Bigg Boss13 7th October 2019 Written Update: second nomination created havoc in the house: check details!


Today’s episode starts with Day 8 at 11:30 AM Shehnaz and Siddharth Shukala talk with each other at pool side. At 12:30PM, Paras tells to Aarti and Dalijeet about his love life outside the house. He talks with them. At 2:15PM, Shehnaz, Siddharth Shukala and Asim talks with each other. Later, Rashmi and Siddharth Shukala do a heated argument on vegetable chopping. At 10:30 PM, Mahira and Shehnaz talks with each other. Mahira discuss about Paras and her relation with Shehnaz. Paras come and Mahira ask him to clear Shehnaz about her and his relation. Paras says they are just good friends. Shefali joins them and they talks with each other.

Afterwards, Kohena and Siddharth Dey talk with each other. Kohena tries to highlight where Dey he is wrong. Dey tells to her that he will mark her words.

Next day housemates wake up at the beat of (ucchi hai building) song. At 9:30AM, Kohena and Dalijeet discuss about Shehnz, as how she pretends cute and dumb but she does back bitching.

Shehnaz talks with Aarti about Paras and her relation.  Further, Shefali reads the rules of second nomination task. At 3:30, Bigg Boss calls Paras, Mahira and Shehnaz and asks to start the task.

Paras talks with Shehnaz and ask about her last night attitude. Shehnaz says it’s her attitude. Paras come to Mahira and ask her to speak. Mahira answers to every questions asked by Paras. Paras closed Shehnaz side window and nominates her. Shehnaz cries and Aarti cheers her up.

Ahead, Siddharth Shukala, Aarti and Rashmi were asked to proceed the nomination task. Aarti and Rashmi try to convince Siddharth in favor of them. Bell rings and Siddharth nominates Rashmi. Afterwards, Siddharth and Rashmi does a cute nok-jhok.

Day 9, at 5:30 pm, Bigg Boss ask Siddarth Dey, Shefali and Dalijeet to go in the garden and perform the task. Shefali and Dalijeet talk with Dey. Dey in order to explain his point of view takes Dalijeet’s son’s example. Dalijeet too keep her words. Dey nominates Dalijeet.

Next Abu, Asim, Kohena and Devoleena was asked to perform the task together. And Bigg Boss tells to Asim and Abu to decide the nomination name together because they got many black rings. Abu and Asim start the task and ask Kohena and Devoleena why they think they should not nominate them. Kohena and Devoleena individually answer because they think they are a strong contestant. They both keep their words. Devoleena praises Asim’s look. Kohena too praises Asim. Abu ask Devoleena to praise him too. Devoleena praises Abu Malik too.

Abu and Asim nominate Kohena and Abu explains why they didn’t nominated Devoleena. Bigg Boss says nomination task is done.

Kohena tells to Asim that he is very ungrateful person. Asim tries to explain her but Kohena says to Asim that he is a fake person.

Further, Dalijeet gets angry on Siddharth Dey for giving her son’s example and warns other not to dare taking her son’s name from now. Siddharth Dey apologizes to Dalijeet. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Devoleena gets angry on Shehnaz for not performing her duty. There, Rashmi and Siddharth fight again. Later, queen task starts again.

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