Bigg Boss Tamil Season4 spoiler of Day 47: Bala and Suchi were nominated to go to jail

BiggBoss show is very famous inbetween the fans. This show launched in Tamil and three seasons were completed successfully. Now the Third season kick started from October 4 hosted by Kamal Hasan. About this show 16 contestant were locked in the house for 106 days without contacting their family and friends. They must played with those housemates and win the title tackling all situation inside the house.

In the first promo Biggboss announcing to the housemates to select the two person to nominate from least score team in Manikoondu task to go to jail. Housemates choose Bala and Suchi for it. Bala saying to Sanam don’t worry about him.

In the second promo Bala and Suchi is singing a song inside the jail. Suchi discussing about groupism. Bala refusing it. Suchi mention Shivani as his girlfriend he lashes out at her.

In the last promo Ramya teasing Shivani what will she gonna do alone without Bala. She replies to her that everyone saying this to her nothing like that. Ramya saying to Shivani today she gonna spend more time with them. Shivani is sitting alone.

What’s the new game and strategy is waiting for us in the BiggBoss today episode. Stay tune with our space for more upadate and information about the task and game play inside the house.