Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil 4th February 2022 Written Update: Bala team won the luxury budget task

Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil 4th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Day 4 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays at the house and housemates starts dance for the song ” Single pasanga” and greets each other.

At 9.10 am, Suja asks July to suggest some name for this game. She says find the pottu. Suja suggests Irukka Illaya. They starts plays the game. Suja wins it and demands her to give the money to her. July assures to her that she will give it later because her money is in Abirami’s hand. Suja asks her to give it reasoning she played honestly here. July thank her for suggesting this game to her. She asks her to don’t follow her strategy to others. July assure to her and asks her to give back her pottu. She gives it to her.

At 9.25 am, Bala says to Snehan and Balaji that only four members are here for house keeping but asking to clean 4 times. Abirami asks Snehan to say the people to wash the traditional grinder well reasoning previous days spices are there still. He adds that they are not cleaning it well. She shows it to them. Snehan says let him finish mixing this dough well. Bala asks Bigg Boss to send good chair to him. Snehan and Abirami teases him. She says to Snehan that her mom used to say her she is not doing any work in home then how did she worked in Bigg Boss? She tells her she done many work but she complained that she didn’t watched anything like that in TV. Balaji says that he blabbered outside thinking it as confession room. Bala sings a situation song to him.

At 10.00 am, Suja asks Snehan to use the things for need only. Snehan says that things are less everything will be over in two days so eat full. They are discussing about the luxury budget task. Suja notices Abirami is washing the vessels there and questions her why is she doing it? She is not in the vessels washing team. Abirami tells her she is getting bored that’s why. Suja asks captain to check it. He asks her to stop doing extra work. Suja says to Abirami that she only wanna concentrate on her work it’s their team work they will take care of it. She appreciates her for trying to help them but she feels like they wanna finish their own work. She sends her from there.

At 10.55 am, Housemates arranged in Activity area for press meet task. Niroop asks to Snehan Is he can able to say few lines about this Bigg Boss house journey. He nods to him and shares his imaginary song lyrics to them. Shariq asks to him doesn’t he ended up in runner up in the first season. Even he has good name outside and achieved in his field as a lyricist then why is he here in this Bigg Boss again? Snehan says When there is more over 100 lyricist here but they brought him here and also his father whom don’t even wear slippers in his leg and doing farming in his whole life. This Bigg Boss house brought him to this show and showed him to this world as his father. In one day he become a hero to all that really proud moment for him so he came to this show again for that thanking nature. Thamarai says to Snehan about the relations whom stays with them in their last breath. He gives an clear answer to her.

At 1.40 pm, Bigg Boss announces to housemates that they wanna do voting for best star, Reporter and team. Vanitha says best reporter Bala, Abirami, Balaji, Abhinav, Sruthi Suja, votes for Anitha. Suresh votes for Thamarai for star. Abirami votes for herself and gives an explanation to it. July to votes. They gives votes for their team. Finally Anitha selected to be best Reporter, star speaker is Abirami and best team is Bala’s team. They gives awards to them. They enjoyed their awards.

At 2.30 pm, Bigg Boss announces that Anitha and Abirami will get 5k amount for each and winning team will get 7k. He asks Shariq to collects the special gift from store room and give it to winners. Shariq collects it and give to them.

At 2.45 pm, Thamarai questions Abirami Is she know why she didn’t voted for her? Because she used to talk more in English she don’t understand it all. She asks her to speak in Tami here after.

At 2.50 pm, Suresh asks to her doesn’t she cutting tomato in this way then he can able to think how will she face the people whom troubling her? Suresh says to Niroop that Abirami deserved to be select as best star because she faced all questions genuinely and strongly. Niroop agrees with him. Thamarai gives her comments Bala asks to her Is she arguing? She denied it Suresh comments that he will talk with all rudely but when it comes to others he is saying it as loud. Bala asks him to stop provoking others. Thamarai says doesn’t he already accepted he came here for that. But Suresh replies to her in sarcasm.

