Bigg Boss Telugu 6 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Adi Reddy becomes the new captain of BB 6 house

Bigg Boss Telugu 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

Day 19

9 Am

The episode begins with Inmates waking up hearing Bb’s song and performing for that song

10 Am

Faima tells Inaya and Aroohi that she felt bad when Aroohi said she has reason to hit her bricks. Aroohi says everyone targeted Srihan and I didn’t hit your bricks with force.

11 Am

Geetu says to Faima that Aroohi twists her words. Faima says Aroohi wants to be like you. Geetu says I catch her 3 times and Aroohi is exposed in Revanth matter.

12 pm

Aroohi reads next round is Ettara Jenda and contenders need to win this round with their efforts and contenders need to fill sand in their container and have to make the flag come up to win the captaincy and Aroohi will judge this round.

1.15 pm

Inmates encourage Adi, Satya, and Srihan. Contenders fill the sand in their containers. Adi flag comes up first. Aroohi announces Adi Reddy win the round. Adi Reddy feels happy. Srihan feels disappointed.

2.45 pm

Aroohi and Surya argue with each other. Surya goes to room and eats food. Srihan tells Aroohi that it’s not Surya’s mistake too. Arohi goes to Surya and apologizes to him.

Adi asks inmates to come out. Adi reads the letter that Bb asked him to start his captaincy by sitting in a finolex chair. Adi sits in the chair and tells his wife how much he loves her. Adi reads the letter that 2 can enjoy Vip’s balcony along with him. Adi chooses Rohit, Marina, and Chanti.

4.15 pm

Geetu says to Adi that Revanth is undeserving and Inaya has a loose tongue.

Vasanthi tells Inaya that this week’s elimination is scaring her and they think one girl will get eliminated. Vasanthi tells Inaya that she doesn’t like the partial attitude of Surya.

6 pm

Adi Reddy reads the envelope. It says BB asking housemates to decide how much screen space each one deserves.

Geetu, Surya, Aroohi, and Srihan say they deserve 10 minutes.

Adi takes votes and tells Geetu has won and makes her wear a 10 minutes tag.

Adi says next is 7 minutes

Revanth, Satya, Arjun, Faima, and Vasanthi say their points and say they deserve 7 minutes.

Adi counts votes

Faima and Revanth got equal votes.

Geetu says Faima deserves it as Revanth slept so much in the last 2 days. Revanth defends his actions.

Revanth gets more support. Adi makes her wear 7 minutes tag

Faima wins 6 minutes tag

Chanti, Srihan, and Inaya get 5 minutes.

Satya wins 3 minutes

Vasnthi gets a 1.5-minute tag

Adi gets 0.30 minute

Aroohi, Keerthi, and Arjun receive Zero tags.

8.45 pm

BB asks Aroohi, Keerthi, and Arjun to decide who will go to jail. Arjun decides to go to jail.

9 pm

Keerthi feels bad for getting zero. Srihan asks her to not feel bad as Viewers know that you’re performing well and it will be beneficial for you outside. Adi says Bb send the key.

Vasanthi goes to Keerthi. Keerthi goes to the bathroom in tears. Inmates send Arjun to jail.

9.15 pm

Aroohi tells Surya that Keerthi is feeling bad as she has a good bond with everyone but she got Zero. Keerthi comes out in tears. Aroohi gives her suggestions and tells her that viewers will know about you so don’t feel bad.

9.35 pm

Faima says Arjun went to jail thinking other 2 are girls. Keerthi says to Aditya that she can’t do drama like Inaya.

9.45 pm

Geetu says Arjun, Rohit, and Keerthi deserve zero. Raj asks what about him. Geetu says you deserve 5 minutes as your graph improved well. Rohit suggests Keerthi says to Rohit that expectations hurts. Rohit says you’re strong so don’t let other opinion affects you.

Marina tells other inmates that Keerthi is feeling bad. Chanti says it can be for camera. Sudeepa says Keerthi is genuinely hurt.

Faima and Geetu tease Raj. Arjun tells his version of going to jail to Revanth, Srihan, and Satya. Arjun says he felt Neha played less time.

10.45 pm

Revanth asks Vasanthi if she felt Arjun’s decision is correct. Vasanthi says it’s Arjun nature. Revanth says I saved Geetu but all named me cunning. Revanth says he deserves 10m.

12.30 am

Geetu tells Adi and Faima that they need to fight for their position and how can they accept Zero. Chanti and others make fun of Raj’s acts.

1.45 Am

Aroohi tells Surya that she came to him more times. She asks him to remember. He asks her to sleep and forcefully makes her drink all the milk. Aroohi says it’s your shirt. He asks her to wipe it on her pant. She says you don’t have a problem when Inaya wiped it. Surya says she has people to give things unlike me. They steal cookies and other things from Vip zone. Surya prepares French fries and he eats with Arjun and Aroohi.

Episode ends.