Bigg Boss Telugu 6 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Inaya and Srihan end up locking horns

Bigg Boss Telugu 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

Day 17


4.45 Pm

The episode starts with Aroohi asking Marina to sit in one place without searching. Neha says you guys asked us to not search outside but you’re searching inside so we will search too. Sudeepa asks how can she search as it’s not raiding time also. Neha shouts at her team members to search everywhere. Marina says it’s my cupboard and I’m taking medicines as I got hurt, won’t she have sense before talking rubbish. Surya says I’m not saying anything. Marina says it’s for Neha.

5.15 pm

Srisatya says I will call everyone’s brother. She calls Revanth brother. Revanth says it’s up to them if they accept it or not. She says it’s up to them. Revanth says I won’t accept. Sri Satya says it’s up to you Arjun but Srihan accepted me as a sister. Arjun says wow. Revanth repeats it.

Raj asks Marina if she got anything. She replies to him no.

Arjun says to Satya don’t get played. Satya says I’m clear and it’s for fun and I’m not getting played.

5.30 pm
Bell rings. Geetu says 100 Rs for a doll. She offers to gift the person who sells more dolls. Surya and Aroohi give her 5. Geetu takes them. Surya says hiding in the bathroom is foul. Arjun sells his dolls. Surya sells dolls and tags. He says to Aroohi that it’s Neha’s money.

Inaya shares with Marina that she played an unfair game seeing them playing the unfair game. Geetu announces Surya will get prize money worth 3k as he sold more dolls.

5.40 pm

Arjun says to Sudeepa and Revanth that everything is mixed up. Revanth says people are playing in that way. Sudeepa asks him to not take it to heart. Revanth says I’m the one who is at a loss so I can talk about it and here I’m not pointing anyone. Neha asks Revanth to control his anger and warns him to not give chance to others to point him down. Revanth agrees.

6.45 pm

BB announces Adavilo aata is ended. The thief’s team celebrates. Geetu gives the second highest amount to Vasanti. She thanks her.

BB asks them to count who has more. Raj Informs Bb that business woman has 51, thieves have 18 and police has 71. BB asks Raj to decide who has won the game. Raj says the police team is the winner. BB applauds the winner. BB asks who has golden coconut. Satya says she has it. BB says she will be a captaincy contender along with Geetu. Everyone congratulate them.

8.15 pm

Revanth congratulate Adi and tells him that they have won because of unity.

Srihan asks Aroohi why she gave her money to Surya? We thought to make you top 3 but you didn’t.

Neha says to Srihan she doesn’t understand how Inaya played. Srihan says I don’t know what she talks. Another side Geetu tells how she trusted Surya to Adi. Adi says I’m feeling bad for Inaya as she played well.

Srihan says to Neha that Revanth gave info that Arjun have dolls and Sri Satya asked him and Arjun gave her. Neha asks Srihan what’s happening between Sri Satya and Arjun. Srihan says Arjun has feelings for Sri Satya. Neha says he feels same for Vasanthi too. Is it double game. Srihan says I asked him to control himself. Neha says Arjun follows Whatever Sri Satya says and I feel they does it for show. Srihan says maybe.

Surya reveals to Faima about his deals and tells her that he felt bad when Srihan ditched him at the last moment to be with Neha.

10.00 pm

Aroohi gets into tears and tells Srihan didn’t help her. Surya consoles her.

Day 18

8.30 pm

Geetu tells Raj that Inaya is the worst player in the game. Raj says she played well and I didn’t see how she behaved inside.

9 am

Inmates perform for wake up song.

10 am

Geetu asks Revanth why he contradicts his words? You didn’t want me to win. Revanth says it’s not in that way and you can enquire who said first. Geetu says you guys doesn’t want me to win as you guys feel I’m higher than you guys. Revanth says he doesn’t give chance for others to feel great. Sudeepa says their intention a different.

Later Geetu says to Srihan that her connection with him and Surya got better in this game.

1 pm

BB ask inmate to choose 2 best players from winning team

Raj says Faima and Adi from police team.

BB asks thieves team to choose one from them. They choose Srihaan

BB says this week Geetu, Satya, Adi, Faima, and Srihan are captaincy contenders.

Later Aroohi tells Keerthi and Vasanthi that Neha played a double game with all.

2.15 pm

Revanth tells Srihan that he didn’t eat in the night because of Sudeepa’s comments on me. He says he wants to change the cooking team once he becomes captain.

Later Sudeepa tries to clarify her intentions to Revanth abr argues with him.

Inaya and Vasanthi decide to make Faima captain.

6 pm

Chanti reads BB game instructions that who creates the bricks pyramid will be the
winner and other inmates can break the pyramid at the second buzzer to choose their captain. Revanth is sanchalak of this game. In the first round, Geetu gets disqualified. In the second round inmates throws balls to break pyramids of contenders they don’t like. Contenders try to save their pyramid. Revanth says Faima did a mistake by touching the pyramid brick. Inaya says Srihan touched it too. Srihan asks Revanth to take his decision without hearing from any pitta. Inaya says he is talking about her and argues with him. Geetu says he said pitta to her. Revanth asks Srihan if he touched the brick while saving it. Srihan says no. Revanth disqualifies Faima. He says the remaining 3 will go to a further round.

8.15 pm

Inaya doesn’t leave the issue. Geetu says Srihan called me pitta, not you.

9 pm

Srihan says to Arjun that Inaya is creating scene for small word and I saw how she and Raj hit my bricks with a grudge. He says he won’t talk with her ever.

9.30 pm

Satya asks Raj to tell them why he is feeling shy. Raj says he likes Marina and Rohit and wants someone for him like Marina. They ask him to choose from unmarried. Satya asks him to elaborate why he likes Keerthi. Raj says Keerthi cares for everyone. Raj says he likes her too. Satya says you’re my brother. Other inmates say Arjun is seeing inside in tension.

11.45 pm

Surya, Adi, Geetu and Aroohi discuss about the loose tongue of Inaya.

Episode ends.