Bigg Boss Updates : Huge fight to take place between Deepak and Dipika in tonight’s episode

Colors TV’s controversial non-fiction Bigg Boss is getting all kinds of attention for not so good reasons and here is one more adding to the list. Bigg Boss house which is always surrounded with controversy, allegations and drama quotient is  having another stint for today’s episode.

Last night the captaincy task took place in BB house and as well know its Surbhi Rana who defeated Deepak in tasks and becomes the new fizz contain of the house. Well in a game spirit and sportsmanship is what all one needed. But in BB this is exactly what you dont need at all. Hence, following this trend Deepak who couldn’t digested the fact about Surbhi is being favored by Dipika and Sree and Megha indirectly started throwing tantrums in house.

If spoilers are to be believed then he blamed Dipika for manipulating Surbhi in distribution of work in the house. He also called her footage seeker in his hatred and defeated state. Well these all don’t go down well with Dipika as well and she also gives it back to Deepak in her classy style. Sreesanth spotted supporting her in this whole issue and Surbhi being a captain tried to stop them.

Along with all these the episode will also have the nomination for jail where Surbhi gets the rage of being partial towards her friends and sending some non deserving people to Jail.Well tension, mocking, bullying and flak is all what made Bigg Boss what it is. With this week has been a very unique and colorful in terms of shocking events that took place. It can be said that this weekend ka Vaar is going to be explosive enough. To know more, Stay tuned to Colors everyday at 9pm.