At 2.55 pm, Abhinav says to Abirami that Shariq took it. Abirami complaints that he used her idea to her. Abhinav says that he is in confession room. Abirami starts searching his bed and clothes. She takes his clothes and put his dress inside black polythene cover and hides inside her bed. She asks the housemates to don’t share it to him.

At 4.05 pm, Bigg Boss asks Bala to come to confession room. Housemates asks him to hear the task clearly and explains it to them. He assures to them. Bigg Boss says to Bala it’s ” Nee yarunnu enakku theriyum” task first part. According to housemates some questions are there they wanna mention suitable name under the question. Bala mentions Vanitha name under ” Problem is like wearing shirt to this person? He thinks a lot who is lovable person inside the house? He mentions Abhinav name in it.

At 4.20 pm, Suresh is writing messages on black board. Niroop reads it and teases him. Bala too joins with him.

At 4.45 pm, Thamarai is singing village song and Bala singing along with her. Housemates too joins with her. Bala says to her that he is feeling blushing.

At 5.30 pm, Vanitha asks to Bala why are they saying they shouldn’t reveal about it? Bala says that if he share it they won’t give honest answers and pre-planned it. Abirami says that they won’t reveal it when wrote it. Bala says there is no guarantee for it. Suresh says to him that he wrote his name in all. Bala says to him that he don’t care about it.

At 5.35 pm, Bala says to Thamarai that grinding problems busted out as big in his season. He narrates to her that he slept in tired captain sended one person to wake him up but he didn’t done it or conveyed anything to him properly. So they created big issues over it that he didn’t done any work it gave many issues. He said in angry he will make everyone grind the Masala here. They created this as a big issue. Suresh says that Bigg Boss don’t wake up the person without reasons. Thamarai says it’s wrong to sleep in daytime. Bala says it’s night time fully dark. He mentions that word common but they twisted his words and says he mentioned girls name in it. Thamarai says it seems they are creating small issues as big. Suresh says he don’t like to wake up the person who is sleeping. He is right small issues turns out big here.

At 9.05 pm, Suresh says to Bala that doing task is not work rest also work what will they do in 24 hours? They used to return to home at 6 clock but here they are not bringing that feelings to them its also shooting but 24*7. It’s someone house they will can’t be genuine here like they used to be in home.

At 9.10 pm, July is writing messages on board Bala notices this and discuss wih it. Shariq gives ice piece to Bala. Shariq joins with Bala to read the message. Suresh comes there and makes fun with her.

At 9.25 pm, ladies are eating together. Suja asks to them what are they thinking about this moment which incidents coming to their thoughts? They shares their nostalgic moments with them.

At 9.45 pm, Vanitha says to July that she wishes to go according to game but someone keeps bothering her. Eviction and nomination process will keep bothers them but she feels like leave the house for first time. She shares to her that she is getting mixed feelings inside here. This season differing comparing to others because all are experienced one here and doing everything for contents.

At 10.05 pm, Vanitha and Suresh are discussing about the negative comments getting from social media. Vanitha says to him that she don’t care about it. She says to her that she is talking about manipulation. Suresh says to her that he is also disturbed after being with Thamarai. Suresh asks Snehan to give the accurate meaning for Manipulation. They are discussing about Abirami matters later. Suresh says to her that she mentioned to him he is old one he never accepted his age here. It’s wrong to manipulate the situation in this way. They are finding actual meaning of Manipulation.

At 10.10 pm, Thamarai says to housemates what happened inbetween Priyanka and her in the egg task. Thamarai clears to her that she never done anything like that because only she knew what actually happened there? Bala says to her he snapped himself in slipper she didn’t done anything comparing to him. July says that they are laughing now thinking about those incidents.

At 10.30 pm, Abhinav and Shariq are not giving make up pouch to July she asks them to return it to her. Niroop places that behind the chandelier. July asks him to give it but he denies it. Shariq makes fun with his height. Abhinav ask her to stand on the shelf and take it easily. Suja scolds her for trying to dirty the shelf. They makes fun with her with her pouch. She takes it after some times.

Episode end.

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