Bigg Boss Telugu 21st September 2022 Written Update: Inaya and Keerthi lash out at each other

Bigg Boss Telugu 21st September 2022 Written Update on

Day 16

9.45 pm

The episode starts with Geetu saying to Srihan that she has more work on the task and less scope

Neha asks Revanth if he stole their dolls. Revanth says no. Arohi and Sudeepa ask if he backstabbed them. Srihan shares with Bb how he doubled the tags by cutting them.

10.30 pm

Thieves and Police steal valuable things from the jungle area.

11.00 pm

Raj says inmates have to change their batteries. Inmates change batteries. Geetu says I won’t give you guys money if you didn’t get me batteries. Sri Satya and Neha and others discuss that Geetu may give a large amount to Revanth so they can become captaincy contenders. Neha says I will steal Revanth’s toys if they agree. Revanth tells Aditya that he didn’t like the way Inaya talked so he said he may slap her if they are outside. Aditya says you don’t need to scare if anyone if you feel you did correct.

Neha and others see tags are missing from Revanth toys. They think Revanth may removed them. Srihan tells Aditya that 7 toys are hidden in flush and he saw when water didn’t come out.

Arohi tells Surya his many toys others have. Revanth shares his plan with Arjun. Neha goes to deal with Geetu. Revanth asks who stole his toys without tags. He says people wont have shame. Revanth says he marked the toys so he can identify when they are selling them. He tells Rohit and Arjun that he won’t let anyone sleep in the night. Geetu advise him to steal other toys.

Arjun says Revanth is in fire to ladies. Neha and Arohi point Revanth way of talking is not good

2.15 pm

Arohi informs Geetu that Revanth stole her batteries. Arohi asks how many toys she need. Geetu says she needs 12. Surya joins Arohi. Arohi asks him to leave.

Revanth tells Police team members that his team cheated him so now he joins with Police officers to teach them lessons.

2.30 pm

Revanth says to officers team that he will give toys to them. Sudeepa asks how can he make others team win? She asks how can he make their team lose in his anger. Surya and others request him to not do it.

2.45 pm

BB asks Geetu to change her batteries. Geetu goes with suitcase. Arohi and Keerthi, Sudeepa try to stop her. Arjun, Surya and others steals chips and other things. Geetu request them to not steal from her and shows them toys she have.

3.15 pm

Arjun takes toys from Neha which Ste belongs to Revanth and tells her he will hide them. Sristaya tells to Revanth that she gave content. Faima talks deal with Arohi and Surya.

6 am

Thieves tries to steak things from officers but Officers tram stops them.

8 Am

Baladitya and Raj throw things bag on the roof of set. Sudeepa asks how they get back if they needs them.

9 am

Inmates dances for Gabbar Singh song.

Srisatya informs her team mates that Revanth said they can get things if they search in jackets.

11.00 pm

Geetu says to Surya that everyone is trying to take away this suitcase but you didn’t force and impressed me and she promises to give him second highest money. Arohi tells Keerthi that Surya is playing games and he will be captain contender. Geetu gives money to Surya and asks him to protect her. Surya returns money saying he takes it latter. Then she gives money to Srihan and tells him that you will be captaincy contender along with Surya. She asks them to save her if they can. Later Surya tells Geetu that he can’t leave his values.

Revanth argues with Arjun learning he has 2 toys.

Day 17

1.45 pm

BB reminds Police officers that they need to save things from jungle not to steal them. He says no one fan enter vip zone without Geetu permission. BB asks Police to place the valuable things in jungle to start 2nd day game.

Game gets started. Police officers complains bb that Thieves are not following rules and entered Jungle more in number. Faima crosses the line catches the doll and throws it back. Faima gets into an argument. Officers mock their foul play. Officers enter inside to search things. Inaya opens the racks but thieves team drags her out. Inaya slaps Neha and pushes Vasanthi and others. Later Inaya says it’s their mistake and even they move my dress up. Everyone say Inaya is accusing to escape from her mistakes. Inaya and Keerthi ends up lash out at each other. Chanti says Inaya statement is wrong.

Sri Satya asks Arjun to give things back to them and collects from him. Thieves kidnaps Marina. Marina agrees.

4.15 pm.

Geetu says Inaya that she did wrong by changing statements. Surya kidnaps Inaya.

4.30 pm

Neha tells Surya and Revanth about what she heard from Sri satya. They shift kidnapped people inside. Surya tells Marina that they will open the door in raid time.

Episode ends.