and me. Adi says it’s after nomination. Revanth says yes and she felt bad as I repeated her words to her.

Chanti tells Surya that Arohi can’t accept 10 people then how can she accept the audience? Surya agrees.

11.00 Am

Revanth tells Sri Satya that I entered the house with the responsibility not to talk about unwanted matters. Sri Satya says I came for money and fame and others can’t get content from me as I’m a cold hearted person.

Surya says to Raj that I told Arohi to not talk with you in bad way but she said she did it intentionally. Raj says I felt bad as Arohi attacked him personally.

2.15 pm

Revanth in tears tells Surya “I know before that my straightforward nature will cause problems. Surya says you’re developing every week and Nagarjuna said in the stage so don’t feel bad. Revanth says people who understand him will stay with him.

4 pm

Revanth reveals that this week inmates needs to play Adavi lo aata( play in forest) and some inmates will be thieves who tries to steal valuable things from the forest and some are police who need to make sure that half of the valuable things must be in the forest to win the game and another one is greedy business person who needs to buy minimum 25 things from thieves and she has to keep 15 k minimum with her and only red flag things are valuable.

Police team – Adi, Faima, Marina, Sri Satya, Chanti, Inaya, Aditya, Raj

Thieves team -Revanth, Arohi, Sudeepa, Vasanthi, Beha, Keerthi, Surya, Srihan, Neha

Police head – Adi

Thieves head – Surya

Greedy business woman – Geetu

Revanth says 5 thieves have to enter the jungle hearing the first bird sound and then only they can steal and they have to exit from the jungle before the second bird sound and at this time only 4 police part of the Jungle and 3 Police can raid inside the home and they have to return before 2nd whistle sound otherwise they may be get kidnapped by thieves.

4.15 pm

Geetu gets an access card to enjoy the benefits of Vip room. She praises the intelligence of Biggboss. Other inmates to get their dresses. Thieves discuss their game plan. Sri Satya overhears their conversation and tells her teammates. Adi tells his team that they need to steal some things too. Aroohi tells Faima that she will work as their informer if they allow her to steal. Faima agrees. Inmates feel happy seeing the jungle theme.

The first round gets started. Thieves hide the things they stole. Second sound rings. Rohit catches Arjun and keeps him in jail. Arjun tries to escape. Rohit catches him and says he can’t escape. Police team remove red tags from valuable things. They arrest Sudeepa too.

7 pm
The secondd round gets started. Aditya and Raj catch Surya. Raj tries to get back things Thieves stole. Neha says they can’t take back once they leave the jungle. Revanth says 6 police are in jungle and it’s against rules. Srihan argues with Inaya when she calls him vadu. Revanth tells Inaya to not talk in that way otherwise he will slap her. They argue with each other. Inaya apologises to Srihan.

7.30 pm

Geetu supports thieves. Aditya says they can arrest her but Geetu says they can’t arrest her as she can bluff and they can’t arrest her. She enters her Vip Zone. Chanti tells Thieves that Geetu is stealing things and not buying them. Adi asks Revanth if he joined Geetu’s play. Revanth denies. Adi enters Vip place using a loop. Geetu asks Adi to leave but he deny.

8.45 pm

Bell rings for the deal.

Geetu says to thieves how much she will pay for dolls. Thieves are against her pay and go to discuss.

Srihan sells his dolls. Geetu pays him an extra 1000 to him as he comes to her first. Thieves doubt Srihan. Next Geetu buys doll from others and she says their is no bargain. Surya and Arjun escape from jail. Police locks themselves in jail with valuable things. Thieves discuss who steal the things they hide. Revanth ties red thread to normal things. Thieves tell police they they cant do it. Police says they can do it when thieves can escape from jail. Biggboss announces first day game is ended and they have to take care of things they have with them.

Episode ends.